130+ Funny Summer Jokes for Kids to Make Them LOL

With the super-cool breeze, snow-clad trees and homes, and the cold of these winter months, are you already missing summer?

Well, summer is just a couple of months away. So are you already getting ready for it?

The winter months are fun, especially during Christmas and the New Year. 

But now that all the festivities are over, it can feel a bit gloomy, especially for your kids. After all, they miss going out in the sun and playing with their buddies. Isn’t it?

Yes, winter comes with its perks. This season is accompanied by chilly evenings, spending time with your family gathering around the fireplace, making snowmen, playing winter games, sipping hot chocolate, and whatnot.

But your kids can start feeling monotonous after the New Year. How about getting them all excited about the coming summer and preparing for it?

So, tell me, what is your best summer memory? Is there something you used to do in your childhood days but you miss doing it now?

I miss the fun that I used to have with my siblings and cousins during my summer vacations. We are a loud family, and during summers, when we all were together, it used to be a madhouse!

People could hear the sound of laughter while passing our home. Yes, we were that loud. And who could forget all those summer jokes for kids that our parents used to tell us?

And that is exactly what this post is all about.

Hilarious Summer Jokes for Kids

Jokes have a special effect on people. They have the power to make people laugh. And there is nothing better than a dose of laughter to cheer you up even when you are having a bad day.

And when it comes to jokes for kids, they are funnier.

You can find jokes about summer camps, picnics in summer, pools, popsicles, the sun, and whatnot. Also, I have included some puns and kids’ all-time favorite knock-knock jokes.

So, all you need is to share these awesome summer jokes with your boy or girl and have a hearty laughing session that you may cherish forever!

Let’s begin.

Knock Knock Summer Jokes for Kids

Knock Knock Summer Jokes for Kids

Did I tell you what my favorite kind of joke is?

It’s the knock-knock jokes. And like me, many other people will give you the same answer when you ask them about their favorite jokes. Kids are one of them.

Kids love jokes that are easy to remember, silly, and that can crack people up easily. Knock-knock jokes are all these.

And they are highly interactive. This makes them more likable to kids.

When you share a knock-knock joke with your kid, they get to ask you, “who’s there?” and that is when their excitement for the answer begins!

Knock-knock jokes for summer are super fun. They can make even the most serious of kids giggle.

So, are you ready to make your kid’s day by letting them have a great laugh?

Could you share the following jokes with them?

Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Goliath who?

Goliath down, you look-eth tired!

Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Broccoli who?

Broccoli doesn’t have a last name, silly.

Knock, knock

Who’s there?

Wooden shoe

Wooden shoe, who?

Does wooden shoe like to hear another joke?

Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Amish who?

Really? You don’t look like a shoe!

Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Boo hoo?

Why are you crying?

Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Atch who?

Bless you!

Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Figs who?

Figs the doorbell, I’ve been knocking forever!

Knock, knock

Who’s there?

A little old lady

A little old lady who?

I didn’t know you could yodel!

Knock, knock

Who’s there?

A herd

A herd who?

A herd you were home, so I came right over!

Knock, knock

Who’s there?

Cows go

Cows go, who?

No silly, cows go MOO!

Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Nobel who?

Nobel (no bell), that’s why I keep knocking!

Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Dishes who?

Dishes the police. Open the door!

Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Harry who?

Harry up and answer the door!

Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Cash who?

No thanks, but I’ll take a peanut if you have one!

Knock, knock

Who’s there?

Big interrupting cow.

Big interrupting cow, who?


Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Canoe who?

Canoe come out and play with me?

Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Lettuce who?

Lettuce in, it’s cold out here!

Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Mikey who?

Mikey doesn’t fit in the key hole!

Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Stopwatch who?

Stopwatch you’re doing and let me in!

Knock, knock

Who’s there?

I am

I am who?

You don’t know who you are?

Summer Puns for Kids

Summer Puns for Kids

Puns can make you laugh any day, especially if they are funny. But, of course, there is a difference between puns for adults and puns for kids. So here I have stuck only to the ones meant for kids.

Not all kids understand puns. They have to be a bit on the older side to get them correctly.

