107 Funny Superhero Jokes for Every Marvel and DC Fan

Do you love watching superhero movies? Which team are you on – Team Marvel or Team DC? Who is your favorite superhero?

I am a HUGE fan of superhero movies. I can watch anything and everything superheroes – and for hours! It doesn’t matter if the movie is from the house of Marvel or DC.

I love ALL of them. But I have a soft corner for Iron Man. Because, hello! Who can avoid his high-level sarcastic sense of humor?

Superhero movies and jokes and puns go hand in hand. That has led to a wide range of superhero-themed memes, wordplays, and whatnot. Those are downright hilarious, I must say.

So, are you looking for some great superhero jokes that can make people laugh any day?

Then, you are at the right place, honey. I have come up with a list of some of the funniest jokes on superheroes that you can share with anyone – from your friends and family to your colleagues and kids.

Do you find it challenging to start a conversation?

These jokes can work great as conversation starters. They are fun, and you can go on and on with them to make the person sitting next to you have their best time.

You can use these jokes when you are on your date too. And if the person you are dating is a fan of superhero movies, then there is a high chance that things will move fast from there – if you know what I mean!

The Best Superhero Jokes for All

When I was a kid, I lived in my own fantasy world. I have read all the books available on fantasy so many times that I lost count. Such was my craze for everything fantasy.

When I grew up, the subject of that craze changed, and now I am all in for everything superheroes and, of course, superheroines.

I am in love with Wonder Woman. So yes. The way she fights, her grace – everything is so beautiful. It keeps me hooked throughout her movies. And Captain Marvel. She is SO powerful. I so wish to have at least some amount of superhero-like power such as hers.

And did I mention how witty they are?

I watched Thor: Love and Thunder lately. This was my first time watching a movie in a theatre after my pregnancy, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Did you watch it?

How did you like the dialogue?

I LOVE them. They were SO funny.

And I was laughing throughout, except for some scenes.

If you are as fun-loving as me and like jokes about your favorite superheroes, read the following!

Funny Jokes About Superman

Funny Jokes About Superman

Who doesn’t know about this all-powerful Kryptonian?

This handsome hunk has super strength, speed, heat and X-ray vision, hearing power, and microscopic vision, among many other superpowers. And he can fly.

I wish I had at least a little bit of power like Superman. Well, maybe in my dreams!

Now, do you know there are many jokes available about this DC superhero?

They are all you need to make a DC or, more specifically, Superman fan laugh!

Are you ready?

Share the following jokes.

Q: What does Superman use to eat cereal?

A: A Super bowl

Q: What is Superman’s favorite drink?

A: Lemon Aid.

Q: How did Superman fix the broken bridge?

A: A lot of Super Glue

Q: What happens to Superman after he eats a tic-tac?

A: He has super breath.

Q: Why is Batman a terrible card player?

A: Because he receives The Joker every time.

Q: How can Superman jump over tall buildings with such ease?

A: Because buildings are not capable of jumping.

Q: Why was Batman always serious?

A: Because he wasn’t The Joker.

Q: What is Superman’s favorite sporting event?

A: The Super Bowl

Q: Why is Clark Kent such a bad cook?

A: His cooking is Superbland.

Q: Why doesn’t Superman like to go out after dinner?

A: He’s afraid of krypto-night.

Q: What do you get if you cross the man of steel with a chowder?

A: Souperman.

Q: Why did all the pictures come out dark at Superman’s birthday party?

A: They forgot to invite the Flash.

Q: What do Superman put in his lemonade?

A: Just ice.

Q: When does Superman sleep?

A: At Krypto-night.

Q: What’s the name of Superman’s home planet in opposite dimension?

A: Kryptoff.

Q: What kind of home does Superman live in?

A: A Supermansion.

Q: Where does Superman go potty?

A: In the Supercan.

Q: Why does Superman tell jokes while he runs?

A: He’s an Action Comic.

Q: Why does Superman carry around a power converter when he’s in the United States?

A: Because he’s from the DC Universe.

Q: What is Superman’s favorite candy?

A: Clark Bars.

More Jokes Continue Below ↓ ↓

Q: Why is it so easy for Superman to jump higher than tall buildings?

A: Because buildings can’t jump.

Q: Who would Superman say you should never hire to repair your lawn?

