Does he really love you? 15 Definite Signs That He Truly Loves You

Does he really love you?

” Love is such a beautiful thing.”

I got that line from Bee Gees song, Too Much Heaven. And truly, nothing can be more heavenly than feeling how true love feels, the way it awakens your senses, the way it just makes your heart jump with joy and excitement and yearning.

But ironically, love can also be scary. It can be compared to an abyss that is filled with mystery. We won’t know unless we’re at it.

I am writing this now because lately, my heart had been clouded with emotions. When you activate your mind, sometimes, the heart is just too strong and forceful you can’t shun it. It’s easy for elder people to say we have to guard our hearts and take care of it. But in a different scenario, how can we really guard our heart especially if the current key to it is the same person that could shatter it? Is there a way out?

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