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27 Funny Memes for Kids of All Ages That Are Family Friendly

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Memes are so much fun. Aren’t they?

I love memes. They make you laugh no matter how hard of a day. And I scroll through them whenever I feel like I need something to get all charged up.

Also, it helps a lot when you are tired of your everyday boring life and want some fun element in it.

Whenever I look at these memes, I laugh out loud, literally! Yes, they crack me up that much. They are so relatable! I love especially the ones on parenting.

As the mother of a one-year-old, I sometimes feel tired of changing diapers throughout the day, feeding my kid, playing with her, and making her sleep. But a single look at a meme, and I am all energized!

Now, did I tell you that you can share memes with your kids too?

Well, yes! Let them have a hearty laughing session too. After all, humor is very important for kids. The earlier you introduce humor to your kid, the better.

I have listed here funny memes for kids of all ages. They are kid-friendly. And not only your kid and you but also their grandparents can have a look at them and have a great laugh.

So, get the most out of your mundane situations with these hilarious memes you can share with your kids and have a great time laughing together!

What Exactly are Memes?

What Exactly are Memes?

Are you not familiar with the concept of memes?

If your answer is “yes,” this section is for you!

Memes are pictures with funny captions or words on them. The images used for memes are highly relatable to the target audience.

They show serious situations in our lives on a lighter note so that you can find humor in them and laugh out loud.

These days, memes have become extremely popular – all thanks to the social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

Also, people tend to share funny memes through multimedia messages too.

Memes for kids have pictures of parenting, childhood mischiefs, baby habits, and more. They are supposed to entertain the kids as they find them relatable.

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Funny Memes for Kids of All Ages

Funny Memes for Kids of All Ages

Has it ever happened to you that you saw a meme and you started laughing? Then your kid started asking why you were laughing, and you couldn’t even share it with them, as it is not meant for kids and has some adult touch.

Well, you don’t have to worry about the appropriacy of the memes I have listed here. These are all kid-friendly, which means you can share them with your kid without thinking twice.

To make it easier for you to navigate, I have divided the memes into some small sections. So, what are you waiting for?

Dive deep in!

Meme for Kids

Meme for Kids

Have you become a parent for the first time? Or is this your second or third baby?

Whether this is your first baby or the second, the newborn phase of a child is undoubtedly the most challenging one. And I can vouch for that as a first-time mom.

Sometimes when they cry, you don’t have the slightest idea why they are crying. You check their diapers and feed them, but they are still crying. Those are very difficult times, I must say.

And not to mention how you need to stay up all night if they don’t sleep. This was my kid as a baby. My husband and I used to take turns staying up with her and taking care of her.

My baby was born during Christmas. I still remember how we were changing her diaper when the clock struck midnight, and we welcomed the New Year that way!

All these stressful but funny incidents can be seen as baby memes. And this section is precisely for that!

Share these with your kids and show them how they were when they were babies and your struggles at that time in a humorous way.

1. Have you just given birth? Or are you the mother of a baby who is less than a half-year old and survives entirely on breast milk?

Meme for Kids1

Then you will get this meme very well!
I can feel you, honey. I went through the same phase. But it will pass too. And you will have a baby you can’t keep away from yourself for even seconds.
So, enjoy this meme until your next feeding time!

2. This reminded me of my baby when she was a month old. And I’m laughing while writing this!

Meme for Kids

No matter how cute babies are, they can, sometimes, become super annoying. Of course, they don’t really mean what they are doing or even understand what wrong they have done, but for you, it cannot be easy to cope.
Pooping while you have just changed their diapers or pooping while you are in the middle of changing is very common for babies. And I have experienced that numerous times, I can say!

3. Yes, I know you get tired and exhausted after changing your baby’s diaper multiple times and feeding them throughout the day.

Meme for Kids

But when you look at that innocent, cutest, and angelic smile on their face, you forget all your tiredness, isn’t it?
And that is exactly what babies do – flash their million-dollar smile – before they poop again or want to get some breast milk!
Intelligent, they are, aren’t they?

4. Now, this is something I can relate to a lot!

Meme for Kids

My baby has grown to be a one-year-old now, but she still does the same. After running behind her the entire day, feeding her, playing with her, and managing time for work, she gets awake when I sleep at night.
Babies somehow sense that their parents are about to sleep and think it is the perfect time to start crying!

5. This is SO true!

Meme for Kids

Kids are like ticking bombs. You stay with them the whole time, take care of them, feed them timely, and change their dirty diapers, and they are cool.

But you must be very careful whenever you try to put them to sleep. Even when they fall asleep, and you get up from their side with all the quietness you can, a single sound and they are awake again.

Hence this meme!

6. Giving birth to a baby and bringing them up is a costly affair these days!

Meme for Kids

Ask me. My baby is just a year old, and I have already spent hundreds of dollars on just her diapers. Then there are costs associated with doctors, medicines, food, and clothes.

