Unlock the Mystery 177 Halloween Riddles for All Ages

With the 31st of October just around the corner, are you ready to welcome Halloween this year?

Halloween is all about fun, celebration, good food, and spending good times with your favorite people.

And there are so many things that you need to plan in advance, such as the costume, the party decorations and of course, some entertaining games to have one of the best times of your life.

I am a mom to a toddler and I always make a good plan for Halloween party. But still, whenever someone says Halloween, it reminds me of my own childhood days. They used to be so much fun with all my siblings and friends.

My mom used to make us our spooky Halloween costumes that were the best. Also, going with my dad to choose the pumpkin from the lot was always a thing that my sister and I would look up to.

Not just that. The carving of the pumpkin and making our Jack-O’ Lanterns were something that I would cherish forever. The best part of Halloween was the night when we used to play fun games such as solving riddles and going for Halloween-themed scavenger hunts.

If you want to make your Halloween memorable too, you can include some exciting games in your Halloween party. Games such as riddles are not only fun and engaging, but they tickle your brain, too.

You can also ask riddles to all the trick-or-treaters coming to your door and make them giggle.

The Best Halloween Riddles of All Time

Solving riddles is so much fun, especially if they have a super fun theme like Halloween. And to solve riddles, you don’t have to be a pro.

Riddles come in different levels of difficulty. This means there are riddles that are easy to solve, and then there are riddles that are a bit hard to solve.

You can choose riddles depending on how much knowledge the people you are playing with have.

Here, I have made the job of searching riddles easy for you, as I have come up with a collection of the most entertaining Halloween riddles of all time and for all age groups.

If there is any specific kind of riddles you are looking for, you can find them in the following sections.

Have a great riddle-solving session!

Halloween Riddles About Random Things

Halloween Riddles About Random Things

Halloween is such a festival that is enjoyed not only by kids but also adults. It marks the official start of the festivities, after which comes Christmas and the New Year.

There are many things that signify this occasion, such as pumpkins, ghosts, vampires, and all things scary. And not to mention how all these things are subjects to riddles!

This section is all about that. Here, I have listed the most interesting random Halloween riddles that are made up of the most common Halloween things.

And did I tell you that these are kid-friendly, too?

So, what are you waiting for?

Read on to see how many of these you can solve!

The person who built it sold it. The person who bought it never used it.
The person who used it never saw it.
What is it?

A coffin.

From the replies, he knew who it was. Can you guess who it was?

The maid. The house was circular; it didn’t have any corners.

When is it bad luck to see a black cat?

When you’re a mouse.

How do you spell candy in 2 letters?

C and Y (C-and-y).

I have no feet to dance, I have no eyes to see,
I have no life to live or die, but yet I do all three.
What am I?


I am wrapped, but I am not a gift.
I am kept neatly in a chamber, and archeologists find me as a great treasure.
What am I?

A mummy.

If you see one flying around, you’d better be careful at night,
as some turn into vampires and will give your neck a big bite.
What are they?


Some people believe in me and others don’t. At night I roam around and sometimes I float.
If you hear a troubled noise coming from the ground, go run and hide from my creepy sound.
What am I?

A ghost.

I’m tall when I’m young, I’m short when I’m old, and every Halloween,
I stand up inside jack-o’-lanterns.
What am I?

A candle.

You can find me from head to toe, I am a liquid,
I make some people faint and I am in every living being you know.
What am I?


People are scared of me. When you have more of me, you will see less.
What am I?


This place has hardly any lights, but a lot of creaking floors.
There are all kinds of strange noises and some random slamming doors.
What is it?

A haunted house.

I’m thought to bring bad luck, I blend in the night and I’m known to mingle with witches.
What am I?

A black cat.

You can easily get me any time of year, but you have to specifically ask for me on Halloween—otherwise, you’ll end up empty handed.
What am I?


What makes skeletons strong and black cats purr with delight?


Halloween Riddles for Kids

Halloween Riddles for Kids

Although Halloween is a festival that is enjoyed by kids and adults alike, you can’t deny the fact that kids enjoy it the most, right?