A: General Sod.

Q: Who was pre-historic Superman’s arch-enemy?

A: T. Rex Luthor.

Q: What do you get when you cross a pig and Superman?

A: The man of Squeal.

Q: Where did Superman go to college?

A: Kent State.

Q: Where does Clark Kent go on vacation?

A: Cape Cod.

Q: What does Superman like even more than New Year’s Eves?

A: Christopher-eves.

Funny Jokes About Iron Man

Funny Jokes About Iron Man

Iron Man’s dialogues are something you can’t miss at any cost!

They are super witty. And the way Robert Downey Jr. delivers those funny one-liners with a straight face is commendable.

I have not missed any of the Iron Man series. After all, I fell in love with this character when I watched the very first movie of this series. And I can say that if you ask any Marvel fan, they will say they have a special place in their heart for Iron Man.

There are tons of superhero jokes about this strong character in the Marvel world. This section is dedicated to that.

Here I have listed some of the hilarious jokes that one can get to hear about Iron Man.

If you have someone in your life who is a die-hard fan of Iron Man and is having a bad day, share the following jokes with them. It will bring an instant smile to their face. Trust me.

Q: What does Iron Man put in his drinks?

A: Just ice.

Q: What is Iron Man’s favorite drink?

A: Fruit PUNCH.

Q: What did Iron Man say to Spider Man?

A: Don’t bug me.

Q: How did Iron Man fix his broken suit?

A: A lot of Super Glue

Q: What would Iron Man be called if he was an actual potato?

A: Tony Starch

Q: Why didn’t Iron Man dress in a tuxedo for the event?

A: Because it was not much strong for him.

Q: What will a group chat between Thanos, Hulk, and Iron man be called?

A: Snapchat

Q: Which super hero runs in marathons?

A: Irun Man

Q: Which super hero wears the least wrinkled suits?

A: Iron Man

Q: What did they call Iron Man when he got older?

A: Rusty Man.

Q: Why did all the pictures come out dark from Iron Man’s holiday party?

A: They forgot to invite the Flash.

Q: What party game does Tony Stark like most?

A: The scAVENGER hunt.

Q: How does Ant Man keep his suit from getting wrinkled?

A: With help from Iron Man.

Q: What did Tony Stark name his jazz band?

A: The Avengers Ensemble.

Q: What is Tony Stark’s favorite carnival ride?

A: The ferrous wheel.

Funny Jokes About Spider-Man

Funny Jokes About Spider-Man

I was in 5th grade when the first Spider-Man movie was released. Tobey Maguire played the lead character, then. I still remember the thrill I felt while watching this superhero movie.

And Tobey Maguire became my first superhero crush! Of course, so many movies were released in the series after that. But the first one is still my favorite.

I used to be afraid of spiders back then, and I still am. But after watching this movie, my perspective towards spiders changed. Whenever I used to spot a bit different-colored spider, I wished to get bitten by it, as I thought that maybe I could become a spider-woman.

Now that I think of it, I feel silly!

This superhero movie is full of funny one-liners that no one can ignore. In this section, I have listed some good jokes you can share with like-minded Spider-Man fans.

1. What is Spiderman’s favorite day of the week?


2. What is Spider-Man’s favorite weekend day?


3. What is Spider-Man’s favorite month?


4. What is Spiderman’s favorite brand of rice?

Uncle Ben’s.

5. What is Spiderman’s favorite pastime?

Surfing the web.

6. What is Spiderman’s favorite sport?

Fly fishing.

7. What is Spiderman’s favorite drink?


8. What is Spider-Man’s favorite thing to have with his drink?


9. What is Spiderman’s favorite online music app?


10. What is Spiderman’s favorite type of music?


11. What is Spider-Man’s favorite food?

French flies.

12. What is Spiderman’s favorite outfit for a formal occasion?

A class action suit.

13. What is Spider-Man’s favorite type of TV show?

A web series.

14. What is Spider-Man’s favorite type of movie?

A spin-off.

15. What is Spiderman’s favorite way to catch up with his friends?

Via webcam

16. What profession does Peter Parker portray himself as possessing?

Web designer.

17. What made Spider-Man decide to join the swimming team?

Because his feet were webbed.

18. Why does Spider-Man play baseball so well?

Mainly because he has the best fly-catching skills.