And when they grow up, you need to pay fees for their schools, books, tuition and the list goes on and on.

This meme is all about that!

7. I have seen many videos of babies seeing themselves in the mirror as if they are obsessed with themselves. And my kid is no exception to it!

Meme for Kids

Whenever she wears a new dress or a hair accessory, she always goes in front of the mirror and smiles, seeing herself in it. Not to mention how hilarious it is to watch her!

This meme perfectly shows that!

Memes on Toddlers

Memes on Toddlers

This is another challenging phase for parents when their babies become toddlers. And this is one of the sweetest phases, indeed.

This is when your little angel learns to crawl, walk, say her first words, call you mommy hundreds and thousands of times a day, and never leave you even if you are in the washroom peeing, and they make the cutest gestures.

My kid is a mamma’s girl. She loves me the most and expresses her love for me a hundred times a day, saying, “I love you, mommy.” And I want to hear that no matter how often she says this line.

She is super possessive too. No one can touch me or come close to me other than her. If she sees that, she starts shouting.

She doesn’t want her dad and me to sit together. If he sits next to me, she will come and make a place for her between us. That is so funny to watch.

Also, when you get a little emotional thinking, your kid will grow up one day, have friends, and may not always be by your side like they are now.

Seeing your toddler walking feels like seeing your heart walking out of your body. Isn’t it?

Along with these sweet moments are many funny moments too. And that is what you will see in this section’s memes.

8. Your toddler follows you wherever you go. And you are never off duty. Is that the case with you?

Memes on Toddlers

Well, honey, I have got a solution for your situation.

Tell me, what are those things your kid likes the most and wants to spend time with?

Mine loves to draw. So, whenever I’m working or doing household chores, I give her a drawing copy and some crayons and ask her to draw. This keeps her busy for hours.

You can follow the same trick too. Give your kid the things they love the most and let them have their “me” time. And you can have your coffee!

9. Have you ever tried to count how many times your toddler calls you in a day?

Memes on Toddlers (2)

You will lose count even if you try!

So, when they threaten you, for some reason, that they don’t want to talk to you, you are actually thanking God in your mind. Isn’t it?

10. This is something your kid can relate to – very well!

Memes on Toddlers (3)

How many times have you tricked them into telling you what wrong they have done or what lies they have said to someone?

Did you keep your promise every time?

Show this meme to your kid and let them have a good laugh.

11. How good rapport does your kid have with their grandparents?

Memes on Toddlers

Grandparents like to pamper their grandchildren a lot. And they do things with them that they didn’t get to do with you when you were a kid.

Or maybe they miss those days when you were a child and relive those memories by loving their grandchildren.

This meme sums up exactly that!

12. Every bit of this meme is TRUE! And it has happened to me so many times.

Memes on Toddlers

My baby always does something – breaking, screaming, talking, singing, dancing, playing, or something else. And I’m okay with that.

But I become suspicious when she is not doing the above and can’t see where she is. That quiet time is when she does something like this meme!

13. This is something that all parents can relate to.

Memes on Toddlers

You are playing with your kid. And when you look away for a few seconds, they put something in their mouth. Then, when you look at them again, you can see that they are chewing something.

What comes next is the meme all about!

Your toddler runs as fast as they can so that you can’t see what is in their mouth. And you start running behind them.


14. Toddlers are the most difficult to handle. If you tell them not to do something, know they will definitely do that.

Memes on Toddlers

I told my toddler not to jump on the bed, but she did and hurt her head. My answer was, “I told you so.”

Then I put medicine on her head and gave her loads of hugs and kisses. And then she was all okay to jump on the bed – again!

Memes on School-Going Kids

Memes on School Going Kids

Has your kid started going to school?

Then they may have to face a whole new bunch of problems.

While some may find making new friends hard, others may want to avoid attending school. And if your kid falls into the latter category, making her go to school may be a task for you. Isn’t it?

This is the time when kids are introduced to different subjects. They learn rhymes, alphabets, and tables, to name a few.

Things can be more difficult for you if your kid doesn’t like a subject and doesn’t want to study that.

For example, I was not too fond of math when I was a kid. And I used to make all the excuses I could so I didn’t have to do the math. So it was a struggle for my parents to make me do the math.

Does your kid have a similar story?

Share these kid-friendly memes with her to make her laugh and view the subject on a lighter note.

15. Does your kid do their homework without throwing any tantrums? Do they like all the subjects, or are they scared of math?

Memes on School-Going Kids

If they fall into the latter category, this meme is for them!

16. Most kids don’t like doing their homework. Isn’t it?

Memes on School-Going Kids

They do it anyway because they have to. But what if the teacher forgets to give them any homework? And that too when it’s a Friday?

Well, this meme is all about that feeling!

