168 Snow and Winter Jokes That Will Make Your Day

Are you ready to welcome longer nights and shorter days? Are you ready to create your first snowman of the year?

Well, winter is here! It is the holiday season Not many days are left for Christmas, and to sing your favorite song:

“Jingle bells, jingle bells

Jingle all the way

Oh, what fun it is to ride

In a one-horse open sleigh!”

Do you have kids at home? Then you already know how they love this vacation mode Isn’t it?

Now, do you have any plans for Christmas? How do you want to spend it with your loved ones?

One way to have fun in your living room with your favorite people is by sharing jokes with them And what better than snow jokes in this chilly winter?

These funny jokes can serve you even when the festivities are over and you are stuck and bored at home.

Did I tell you that my favorite season is winter?

I was born in November And my baby was born during Christmas So, yes, we have back-to-back celebrations at home during this time.

So, now you know why I love winter so much But even when the celebrations are over, I don’t find winter gloomy like most people.

I think this is the perfect time to bond with your kids and family, as you have nowhere to go So make delicious snacks for your family, share jokes, do activities, and have an awesome time!

Best Snow Jokes to Cheer You up

How about making things brighter and happier with some snow-themed humor?

This works when it’s all snowy and cold outside, and you and your family are trapped in your home When you have continuous days like these, you tend to feel bored with all your energies already gone.

And to keep everyone in your home from going crazy, these jokes on snow and cold come in handy.

Now, do you need help with what jokes to share?

I have got your back Here I have come up with a list of some funniest jokes about snow, winter, and snowman Share these with your friends and family and keep them warm with laughter.

I have included multiple sections, so it becomes easy to find what kind of jokes you are looking for.

So, make your close ones have a day of laughter and look on the bright side of winter, irrespective of how little light of the sun there is.

Funny Ice Jokes

Funny Ice Jokes

Do you find anything funny about the ice?

If your answer is “no,” then buddy, know there is! Many people find them funny; hence, many jokes are available on ice We are talking about snow and winter here, so let’s start with ice first.

And that is what this section is about

Read these, share them with your near ones, and let them have the best time during the long winter nights!

What is Batman’s favorite food?

Not much, just-ice!

I used to be a fortune teller but I kept predicting snowstorms… It turns out I wasn’t using a crystal ball, it was a snow globe

After six months of winter, all the snow finally melted Noice

Teacher: Write a short story You have a strict -character

limit Student: Once upon a time, Snow White lived with  Dwarves The end

I got a job crafting toy models of the dwarves from Snow White The pay sucks, but I’m not lying when I tell people I make seven figures

What did the snow plower say to the car drivers before clearing snow?

Snow problem

I saw a poor old lady fall unconscious in the snow today… Well, I’m guessing she was poor She only had $ in her purse

Chuck Norris can make a fire with two ice cubes

Why are there so many ruts in the ice at the rink?

The maintenance crew must be slipping up

 What do snowmen wear on their heads?

Ice caps!

 How did the winter squash pay for things?

It used pumpkin bread

 What did the snowflake say to the road?

Let’s stick together

 Where do you go to learn about the history of ice cream?

Sundae School

 How do you get ice to melt faster?

Talk to it and get into a heated argument!

 What is Frosty the Snowman’s favorite mode of transportation?

A tr-ICE-cycle

Why should you experiment with thin ice?

Because it’s the best way to achieve a major breakthrough

 Why is slippery ice like music?

Because if you don’t C sharp, you’ll B flat!

After a long winter, what do the trees say? 

What a re-leaf…

What type of cake is the Ice Queen’s favorite?

The flavor doesn’t matter to her as long as there is plenty of frosting.

What is a cat on ice known as?

A cool cat.

The man’s money was placed in the freezer for what reason?

He desired cold hard cash.

In which theaters do arctic seals watch movies?

The dive-in.

Knock Knock Snow Jokes

Knock Knock Snow Jokes

Knock-knock jokes are my favorite kind of jokes They are silly, and they still manage you bring a smile to your face.