They get to wear scary costumes, go trick-or-treating, eat candy, and have the best times of their lives that they are going to cherish forever.

And so, I have dedicated this section to making this Halloween more fun for kids with my list of Halloween-themed riddles.

These riddles are kid-friendly and will test how much your kids know about Halloween. You can arrange a Halloween-themed party for your kids’ friends and add a scavenger hunt session where the clues will be in the form of riddles.

Make sure you arrange for a prize for the winner as well, so make it competitive!

What Jack has a head but no body?

A jack-o-lantern

Two vampires ran a race and crossed the finish line at almost the same time. How did the race end?

Neck and neck

You’re in a room and there is a ghost in the room, but you’re the only one in the room. How is this possible?

You’re the ghost.

What’s the problem with twin witches?

You never know which witch is which!

A zombie, a mummy, and a ghost bought a house.
It has all of the usual rooms except for one.
What room won’t you find?

A living room

What types of roads do ghosts like to drive on?

Dead ends

How many witches does it take to change a lightbulb?

Just one and she’ll change it into a toad.

What goes “Ha, ha, ha, THUD?”

A zombie laughing his head off

What room will you never find in a ghost’s house?

A living room.

What is a mummy’s favorite type of music?

Wrap music.

What is a witch’s favorite subject in school?


How are vampires like false teeth?

They both come out at night.

What’s the problem with twin witches?

You never know which witch is which.

Why did the witch refuse to wear a flat hat?

There was no point to it.

What is a ghost’s favorite dessert?


Why didn’t the skeleton have fun at the party?

He didn’t have any body to dance with.

How do you make a skeleton laugh?

Tickle his funny bone.

Why is a cemetery a great place to write a story?

It’s filled with plots.

Why are ghosts such bad liars?

You can see right through them.

What do you call a skeleton who won’t work?

Lazy bones.

Why don’t skeletons watch horror movies?

They don’t have the guts.

Where do ghosts love to go swimming?

The Dead Sea.

What do you call a witch at the beach?

A sand-witch.

Halloween Riddles for Adults

Halloween Riddles for Adults

No matter how fun Halloween is for kids, we adults don’t enjoy it any less, right?

Yes, we get to do all the hard work, such as planning for the party, buying things and costumes for our kids, making Jack O’ Lanterns, arranging food and drinks, and so on. But that only makes us all the more excited.

Of course, we need some entertainment and laughter too. And that is where riddles come into the picture.

Riddles are fun to solve and even funnier if you come up with silly answers!

The following is a combination of easy, difficult, and dirty riddles to make you giggle after all the hard work you have done for the day.

Read on!

I have a straight back and sharp teeth that bite.
What am I?

A saw.

The more you take away,
the bigger I get.
What am I?

A grave.

I’m a ball, but I can’t be kicked, thrown or tossed.
What am I?

An eyeball.

I have many teeth, but don’t bite.
What am I?

A comb.

I have five fingers and a thumb, but I will never be alive.
What am I?

A glove.

I have a tail and four feet, but no arms or legs.
What am I?

A fork.

You can hear me, feel me and know that I’m there.
But you’ll never ever ever find me.
What am I?

The wind.

I’m covered with eyes and can often be found in your belly.
What am I?

A potato.

I grow only in the damp, murky darkness,
but become shiny in the light.
What am I?

A pearl.

I come at night without being asked,
then leave in the morning without being taken.
What am I?

The stars.

October has 31 days, but some months have just 30.
How many months have 28 days?

All of them.

I am always hungry and must be fed.
If I lick your finger, it’s sure to turn red.
What am I?

A fire.

You hear me once and then once more.
But I then I die until you call like before.
What am I?

An echo.

I am made of all ears but can’t hear a thing.
What am I?

A cornfield.

Imagine there’s a boogie man living under your bed and he’s coming to eat you. What do you do?

Quit imagining.

In the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, where do you bury the survivors?

You don’t bury survivors.

A haunted house has 17 ghosts, all but nine leave. How many are left?


If you only have one match and are trapped in a coffin with a candle and a lamp, which one do you light first?

