How to Know If You are Pregnant Without a Test? ( 23 Ways)

Have you been trying to conceive for quite a few months now? Do you feel pregnant, but it would be too early to confirm through a pregnancy test?

I can feel you, honey! I have been there and know exactly how it feels. Once you feel pregnant or something unusual is happening within your body, you want to test your pregnancy immediately.

And I can’t blame you for that. After all, you are all excited and curious. This whole thing becomes all the more exciting if this is your first time trying for a baby.

But you know, to do a pregnancy test properly, you must wait for a certain period. Then you need to wait for the results. What if you don’t have that patience?

Well, that is what this post is all about!

Here I have talked about how to know if you are pregnant without a test. Yes, you can know if you are carrying a baby inside you in some ways.

While some of these ways involve how you feel, others involve observing your body functions.

And I am going to break it all to you – in detail!

So, are you excited? Do you want to know what the signs and symptoms of pregnancy are?

All you need is to read this post till the end!

Scroll down.

Ways to Confirm Pregnancy Without a Test

Before I say anything, please note that no two pregnancies are identical. I repeat. No two pregnancies are the same.

This means if one woman has some symptoms of pregnancy and it turns out that she actually is pregnant, that doesn’t mean that she will have the same symptoms when you get pregnant.

The early signs and symptoms of pregnancy can differ from woman to woman.

I got pregnant one year after my best friend gave birth to her first baby. As we were working in the same office and she took maternity leave after seven months, I saw what it is like to be pregnant – very closely.

I used to ask her many questions about how she felt throughout the day. So, you can say I knew a lot about pregnancy even before getting pregnant myself.

But still, when I got pregnant, my signs were completely different than hers. I never had morning sickness throughout my entire pregnancy.

Of course, I had a very complicated pregnancy. I lost one of my twins after three months of conceiving when all I was doing was resting. And I gave birth to my miracle baby after enduring months of Pain and uncertainty.

But, as I said, no two pregnancies are the same. And I wish you a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Now let’s go back to how you can know you are pregnant without a test.

I have shared some easy ways here. All you need is to look for the following signs.

But remember, these ways of confirming your pregnancy are not always hundred percent correct. For that, you should go for a clinical test.

1. Spotting


Do you know what spotting is?

It is when you bleed between your menstrual cycles. You bleed lightly through your vagina when the fertilized egg implants on the uterus wall.

Do you know when it will happen?

Generally, spotting occurs after a week or two once you have your last period. You can regard this as a strong sign of pregnancy.

Are you seeing blood out of your vagina when you are not menstruating?

Then make sure to consult a doctor.

When the egg implants on the uterus lining, you can feel light cramping sometimes.

As spotting is much similar to having your periods, there are some ways you can differentiate between the two.

The cramps you generally have during spotting can make you feel like pulls and pricks. Sometimes, you may even have a tingling sensation.

These implantation cramps occur six to ten days after your ovulation happens. This may make you misunderstand it as a new period.

This makes it essential for you to assess your cramps carefully. Just know that these are not severe cramps.

Please note that if you feel severe cramping, call the doctor as soon as possible.

2. Missing Periods

Have you missed your period lately?

Well, there can be a lot of reasons behind your missing periods, and being pregnant is one of them.

When fertilization happens in your uterus, it doesn’t release eggs consequently. As a result, you stop having your periods.

But, as I said, there are other reasons for missing your periods. Some of them are sudden changes in your weight, stress, and overeating.

Don’t forget to do a proper pregnancy test if you have been trying to conceive a combination of yourself and your partner.

3. Feeling Full

Feeling Full

Did you know that you can feel full even with an empty stomach?

Yes, that happens when you are pregnant. You can feel like you have eaten a lot even when you have consumed just a small amount of food. And that’s not it. 

You may feel bloated and gassy along with it. And not to mention the periodic intestinal cramps.

You feel bloated because the progesterone levels in your body rise, affecting your digestive tract.

4. Vomiting

This is a very common sign of early pregnancy among most pregnant women.