17. Have you appointed a babysitter for your kid? How was the experience?

Memes on School-Going Kids

Well, we all have been there! Share this meme with your kid so she can relate to it and have fun.

18. Kids make friends when they go to school. But they may not always be in the same section. Right?

Memes on School-Going Kids

So, when they walk past their friend’s class, they have big smiles. Remember your own school days?

Show this meme to your kid to smile together.

19. Does your kid like making new friends? Do they have many friends?

Memes on School-Going Kids

Then they may want their friends to be friends with other too. And when that happens, this is the exact expression they have on their face.

Hilarious Memes on Kids

Hilarious Memes on Kids

Kids truly are wonders of God! They are so tiny, can’t open their eyes properly when they are born, and then they learn everything and grow up to be full-fledged men and women.

And during this time, when they grow up, they do things that are funny, adorable, innocent, intelligent, and whatnot.

But the most important thing, they make you laugh at their silly doings at times, and you cherish those memories forever.

This section is a collection of some of those silly moments and thoughts that are sure to make you and your kid grin.

Check them out!

20. Is your kid a food lover? Do they like to have their own share of cookies, snacks, and desserts?

Hilarious Memes on Kids

But do your husband or you end up eating from the box of ice cream your kid has kept aside for them?

Okay, I understand. This can happen, especially if you have those midnight hunger pangs. And that is when your kid does this to save their food!

21. Has it ever happened that you broke something and then do a temporary fixing so that it appears fine, and then when the next person uses it, it breaks?

Hilarious Memes on Kids

Well, I have, and I’m guilty of that!

Share this funny meme with your kiddo and make them laugh.

22. Kids love everything Disney – Disneyland and Disney movies and more.

Hilarious Memes on Kids

So, you have to be very careful when they are watching a Disney movie. If you stand in front of the screen or pause the movie for some reason, all you will be able to hear is the scream of your kid!

23. Who doesn’t want to see the smiling face of their kids?

Hilarious Memes on Kids

We love to see them smile SO much. But when you ask them to pose and smile for the camera, things are different. They will show the funniest and most awkward smiles they have!

Show this meme to your kid so they don’t fake their smile the next time you ask them to smile for the camera.

24. Sending your kid to school is a huge responsibility. You spend days shortlisting the schools and selecting the best ones for your kiddo.

Hilarious Memes on Kids

But things don’t end there. Then there is admission, books, school uniform, and so on.

Things are challenging for you if this is your first kid. But, honey, you are not alone. This is what happens with almost all first-time parents!

25. So, now you know how to get things done, right?

Hilarious Memes on Kids

And let me tell you. This trick works – every single time!

Kids these days can’t imagine their life without the internet. So, whether playing online games or watching YouTube, they need the internet and a stable Wi-Fi connection. And they will do whatever you want them to do for that.

26. This is SO me! I feel like I haven’t slept for years – since my pregnancy.

Hilarious Memes on Kids

My kid stays awake at night. No matter how I don’t let her sleep in the morning, she always stays up at night.

Now, I’m counting the days until she is at least three years old and doesn’t have this habit anymore.

Are you on the same ship as me?

This meme is to cheer you up!

27. There are so many subjects in school. But there is at least one subject that your kid doesn’t like. Isn’t it?

Hilarious Memes on Kids

So, what is it like for your kid when their least favorite class is over?

See the meme! And share it with your kid too. They will highly relate to it and have a good laugh.

How Can You Make Your Kid Learn Through Memes?

How Can You Make Your Kid Learn Through Memes?

Do you want to make your kid learn through memes?

Yes, you read that right. It is really possible to help your kids learn through the use of memes. And it is a great way to teach, indeed.

As humor is involved in this way of teaching, your kid will be engrossed in the learning process and more attentive than ever.

Now, you may ask, “how is that even possible?

Well, that is precisely what this section is for. So scroll down to learn how you can use memes while teaching your kid.

1. Create Memes About a Historical Event or Book

Not everyone loves history. And I am one of them!

This is the second subject I disliked the most, as math was the first. And I was always the lowest scorer in school when it came to this subject!

I used to confuse the dates the most, as I could improve at memorizing numbers and dates. I even forget my anniversary sometimes!

Is your kid like me? Do they not like history? Or is there any other subject that they don’t like?

Then you can always take the help of memes. This way, it will be easier for your kid to remember the concepts and stories they are learning.

And they definitely will enjoy the outcome that I can assure you of!

2. Add Memes to Your Kid’s Vocabulary Practice

You want your kid to increase their vocabulary and learn as many new words as possible. But your kid just doesn’t listen to you. Right?

So, what can you do in this scenario?

Why not introduce memes to their vocabulary practice session?

As I already mentioned, memes are fun. And when your kid uses them while practicing vocabulary, it can be a whole new, fun session for them. 