The match.

The floor of a one-story haunted house is black and the walls are green. What color are the stairs?

There are no stairs, it’s a one-story house.

A ghost rides into town on Monday, spends one night at a haunted house, then leaves on Monday. How is this possible?

The ghost’s horse is named “Monday.”

The more of these a witch takes, the more she leaves behind.
What are they?


I’m in you. You’re often in me.
If I surround you completely, I can kill.
What am I?


I come with something beautiful but am razor sharp.
If you don’t treat me with care, I will make you bleed.
What am I?

A thorn.

I silently go up and down your stairs without ever making a sound.
What am I?

The carpet.

I have three eyes in a row and one of them glows bright red.
What am I?

A stoplight.

Tricky Halloween Riddles

Tricky Halloween Riddles

It doesn’t hurt to be a little tricky, right?

And so, here I am with a bunch of tricky Halloween riddles to help you make some awesome memories this year.

These riddles sound super easy and may make you think of an answer that is nowhere near the correct answer – which makes them all the more interesting!

With pointed fangs I sit and wait With piercing force,
I dole out fate Over bloodless victims, I proclaim my might I can eternally join with a single bite.
What am I?

Dracula, or a stapler.

I have a name but it isn’t mine. You don’t think about me while in your prime.
People cry when I’m in their sight. Others lie with me all day and night.
What am I?

A tombstone.

You may see this hairy creature by the light of the moon. You can start running but it will likely catch you soon.
You can hope for escape with the rising sun. But you have a better chance with silver bullets and a gun.
What am I?

A Werewolf.

Who makes it, has no need for it.
Whoever buys it won’t use it. Who uses it, won’t care.
What am I?

A casket.

I protect, I stand tall, my purpose is to strike fear in all.
What am I?

A scarecrow.

Ancient knowledge few can know, in the night is where I roam. Vermin I grab in my holy flight. No one can hide from my sight.

An owl.

I am different sizes, shapes and colors. Many can see my veins.
I don’t go inside. The trees are where I reside. If I fall to the ground, I will surely die. What am I?

A leaf.

You’re in a room and there’s a ghost in the room,
but you are the only one in the room.
How is this possible?

You are the ghost.

Each morning I appear to lie at your feet. All day I will follow no matter how fast you run, yet I nearly perish in the midday sun.

A shadow. 

Poor people have it. Rich people need it. If you eat it you die.
What is it?


I have a body, arms, legs and a head, but I’m heartless and have no guts.
What am I?

A skeleton.

I sleep upside down and I fly through the night.
I live in dark places and I don’t have good eyesight.
What am I?

A bat.

I always leave a trace, so you can see where I’ve been.
I have some extra legs, and I make people scream.
What am I?

A spider.

Frankenstein’s father has three sons. The names of two of them are Snap and Crackle. What is the third son called?


I am a room in your house where you watch TV and have fun,
but I’m the one room in which ghosts, ghouls, and vampires will never, ever come. What am I?

The living room.

A group of witches are having a broomstick race.
The witch in third place overtakes the witch in second place.
Where is she now?

In second place.

Why don’t mummies take vacations?

They’re afraid they’ll relax and unwind.

What is dead, cold, hard and surrounds a cemetery?

A fence.

Scary Halloween Riddles

Scary Halloween Riddles

As the theme of Halloween involves witches, ghosts, and other deadly things, the riddles ought to be scary. But, of course, in a funny way. After all, riddles are here to make you laugh and not be scared!

This section contains some seemingly scary yet amusing riddles that you can share with kids, adults, and senior members of your family.

Have a great time!

What kind of boat does a vampire travel in?

A blood vessel

What’s a skeleton’s favorite instrument?

A trom-bone

I don’t have eyes, but once I did see.
Once I had thoughts, but now I’m white and empty.
What am I?

A skull

What did the skeleton buy at the grocery store?

Spare ribs

Why did the vampire flunk art class?

Because he could only draw blood

What’s the problem with twin witches?

You can’t tell which witch is which

Why do witches fly on brooms?