And not to mention how easy they are to create! But, of course, they become all the more enjoyable when they are about snow and winter.

Kids and adults love these jokes, and there is something for everybody And yes, knock-knock jokes in winter are something that you cannot miss.

After all, you want to make your gang have a warm laugh Right?

This section lists some hilarious and silly knock-knock jokes that are perfect for a misty morning or cold night.

Knock, knock

Who’s there?
Scold who?
Scold outside!

Knock, knock

Who’s there?
Snow who?
Snow laughing matter!

Knock! Knock!

Who’s there?
Emma who?
Emma feeling bit cold out here – let me in!

Knock, knock

Who’s there?
Icy who?
Icy you!

Knock! Knock!

Who’s there?
Freeze who?
Freeze a jolly good fellow!

Knock! Knock!

Who’s there?
Frostbite who?
Frostbite yer food, then chew it!

Knock, knock!

Who’s there?
Snow who?

Knock, knock

Who’s there?
Snow who?
Snow real way of knowing

Knock, knock

SnowSnow who?

Snow real way of knowing

Who’s there?

Knock, knock

Who’s there?
Snow who?
Snow man named Frosty

Knock, knock

Who’s There?
Snow who?
Snow way I’m telling you

Knock, knock

Who’s there?
Snow who?
Snowbody home

Knock, knock

Who’s there?
Snow who?
Snow boots on, ready to roll

Who’s there?

Snow who?
Snow boots on, ready to roll

Knock, knock

Who’s there?
Snow who?
Snow business like show business like snow business I snow

 Knock, knock

Who’s there?
Snow who?
Snow mobile goes zoom

 Knock, knock

Who’s there?
Snow who?
Snow use, I don’t remember

 Knock, knock

Who’s there?
Snow who?
Snow fact that I’m knocking

Knock, knock

Who’s there?
Snow who?
Snow more presents under the tree

Knock, knock

Who’s there?
Snow who?
Snow owl says hoot hoot

Knock, knock

Who’s there?
Snowsez who?
Snowsez nothing – snow can’t talk!

Knock, knock

Who’s there?
Snow who?
Snow day – you can sleep late

Knock, knock

Who’s there?
Snowdin who?
Snowdin and have to wait for the plow

Naughty Snow Jokes

Naughty Snow Jokes

Yes, you can be naughty with snow jokes too!

Is your partner tired from working all day, or are they bored sitting on the couch and watching sports all day?

How about making their day a little better? How about flirting with them with some naughty adult jokes, and that too on snow?

Yes, that is possible And that is what I will be telling you in this section.

Now, do you want to set the mood for a romantic night with your partner?

You can start by letting her destress by telling them these flirty winter jokes and then increase your body’s temperature by taking it to the bedroom.

What say?

I just ran over one of Snow White’s dwarfs He wasn’t Happy!

How did the snowman lose his head?

What do you get from sitting on the ice too long?


Why did the snowman’s daughter become a stripper?

Because he was so cold to her

Why did the lady snowman divorce her husband?

She found out he was going to a snow blower

Why are we only concerned about snowmen, not snowwomen?

Because only men are stupid enough to stand out in the snow without a coat

Why was the snowman so brave?

Because he had big snowballs

Where do snowmen go to donate their sperm?

The snowbank 

What’s the difference between snowmen and snowwomen?


 What does a sexually frustrated French Guy say in the Winter?

Le tits now

 Why doesn’t Napoleon watch Game of Thrones?

Because Winter is Coming

 What’s white and falls from the sky?

The coming of the Lord

What emotions did the snow globe experience after hearing a scary story?

A little shaken up.

Where can skiers find a cash machine?

The snowbank.

Jokes About Snowman

Jokes About Snowman

I love making snowmen When I was a kid, I made snowmen with my parents That was one of the most loving activities I used to do during the cold winter.

And I still make snowmen with my husband whenever we feel like having some winter fun and clicking pictures with a snowman But, of course, my toddler loves to be in the snow too.

Now, do you know how funny a snowman joke can be?

Read the following And share them with your kids too!