They will give all their attention to it and end up learning new words. Also, they may come up with something extraordinary. Who knows?

Now, do you want to make the process a bit competitive?

You can give them a word and ask them to frame an interesting sentence with it. And when they are done, tell them to create a meme with that sentence.

You can give them points based on how creative their memes are.

Like the idea?

3. Replace Labels with Memes

Are you ready to give your kid’s creative self a boost?

Ask them to make use of memes and not labels.

In my home, there are so many labels that I use. For example, there is a “No smoking” one in front of the washroom, as my husband finds excuses to smoke there.

Then there is a “Trespassing prohibited” one in front of my makeup room because that is one place where everyone who comes to my home wants to have a look. And I’m not too fond of that.

Does your home have such labels too?

Then you can ask your kid to think of some creative ideas to replace the old labels with some funny memes.

Your kid will love this project for sure. And you will be surprised to see the final product!

4. Teach Your Kid to Appreciate Others with Memes

Now, who doesn’t love to hear a compliment or two? And your kid is no exception to it.

Is there something that they did you are proud of? For example, did they achieve some milestones? Did they score excellently in exams?

Did they learn some new skills? Have you got to know their hidden talent?

Whatever it is that you are proud of, don’t hesitate to appreciate your kiddo for it.

Kids need their parents’ appreciation the most. They get the confidence to do anything and everything when you support them.

Do you want to make your kid feel good in a lightly humored way?

Create a meme for them. And once they know how good a compliment can look with a meme, they will surely use their creativity and create complimenting memes in the future for their friends too.

5. Make Your Kid Compete Healthily with a Meme Competition

You know, sometimes, competition can bring out the best in your kid. And when the competition is about creating funny memes, it definitely brings out your kid’s creative side and intelligence.

As kids love memes, your kid will be super excited to participate in this competition. So, what you can do is invite your kid’s friends at home and add creating pictures for memes as an activity.

It will be hilarious seeing the final memes of all kids. As you want to be generous, ask the kids not to write their names on the memes, so you don’t get to know who made what.

Let the parents be the judges. The meme that gets the highest number of votes will win. Or you can choose someone whose kids didn’t participate in the competition.

6. Increase Your Kid’s Creative Writing Ability with Memes

No meme is complete without a funny and intelligent caption .And in order to write a caption, you need to think hard and get your creative juices flowing.

Come, let’s test your kid’s creative writing skills with memes.


Select some pictures of your choice that would be great for creating memes. Now give them to your kid and ask them to write some captions.

The captions should match the images perfectly and be able to portray the funny side of them.

This will make your kid use their brain and come up with something that can make you laugh.

7. Teach Your Kid to be Positive with Memes

Happiness is not the only emotion we feel all the time. There are so many other emotions, such as anger, sadness, and anxiety, to name a few. The same goes for your kid too.

Not all days are the same for them. They feel all the emotions at different times. While some days they may feel like being on top of the world, the other days they may feel like the saddest person on the planet.

Of course, there are ways to make your kid feel a bit positive when they are having a bad day. And one such way is decorating their room with positive, funny, and inspirational memes.

Tell your kid to look for funny memes for kids of all ages. Once they choose some, print them out and stick them on the wall of their room. This will bring a positive vibe to the entire room.

Whenever your kid is feeling low, looking at those motivational and funny memes will cheer them up. They will learn to remain positive – no matter how bad the situation is. And this is an important lesson to learn.

8. Make Your Kid Like Math with Memes

Math is a dreaded subject for many. Unfortunately, I am one of them! 

When I was a kid, I used to look for ways not to attend math class. I somehow used to score pass marks and not more than that!

Does your kid have a similar feeling about math? Do they always run away whenever you try to teach them math?

Then memes can act as a solution for you! Use memes to make boring math problems interesting so that your kid give all their attention when you teach them math.

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9. Make Literature Engaging for Your Kid

Do you want to make learning literature engaging for your kids?

Well, you can do that by using memes – any day!

Is there any specific chapter in a novel or a paragraph in a poem that your kid finds hard to concentrate on?

Then you can do one thing. Ask your kid to summarize that section and create a meme on it. This will take the learning session to a whole new level. Trust me.

10. Use Memes to Illustrate Grammar Rules

There are tons of grammar rules. And your kid can get confused while remembering them. And if that happens, they will need help learning the grammar rules and writing correct English.

Do you want to make it easy for your little ones to perform their best in grammar tests?

Memes can help!

Take some relevant, funny images and add grammar rules to them. Your kids will thank you for this. And you can thank me later!


How were these funny memes for kids of all ages? Did you and your kid enjoy a lot and have a great laugh together?

Well, I’m sure you did.

And did I tell you that you can share this with your kid’s grandparents too? After all, they have played an important part in bringing up your child. Isn’t it?

Also, don’t forget to let me know if I missed anything. Have a great time!

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