Because vacuum cleaners are too heavy

What do witches ask for at hotels?

Broom service

Where does the zombie live?

On a dead-end street

What is a vampire’s favorite dog?

A bloodhound

How can you tell if a monster likes you?

He takes another bite.

Who is the most famous French skeleton?

Napoleon bone-apart.

Why did the vampire get thrown out of the haunted house?

Because he was a pain in the neck.

What do witches put on their bagels?

Scream cheese

Do you know how to make a witch itch?

You take away the w.

How does a witch tell time?

With a witch watch

Why didn’t the zombie go to school?

He felt rotten.

Why do skeletons hate the winter?

Because the cold goes right through them

Why didn’t the skeleton eat spicy food?

He didn’t have the stomach for it.

How does a witch style her hair?

With scare-spray

What do you call two witches who live together?

Broom mates

Why don’t vampires have a lot of friends?

Because they are a pain in the neck

Why was the Witch’s broom late?

It over-swept.

What happens to a vampire in the snow?

Frost bite

Why did the skeleton run up the tree?

A dog wanted to eat its bones.

Why did the skeleton go to the party alone?

Because he couldn’t find any body to go with him

Funny Halloween Riddles

Funny Halloween Riddles

Riddles never fail to entertain you, no matter what the topic is. And when the theme is Halloween, it becomes all the more hilarious and is guaranteed to make you laugh.

It’s like watching those horror comedies where you feel scared but then burst into laughter looking at the humorous side of them.

This section includes funny Halloween riddles to make your day and even night!

When a witch lands, where does she park?

In a broom closet.

How can you tell that a vampire likes baseball?

He turns into a bat every night.

How do you fix a damaged jack-o-lantern?

You use a pumpkin patch.

What do you call a skeleton that makes you laugh and giggle when you’re sad?

A funny bone

What does a ghost do to stay safe in a car?

Puts on his sheet belt.

What did the skeleton order at the restaurant?

A glass of coke and a mop.

Which part of a road do Ghost’s love to travel the most?

The Dead End

More Halloween Riddles & Jokes Why were the little ghosts so successful in Little League?

They had team spirit.

Why didn’t the monster eat the crazy person?

He was allergic to nuts.

Halloween Riddles About Ghosts

Halloween Riddles About Ghosts

Ghosts are an indispensable part of any Halloween celebration. You dress up like ghosts, you make ghost-theme food, and you share ghost stories. And the list doesn’t end there. There are so many other spooky things that remind you of ghosts.

And one of the best ways to celebrate Halloween is to go for ghost riddles.

These riddles sound scary, but when you come up with the right answer, you will get the humor in it.

Keep scrolling!

What is a ghost’s favorite dessert?

Ice Scream.

What kind of make up is a ghost’s favorite to wear?


Where do baby ghosts go while their parents work?

To day-scare!

What is a ghost’s favorite fruit?


What do ghosts like to do on a Saturday night?


What tops off a ghost’s ice-scream sundae?

Whipped Scream.

What did the panda ghost say?


What are the ghost’s favorite pants to wear?


Why did the ghost cry?

He had a booboo.

What do you call a ghost without a host?


What game do ghosts like to play at the top of the mountain?


The ghost of the mountain never to be seen, leaps like a raging fire to catch his prey.
As pale as the moon but fast as the wind. Cold as ice, but a flash of light in the night.
What is it?

A snow leopard.

My first is twice in apple but not once in tart.
My second is in liver but not in heart. My third is in giant and also in ghost. Whole I’m best when I am roast.
What am I?

The word Pig.

What is a ghost’s favorite pepper?

A ghost pepper.

What did the ghost eat for breakfast?


A ghost was painting a picture. What did he paint on his picture?

A picture!

What do you call a ghost who ran out of toilet paper?

Sheet out of luck!

What do you call a ghost with a broken leg?

A Hoblin Goblin.

Where do dead outlaws go on a Saturday night?

To ghost towns.

Easy Halloween Riddles

Easy Halloween Riddles

Not everyone is good at solving riddles. If you are one of them and are just starting out, then this section is for you.