Funny Jokes About Batman

Funny Jokes About Batman

What comes to your mind when someone says: Batman?

This masked DC superhero is super rich, drives awesome cars, can fight well, and is the savior of Gotham City.

Did I tell you that I have a Batman t-shirt?

And I love how sexy it looks with all that black color and bat logo.

Now, do you have someone at home who is a true fan of Batman? Do you want to make them laugh or have a great time?

How about sharing some funny jokes about their favorite DC superhero?

Following are some inspirations.

What did they call Batman when he was little?

Lil Wayne. 

What do Putin, Batman, and Will Smith have in common?

They all attacked a comedian.

What would Batman do if he wasn’t rich?

He would be Robin.

What’s the toughest part about being Batman?

Knowing that you’ll never make your parents proud.

Why is Batman jealous of Superman?

Superman got adopted.

How does Batman like his coffee?

Black. Like the night.

What did Batman bring to the party?

Just ice.

What’s the difference between Batman and a shoplifter?

Batman can go into a store without Robin.

What do you call a blind batman?

Christian Braille.

How does Batboy become Batman?

He has a Bat-Mitzvah.

Why is it annoying to invite Batman to a party?

Because he keeps hanging around even when it is time to go.

What kind of jokes does Batman like the most?

Dark humor.

What did batman get when he was at the store?

He GotHam.

Why doesn’t Batman have a super vision?

Because his parents died.

What do you call it when Batman gets hurt?

Bruised Wayne.

Why couldn’t Batman go to the movie?

Because it was rated “PG”.

Other Superhero Jokes

Other Superhero Jokes

There are so many other superheroes from the house of Marvel and DC other than the ones I have mentioned above.

There are Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Wolverine, and so on. And not to mention the very popular teams of superheroes such as the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Avengers.

You may come across loads of jokes about these famous superheroes. This section is all about that.

Here I have listed the funniest superhero jokes that I have missed in the previous sections.


What happens when the Silver Surfer teams up with Iron Man?

They become alloys.

Who always watches over Thor?

Thor’s Asgardian angel.

What did Iron Man say to Ant-man?

He said, “stop bugging me”.

What song does the Hulk like best?

It is not easy Bein’ Green.

Which superhero is the most mysterious?

A Wonder Woman.

What happens if Quicksilver and the Hulk combine forces?

The Fast and Furious.

What’s the name of Dr. Strange’s cousin who isn’t a magician?

Dr. Normal.

When Thor encountered a rabbit on his journey, what did he say?

“Hello, Raccoon”

After Infinity War, why had the Avengers fought while blind?

Because their Vision was lost.

What did Wolverine do while he was a salad bar employee?

He was chopping up some carrots.

What is Thor’s favorite food?

It’s Thor-tillas.

When Captain America was younger, what did people call him?

They called him Lieutenant America.

What do you get if you cross a potato and a superhero?


Why was Superman the only child at the swimming pool?

Because the sign outside said supervision required.

Which superhero has the most number of home runs?


What would you call Batman and Robin if they get smashed by a steam roller?

They’d be Flatman and Ribbon.

What did Alfred say when he saw that Batman couldn’t fit in his utility belt anymore?

He said, “What a waist!”.

What would be the name of Superman’s dog?

Lex Woofer!

What’s the difference between Superman and Spiderman?

While Peter Parker can shoot webs, Clark Kent.

What does Superman like to drink the most?

Fruit punch!

Where does Superman like to go on holidays?

Cape town!

How does Superman always get out of dangerous situations?

He always has an S cape.

What superhero travels by public transportation?

Bus Lightyear.

What do all superheroes like to add to their juice?

Just ice.

What did the doctor say when the nurse told the doctor that the invisible man had come to see him?

He said, “Let him know that I can’t see him.”

What would you call someone who’s a computer superhero?

They’d be called the Screen Saver.

Which superhero is the one that delivers morning papers?

The newspaperman!

What is the name of the sassiest supervillain?

It’s Sassquatch!

What’s the most confusing superhero movie?

The Invisible Man. It’s very hard to follow.


Did you enjoy reading the superhero jokes? Which section of the jokes made you laugh the most? Do you want me to come up with more such jokes about your favorite superhero from the Marvel and DC world?

You can share will me all these in the comments below!

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