What food do you get when you cross a snowman with a wolf?

A brrrr-grrr

What do you call a snowman temper tantrum?

A meltdown

Where do snowmen love to dance?

At a snow ball

What did the snowman have for breakfast?

Frosted Snowflakes

How do you know that a snowman was in your home?

You find a carrot next to the fireplace

Where do snowmen put their money?


What’s white and goes up?

A confused snowflake

What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?


Why did Frosty go to the middle of the big lake?

Because snow man’s an island

 How do mountains stay warm?


 How do you scare a snowman?

Two words: global warming

 How did the Snowman get to work?

By icicle

 What did the police officer say when he saw the snowman stealing?


 What is a snowman’s favorite snack?

Ice Krispy Treats

 Why did the girl keep her trumpet out in the snow?

Because she liked cool music

 Which kids wear the biggest snow boots?

The ones with the biggest feet!

 How do snowmen pay their bills?

With cold hard cash

 Why did the boy only wear one snow boot?

There was only a  percent chance of snow

 What does Frosty the Snowman like to put on his icebergers?

Chilly sauce

 What do you have in December that you don’t have in any other month?

The letter D

 What kind of cake do snowmen like?

Any kind with lots of icing

 What did the icy road say to the truck?

Want to go for a spin?

 What video game do they play in igloos?

Snow Fortnite

 What was Frosty the Snowman’s career?

He was in snow business

 What is a female snowman called?

A snow-ma’am

 Who were Frosty’s parents?

Mom and Pop-Sicle

 Why did the snowman turn yellow?

Ask the dog

 What do you call a snowman in August?

A puddle

 What’s a snowman’s favorite drink?

Ice tea

 What is a skier’s favorite type of candy?


 What’s the best part about school during the winter?

Snow and tell

 What falls in the winter but never gets hurt?


 Where do snowmen get the weather report?

The Winternet

 What do you call a snowman’s dog?

A slush puppy!

 Why was the snowman rummaging in the bag of carrots?

He was picking his nose

What do snowmen do when the weather’s too hot for scarves and hats?

They change into puddles

What is a snowman’s favorite game?

Ice Spy with My Little Eye

 What do you call a snowman that plays piano?

Meltin’ John

 What do you call a snowman without a carrot?

Nobody nose

 Has the abominable snowman called?

Not Yeti

 What’s a snowman’s favorite meat?

Cold cuts!

What did Yoda tell the snowman when he found out he had tunnel vision?

“All ICY is you!”

An attractive snow-woman notices a snowman gawking at her She says,

“Listen, pal, my ice is up here”

One snowman is under a tree, holding a red lightsaber…Another is in the sun, holding a green lightsaber Red snowman: Come to the dark side Green snowman: Why?

all you do is terrorize people! Red snowman: Dude, we’re snowmen, the dark side; under the tree… Green snowman: Oh! Okay Red snowman mumbling: Stupid.

What do you call a snowman on wheels?


What did the snowman order at the fast-food restaurant?

An ice burger with extra cheese

What kind of money do snowmen use in the North Pole?

Cold hard cash

What did the snowman order at Wendy’s?

A Frosty

What does a Snowman take when he gets sick?

A chill pill

At the birthday party of a snowman, what songs are appropriate?

Freeze a jolly good fellow!

What was the name Frosty gave his cow?


What can bite without teeth?


At the Olympics, what do snowmen win?

Cold medals.

What beverage does a snowman like to drink?

An ice-cappuccino.

What makes skeletons dislike winter?

They become chilled to the bone.

Where do you go to buy a new tail for your reindeer if the old one got lost?

A retail shop.

How do musicians maintain a beat during the winter?

With a cold snap.

Random Jokes About Snow and Winter

Random Jokes About Snow and Winter

Did you know there are so many other funny jokes about winter and snow?

This includes jokes about the cold weather, snowflakes, igloo, snow animals, skiing, snowboarding, and snowball.

And you will get to read all about those in this section!

What did one snowman say to the other snowman?

“Can you smell carrot?”

