When taking care of the kids, take good care of yourself too!

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When our babies turn into toddlers, things become more challenging than ever. Energy levels increase. They run, they walk, they constantly bump into things and get themselves in all sorts of mess. With that in mind, we still need to make sure our household runs smoothly, everyone is taken care of including pets and partners, and everything is in tip-top shape. So many things to do in so little time. We often forget as mothers that when taking care of the kids, we also need to take care of ourselves, too. Yes, we need to pamper ourselves every now and then. Yes, we deserve a little quiet time away from the kids. Yes, we are entitled to look and feel good about ourselves.

Mothers carry a huge responsibility in taking care of the kids and family. We need to keep our strength and energy up! We may not be able to hit the gyms as much as we used to, but there is no excuse in NOT exercising at home even when kids are wreaking havoc everywhere.

Here are 4 easy ways to squeeze in some exercise while taking care of the kids:

4 Easy Ways to Exercise While Taking Care of Toddlers

Look for 10-minute workout videos

Let us take baby steps. Some workout routines take a long time, from 30 minutes to hours. So let us start with something short but effective. There are plenty of short workout videos online. You can also look for DVDs of workouts that are broken down into shorter ones. You can try different types of workouts depending on what you prefer and what works best for you. Remember to stretch first, mommies!

Invest in a jogging stroller

What better way to get some exercise than jogging or walking? It is easy, inexpensive, and highly effective. By getting a jogging stroller, you can bring your kids along while you pump up those legs. It is really a win-win situation. Mommy gets to exercise, and kids get some fresh air. You can bet your kids will immensely enjoy being pushed around outside.moms exercising while taking care of the kids

When taking care of the kids while exercising, ask them join in

Exercise is not limited to strict workouts. Have some fun! Tell your kids you’re going to have a dance party. Dancing is a great way to exercise because you use your entire body. It is fun and flexible. You can never be sad when you’re dancing! Pump up the music and dance with the kids. Everyone will have fun.

Bonus: Your kids will ALSO get tired which may turn into naps and mommies get additional quiet time.

Find a community of moms who love to exercise

Exercising is fun when you have someone to do it with. Go ahead and scout your local community. Join fellow moms in getting that sexy back. Bonus: You gain new mom friends that you can play date with and have emergency coffee sessions when you want to pull your hair out.

A healthy mom is a happy mom. Happy mom means happy family. Being a mom doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your health. Exercise, eat well, and be happy!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I have two girls under two years old and it’s a challenge to even go to the bathroom, let alone work out! I did just try some free workout videos on YouTube the other night, and it totally helped!


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