Here, I have added only the easy ones that even kids can solve.

So, are you ready to take a test?

Where do ghosts go on vacation?

Lake Erie.

What do you get when you cross Bambi with a ghost?


What happens when a ghost haunts a theater?

The actors get stage fright.

Why do mummies make excellent spies?

They’re good at keeping things under wraps.

What is a mummy’s favorite type of music?


Why do skeletons always have a bad cold?

Because they are chilled to the bones.

Why didn’t the skeleton dance at the party?

He had no body to dance with.

How can you tell when a vampire has been in a bakery?

All the jelly has been sucked out of the jelly doughnuts.

What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?


Why did the vampire eat a light bulb?

He wanted a light snack.

How did the bat learn to fly?

He took batting lessons.

What do you do when a monster sits in front of you at the cinema?

Miss the movie.

What do you call a goblin who gets too close to a bonfire?

A toasty ghosty.

What do you get when you cross Tinkerbell with a werewolf?

A hairy fairy.

Halloween Riddles About Mummies

Halloween Riddles About Mummies

Whenever someone says mummies, it reminds me of Egypt and the very popular The Mummy movie series.

But Halloween has a close connection to mummies, too. After all, this occasion involves all things paranormal.

Do you know the answer to “A zombie, a mummy, and a phantom all purchased a house. Apart from a single room, it has all of the regular rooms. What room will you not find?”

Well, it’s “A living room!”

Why would mummies not reveal their secrets?

Because they keep the knowledge under wraps

What was the cry of the veiled infant ghoul?


Why don’t mummies take full advantage of the summer months to unwind?

They are afraid to unwind as well as sleep!

The photographer mummy finished his shoot. So, what did he have to say?

He directed his team to wrap up the task.

Have you heard the tale about the Pharaoh who drowned in the Nile because he did not think he was drowning?

He had arrived in de-Nile.

What is the title given to a Pharaoh who plays the trumpet?


Why did ancient Egyptians bury their Pharaohs in multiple layers of coffins?

It was known as multicasking.

What was the Egyptian child confused about?

Because of the fact that his father was a mummy!

Why were the Egyptians not on vacation?

The mummies are frightened of unwinding and resting!

Why is King Tut unable to dance?

He has got it all wrapped up!

What is said in ancient Egyptian funeral homes?

Guaranteed satisfaction or your mummy back!

How did one pyramid reply to the other?

How is your mummy doing?

What did the dying mummy say to the ninja?

It is time to finally unwrap up for good!

Who is Egypt’s best mummy wrapper?

The Gauze Wizard

Why was the mummy summoned into the game as a pinch hitter?

With a mummy at bat, the game would be over.

Why could not Mummy pick up the phone?

Because she was tied up, that is why.

What did the little pyramid say to the big pyramid?

How is your mummy?

Who changed the diapers on King Tut?

His mummy.

What happens when you cross a mummy with a CD?

A wrap song.

What do you name a bar of chocolate and nut-covered mummy?

Pharaoh Roche

What do you call Ryan Gosling disguised as a mummy?

Ryan Gauzeling

Have you heard of the mummy that studies at the university?

Cryptography is his favorite subject.

Have you heard about the new Pharaoh’s chef?

Gordon Ramesses is his name.

Where do you keep the Pharaoh’s mummy who died of a cold?

In a Sar-cough-agus-agus-agus-agus-agus-agu

Mummy builders were known as what in ancient Egypt?


How come the mummy did not have any friends?

Because he was too wrapped up in himself

How did Superman defeat the mummy?

He had Cryptonite.

To whom does the mummy want moral support?

To his mummy


Halloween is the one festival that my family and I eagerly wait for throughout the year. I like scary things and so, making spooky costumes for my little one and telling her ghost stories are some of my favorite things to do during Halloween.

If you like Halloween too and want to make it the best Halloween ever, try keeping a session of solving riddles with your closest bunch. And for riddles, I hope you like my list!

Did you find them difficult to solve, or were they easy for you? Which section made you laugh the most?

Let me know in the comments!

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