What often falls at the North Pole but never gets hurt?


What’s an ig?

A snow house without a loo!

Why did Frosty the snowman want a divorce?

Because he thought his wife was a flake

What time is it when little white flakes fall past the classroom window?

Snow and Tell

What is a mountain’s favorite type of candy?


What is it called when a snowman has a temper tantrum?

A meltdown!

What do you call a snowman with a six-pack?

An abdominal snowman

What do you call a snowman that tells tall tales?

A snow-fake!

Grandma’s been staring through the window ever since it started to snow If it gets any worse I’ll have to let her in.

Getting a job in the Arctic in the winter is great! Why?

When the days get short, you only have to work a -minute work week

Why do seals swim in saltwater?

Because pepper water makes them sneeze!

 What do you call a snowman party?

A snowball

What did the snowman eat?

Icebergs with chilifice sauce

What eight letters can you find in water from the Arctic Ocean?

H to O! (H)

What do you call a gangsta snowman?


Which side of an Arctic Tern has the most feathers?

The outside

How does a snowman get around?

He rides an icicle!

Who is Frosty’s favorite Aunt?

Aunt Artica!

What do you call a penguin in the Sahara desert?


What vegetable was forbidden on the ships of Arctic explorers?


What did the snowman and his wife put over their baby’s crib?

A snowmobile!

What do Snowmen call their offspring?


Today isn’t the day to be making jokes about the weather It’s snow joke

Why didn’t Guns N’ Roses turn up for the gig when it was snowing?

Axel Froze

What do you call an old snowman?


Why didn’t the tourist in the Arctic get any sleep?

He plugged his electric blanket into the toaster by mistake — and kept popping out of bed all night!

What happened when all the muskox wool that was collected was stolen?

The police combed the area

If the sun shines while it’s snowing, what should you look for?


 What did one Greenland Shark say to the other?

“Say, good lookin’… didn’t I meet you last night at the feeding frenzy?”

Why did the farmer only wear one boot to town?

He heard there would be a  percent chance of snow!

What sort of cakes do snowmen like?

The ones with thick icing

How do you find Will Smith in the snow?

You look for Fresh Prints!

What is the favorite Mexican food of snowman?

Brrrr – itos

What did the seal say when it swam into a concrete wall?


 What do women use to stay young looking in the Arctic?

Cold cream

Why was the snowman sad?

Cause he had a meltdown

What happened when the snowgirl had a fight with the snowboy?

She gave him the cold shoulder

How do you prevent a Summer cold?

Catch it in the winter!

How do snowmen greet each other?

“Ice to meet you!”

What do you sing at a snowman’s birthday party?

“Freeze a Jolly Good Fellow”

Who are Frosty’s parents?

Mom and Pop-Sicle!

What sort of ball doesn’t bounce?

A snowball

What do you call a slow skier?

A slopepoke!

What type of diet did the snowman go on?

The Meltdown Diet

What’s a good winter tip?

Never catch snowflakes on your tongue until all the birds have flown south for the winter

What can you catch in the winter with your eyes closed?

A cold

What do you call a reindeer with no eyes?

I have no eye deer

What did one Arctic murre say to the other?

“What? We flew  miles for THIS?!”

What did the detective in the Arctic say to the suspect?

“Where were you on the night of Sept to March?”

What occurs when winter comes?

Autumn leaves.

Why do bees spend the winter inside the hive?


Why do birds fly to warmer regions during the winter?

It is simpler than walking.

What distinguishes an iceberg from a clothes brush?

The first crushes boats while the second brushes coats.


Are you a cold and snow person? Or are you more of a summer or autumn, or rain person?

These hilarious snow jokes can make everyone laugh, regardless of your favorite season And by everyone, I meant your kids too.

So, if your kids are grumpy because they cannot get out and play as it is snowing outside, tell them these jokes Trust me They will have a great time laughing with you.

And did you like these jokes? Did you have a hearty laughing session reading them? And how did it go when you shared them with your friends and family?

Remember to let me know all these in the comments!

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