So, if you are a parent to an older kid or arrange a party for older kids, you can always share these puns to make them go LOL!

Did I tell you what made these puns all the more engaging?

These are about summer. Kids want the summer season back after the cold hard winter. They want to go out in the sun, play with their friends and make the most of the summer months.

Your kids want to feel the warmth on their skin again. And this makes it the perfect time to share summer puns with them.

Come, let’s make the kids giggle!

What would you call an alligator wearing a vest?

An Investigator!

What would you call a crocodile which does criminal activities?

A Crookodile!

Why did Spidey the spider switch on the computer?

Have a look at his web-site!

What would you say to the person who invented zero?

“Thanks for nothing!”

How is a waffle different from a pancake?

Waffles are pancakes that went to the gym to beef up!

Why was the party in space so bad?

They didn’t plan-et well.

What would you call a five that’s sitting on a cloud?

A high-five!

What do mobile phones and dogs have in common?

They both have collar IDs.

What would you call a lazy baby Kangaroo?

A pouch potato!

Why couldn’t Suzie put down her book?

Because the book is on anti-gravity.

What did the picture tell the judge in court?

I was framed!

The horse who lives nearby is a __________.


How do horses stay in such great shape?

They are always on a stable diet.

It has a lot of ears, yet can’t hear a word you say! What is it?

A cornfield.

Why is the weightlifter so upset?

Because she needs to work with dumb-bells!

How do the dogs take a break in between a movie?

By putting the movie on paws!

What did the librarian tell the clock?

Don’t tock loudly!

How did one volcano propose the other one?

“I Lava you.”

What would “The Great Gatsby” have been called if it was based on a cat?

It would have been called “The Great Catsby”!

What do clouds wear?


After eating breakfast, what did the Dalmatian say?

That hit the spot

Which tree can you hold in your hands?

Palm tree

What do ghosts like to eat in the summer?

I scream

Which area is the shark’s favorite place for picnics?


Why does ice cream always get invited to parties?

Because it’s cool

Which phone do the mermaids use to call each other?

The shell phones

Why Is a Vacation in the Mountains Funny?

Because they’re hill-arious.

Why did the professor wear his sunglasses?

Because his students were so bright.

What happens when a white hat is dipped in the ocean?

It gets wet.

When the tide came in, what did the beach say to it?

Long time no sea.

Summer Jokes for Kids About the Sun

Summer Jokes for Kids About the Sun

You can see the sun in all its glory during the summer months. And it sure brightens up your and your kid’s day.

Kids can’t go out in the cold months of winter. But when the summer arrives, they go out, soak in the sun’s warmth and enjoy themselves with their buddies.

If you plan to share bonding time with your little one on a hot summer day, you can always tell them funny jokes. And what better way to make them laugh than telling them jokes about the sun itself?

Did you know there are tons of jokes about the sun?

But I have made the search easy for you. Here I have come up with a list of some of the best kids’ jokes about the sun.

All you need is to read them to your little human and see how they lighten up with a huge smile!

How do Minecraft players avoid sunburn?


How far can you see on a clear day?

150 million kilometers from here to the sun.

What do you call a sunburned librarian?

Well, red.

What does a knight say when he sees a herd of dragons with sunglasses?

Nothing. He doesn’t recognize them.

What happens if you throw a red sun hat in the water?

It gets wet!

What is brown, hairy, and wears sunglasses?

A coconut on vacation.

What is green, white, and red all over?

A sunburnt elf.

What is the best day to go to the beach?

Sunday, of course!

What kind of bath can you take without water?

A sunbath

What song do vampires hate?

You are my sunshine!

What’s black and white and red all over?

A sunburned zebra.

What’s black, white, and red all over?

A penguin with a sunburn!

What’s the best day to go to the beach?


What’s the sequel to Mario Sunshine?

Mario Sunburnt!

Why did the banana wear sunscreen?

He didn’t want to peel!

Why did the reindeer wear sunglasses to the Christmas party?

Because he didn’t want to be recognized!

Why did the sun go to school?

To get brighter!

Why did the teacher put on sunglasses?

Because her students were so bright!