Do you feel like puking right after you get up in the morning? Or do you feel like vomiting several times during the day?

Then this can be a sign of pregnancy.

Many women experience this morning sickness only during the early days of their pregnancy.

But as you know by now, there is no set rule regarding the signs of being pregnant; my friend vomited all nine months. And in my case, I never experienced this.

You vomit because there is a rise in your levels of hormones almost after three weeks of fertilization. But, of course, the timing can vary.

5. Mood Swings

Mood Swings

This is common in women, especially those expecting a baby.

Do you have sudden changes in your mood? Are you happy in this very moment and then sad the very next?

This can be because of the increased levels of hormones in your bloodstream. If that happens, you may need to stay calm consciously.

When I was pregnant, I used to have a lot of mood swings. I was sad, angry, and depressed most of the time. My husband had to deal with a lot, I must say!

6. Headaches

I’m not talking about a normal headache here.

If you are having frequent headaches or trying to conceive a baby, you feel like you have conceived, and you are experiencing other symptoms mentioned here. The chances are that you are actually pregnant.

Many pregnant women experience headaches when they are in their first trimester. This continues in their second trimester as well.

This is caused because you are stressed. Of course, you can deal with it if you take sufficient rest.

7. Increased Urination

Increased Urination

I experienced this while pregnant with my first and only baby girl! And I still remember how irritating it was!

I needed to run to the washroom every half an hour during the early days of my pregnancy. And when I was in my third trimester, I used to go to the washroom every five to ten minutes.

Yes, it was that often! At times, I used to feel like crying, especially during the night. Those were nights without sleep.

Why does this happen?

This is because of the hormonal changes that your body goes through. You have increased blood circulation along with an increased level of water retention.

8. Sore Breasts

Again, this is another early sign of pregnancy that I experienced too. Your breasts will become swollen and tender.

It will hurt even with the slightest touch. And that can be uncomfortable. Well, at least it was for me.

Your nipples will become tingly. Also, its color may change and turn darker. Looking closely, you can see some small spots in and around that area.

The color of these spots is usually white.

9. Back Pain

Back Pain

Are you experiencing Pain in the small of your back?

Well, this Pain is something that you especially get when you are on your period. Also, you can experience this in the early stages of your pregnancy.

When you get pregnant, you go through a lot of hormonal changes. This is one of the reasons for this kind of back pain. Stress can be another reason.

This is why this Pain won’t go away even if you take massages and rest. Of course, you can reduce this Pain if you do some light exercises and perform some yoga after consulting your instructor.

10. Congestion in Your Nose

Does your nose feel runny or stuffy?

This can be another sign of early pregnancy. How?

When you conceive, you have increased hormones in your bloodstream. This may make your nose membranes go dry. It can also be swollen to some level.

All these lead to congestion in your nose.

11. Redness in Your Palms

Redness in Your Palms

Have you heard of the medical condition named palmar erythema?

If you haven’t, don’t worry, I’ll tell you!

So, when you are expecting a baby in the early days of pregnancy, you might notice a reddish hue on your palms.

Of course, you need to look closely. Your palms become reddish all because of the increased estrogen levels in your body.

Please note that pregnancy is not the only reason for this condition. There can be some other reasons too. This can include infections, autoimmune diseases, liver diseases, genetics, and other changes in your lifestyle.

12. Sensitive Gums

Were your gums all okay until the last month, and now you are suddenly experiencing bleeding gums? Or have they become sensitive lately?

This is a sign of early pregnancy. But this is not very common.

You may have Pain in your gums. And even if you brush slowly, you can see that your gums are bleeding.

Bleeding gums can also be the reason for poor oral hygiene. Make sure to consult a dentist if that happens.

13. Sleeplessness and Fatigue

Sleeplessness and Fatigue

When you become pregnant, your body undergoes many changes. That includes hormonal changes too.

All these lead to fatigue. You may go through sleepless nights.

I experienced this as well. My first trimester was very difficult for me.

I couldn’t sleep at night. My restless leg syndrome became so severe that I used to move my legs the entire night, leading to zero sleep. It was such an irritation.