Why do bananas use sunscreen?

Because they peel easily

Why doesn’t the sun go to college?

Because it has a million degrees!

Summer Camp Jokes for Kids

Summer Camp Jokes for Kids

Summer camps are an important part of summer for your kids if you send them to one. And there are many funny jokes about it.

Does your kid enjoy going to summer camps with their friends?

If so, the best kind of summer jokes you can share with them can be about these camps.

Summer camps are enjoyable for kids. They play, enjoy, and learn at the same time. And when the jokes are about these camps, I can tell you without a doubt that they will have a great laughing time.

So, are you ready to see those hearty laughs of kiddo?

Read the following summer jokes for kids!

Why is Big Bird big, yellow, and feathery?

Because if he was small, yellow, and nuggety, he would be a corn on the cob!

What do you call a group of grizzlies cracking up together?

A BEARel of laughs!

What do people who love to brag about themselves carry their papers in?

A GLOATbook!

What is a UPS worker’s favorite sport?


What type of chair goes to wild concerts?

A rocking chair!

What vegetables do you eat when you want to be very fast?

Hustle sprouts!

What’s a livestock’s favorite math tool?

A COWculator!

What type of shoe stops up drains?

A clog!

What type of chair is good for yoga?

A folding chair!

What soothes a sick stomach and gives you neck support at night?


What time is it when people are throwing pieces of bread at your head?

Time to DUCK!

What is a builder’s favorite kind of paper?

Construction paper!

When playing spades with The Donald, why did the dealer lose?

He handed Donald Trump!

Why couldn’t the farmer find his way out of the cornfield?

He was in the middle of a maize!

Which medical professional likes to break things?

A DENTist!

What do you call a cow who always takes your stuff?

A mooooocher!

What MTV show do bass fishermen watch?

The Reel World!

What do you call a wild dog that you can’t find?

A WHEREwolf!

How would you describe the views a peppermint gets while looking at the Blue Ridge Mountains?

Breath Taking!

How are reciprocals like gymnasts?

They flip!

Summer Jokes for Kids About the Hot Weather

Summer Jokes for Kids About the Hot Weather

Summer is welcoming after the long winter months. But it can be a bit hotter after its initial months too!

And that is where all these jokes about the hot weather rise.

These jokes are about the hotness of the weather. And they are specially meant for your kids.

I had a great laugh while writing them for you! And I’m sure you and your kid will have a great time laughing too.

Here is a list of the funniest jokes about the hot weather conditions you can experience in the summer months.

These are silly and simple but can make your kid laugh any day. How about making their day a bit better and happier?

What do toads drink on a hot summer day?

Ice-cold Croak-o-cola.

What do fans do at hot summer soccer games?

Heat waves.

What do you call a poodle in Arizona during the summer?

A hot dog

What did the bee do when it was hot?

Took off his yellow jacket.

What do you give a puppy on a really hot day?

A pupsicle.

How do you help someone during a heat wave?

Give them lemon-ade.

What is the coolest letter on a hot summer day?

Iced T

Where did the stormtrooper go to cool off during a heat wave?

The Darth Mall.

What kind of food can you get at the beach during the hottest days?

Steamed clams

What did the tide give on a hot day?

A heat wave

What did the air conditioning say to the TV star?

I’m your biggest fan

What are the only two seasons in Arizona?

Hot and Hotter

What did the pig say on the really hot day?

I’m bacon

Why are elephants always ready to swim on a hot day?

They always have their trunks with them

Which is the fastest, heat or cold?

Heat is faster because you can catch a cold

Why did the panda go to Home Depot on a hot summer day?

To buy a bear conditioner

How do you keep your legs from sticking to a chair on hot days?

Non-stick cooking spray!

What’s the brightest day of the week?


What happens to ice on a hot day?

It melts.

What came out of the sprinkler during the heat wave?


Despite how much it rains, what does not get any wetter?

The ocean.

In hot weather, where do cows go on vacation?

Moo York

Summer Jokes for Kids About Pool

Summer Jokes for Kids About Pool

Does your kid love to enjoy the pool?

Then the chances are that they wait for the summer to arrive so that they can use the pool. Isn’t it?

How about sharing some funny pool jokes with your kiddo to bring a smile to their face?

And this section is meant just for that!

All you need is to read the following jokes to your kid.

Why did the teacher stick her finger in the pool?

She wanted to test the water!

What is a polar bear’s favorite stroke?

The Blubber-fly!

Why are spiders, good swimmers?

They have webbed feet!

Why don’t vegetarians swim in competitions?

They hate meets!

How do you say hi to a swimmer?


Why can elephants swim whenever they want?

They always have trunks!

What exercise is the best for swimmers?


What did Cinderella wear on her feet when she went for a swim?

Glass Flippers!

Where do ghosts like to go swimming?

Lake Eerie or the Dead Sea!

Why the young girl brought a ladder to the swimming pool?

Because she wanted to dive into the deep end and swim.

The science teacher jumped into the pool for what reason?

For testing the waters

Why do elephants not swim in swimming pools?

Because they worry that they will absorb all the water.

The tomato turned red. Why?

Because it noticed that it did not have the swimsuit when it saw the pool.

Summer Jokes for Kids About Popsicles

Summer Jokes for Kids About Popsicles

Did I tell you how I missed my childhood days when I used to run to the popsicle vendor after school in the summer days?

Those days were SOMETHING! Now when my little one starts going to school, maybe I’ll be able to relive all those happy moments of my school days.

If you have a kid like me who can eat popsicles any day and any time, they will surely enjoy these silly jokes.

I had a great time collecting them for you in the following list, and I hope your kid will enjoy listening to them too!

  • What was Charles Dickens’s favorite type of popsicle? David Pop-perfield.
  • If a popsicle is based on an iconic movie, what would it be named? Mary Pop-ups!
  • What would a popsicle be called if he was a hugely famous rock musician? It would definitely be called Pop Seger!
  • What would you call a popsicle if he was a famous painter and hosted a TV show? It should be called Pop Ross!
  • The popsicle, who is a famous scientist who discovered the photo-electric effect, what would he be named? It will be known as Albert Ice-tein
  • If a popsicle was an iconic musician and was known as the ‘Godfather of Punk,’ what would they be called? He would definitely be called Iggy Pop
  • If a popsicle was an iconic rapper, what would be the perfect name for him? He would be called Ice T!
  • What will be the best way to call a popsicle if it is sold in Vatican City? It would be a Pope-sickle!
  • What do you call a popsicle that was made out of spicy green chilies and not Tabasco sauce? It is definitely a spice-lolly!
  • What did the father, popsicle say to his son when they went inside the dangerous maze? Stick with me, son.
  • Why did the popsicle turn down his job as an ice cream vendor? Because he didn’t want to work on sundaes!
  • Why does everyone want the ice cream to play for their soccer team? Because with ice cream as the striker of the team, anything is popsicle!
  • Why are popsicles never workaholics? Because they always remain chilled out!
  • How did the popsicle stick propose to his wife on Valentine’s day? He wrote on the card that she always melts his heart!
  • Why are popsicles known to be extremely blunt and snobby? Because they have a wooden stick at their back!
  • How did one popsicle leave the other popsicle’s house? It left on a good by-sicle!
  • What is the most common dialogue said to a client by a popsicle lawyer? “That’s how you get served!”
  • Why do astronauts eat only popsicles when they go into space? Because no one can hear the ice cream truck in space!
  • What did the little boy call his dad when the father tripped and fell on the ice? Pop-sicle!
  • What can be the best way to kill a ghost with a stick? You need to spear it with the popsicle!
  • What is the best way to describe a lovely popsicle? It is definitely an art-icle!
  • How did the young scientist receive fame by working on a thin sheet of ice? Because it turned out to be the fastest way to get a major breakthrough!


Do you know why I like jokes so much?

It is because they can cheer people up even when they are having a bad day without much effort.

Jokes are fun to share with everyone, especially with kids, as you get to see and hear their million-dollar smiles.

So, did you enjoy sharing summer jokes for kids with your little one? Did you guys have a great time together?

Don’t forget to let me know in the comments!

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