But I could sleep during the daytime.

You experience fatigue and sleeplessness because of progesterone in your blood. You may feel like you will fall if you stand up suddenly from a sitting position. So, there is constant nausea.

My feeling of fatigue became less when I was in my second trimester. But then it came back again in my third trimester.

14. Food Cravings or Aversions

This is a very common sign of early pregnancy, and almost all pregnant women experience it. Of course, the food item you crave varies from woman to woman.

Some crave spicy food, some like tangy, and some want to eat sweets. The same is the case with food aversions. Some have an aversion to foods that they liked when they were not pregnant.

In my case, there was no specific food item that I craved. I liked to eat all kinds of food. I used to be very hungry throughout my pregnancy.

Also, like I said that I used to remain awake the entire night; I ate all night. I felt hungry every hour. Yes, that was the level of my hunger!

Did I tell you that I gained more than ten kilos during my pregnancy?

And it is only now, after two years of my c-section delivery, that I managed to lose my pregnancy weight!

Do you know what the best part of pregnancy is, apart from carrying a life inside of you?

Well, you can eat whatever you want and get fat. And nobody will tell you anything or stop you from eating!

I was told to eat more so my baby and I get all the required nutrients.

Let me tell you something interesting.

Did you know that some people crave non-food items as well?

It can be things like coil, soil, and toothpaste. If that happens to you, make sure to check with your doctor. It can be a sign of vitamin deficiency.

Bonus Read: 11 Foods You Should Not Eat When You’re Pregnant

15. Itching


Are you feeling itchy in places that you normally won’t?

This can be a sign of pregnancy if you are trying to conceive.

Once you become pregnant, the blood supply in your skin increases. This can lead to different parts of your body itching. It makes your skin more sensitive than ever.

While I didn’t go through this, I know women who went through this. And my friend is one of them.

She scratched herself so hard that sometimes she even made herself bleed. There were marks all over her stomach and hands, which were the areas where she felt itching the most.

Also, during my doctor’s check-ups, I saw many other pregnant women scratching themselves in the waiting room.

So, you can say this is a common sign of early pregnancy.

You can’t completely get rid of itching during pregnancy. Still, you can ask your gynecologist to give you some cream that can make this whole thing bearable for you.

Also, try wearing loose, comfortable clothing.

16. Acne

Did you know that the hormonal changes that you go through during pregnancy are quite similar to what happens during puberty?

This is why you can experience breakouts if you conceive.

The chances are that your skin will become patchy and oily, with pimples all over your face.

I also suffered from acne, not on my face but on my upper arms. I had severe acne that lasted throughout my pregnancy and one year after giving birth to my baby girl.

My daughter turned two years old last week. And now the acne marks have faded. So you can understand how stubborn those marks were.

If you are experiencing something similar, this can be a sign of early pregnancy.

17. Dark Hair-Line

Dark Hair-Line

Pay a close look at your tummy. Do you notice a dark line from your belly button to your pubic area?

This line is known as linea nigra. It develops when you become pregnant and disappears once you give birth to your baby.

I had this line, too, during my pregnancy. The increased hormones in your body cause this line.

18. Discoloration

Have your nipples darkened? Are there dark spots around your forehead? Has the bridge of your nose and upper lips darkened?

Well, discoloration of your skin is an early sign of pregnancy. It is commonly known as melasma. Also, people call it the mask of pregnancy.

I had discoloration around my mouth and my upper lips. Of course, it goes away once you give birth to your baby.

And did I tell you how my nose became large and bulbous during my pregnancy?

19. Low Sex Drive

Low Sex Drive

Many women experience a much lower sex drive than normal during their early days of pregnancy– all thanks to the increased levels of hormones.

Are you feeling the same lately?

Then this might be because you have conceived. This loss of sex drive continues throughout your pregnancy.

This is common for most women.

You may not want sex for other reasons, such as stress, fatigue, or medication.

20. Basal Body Temperature

Did you know that you can use your basal body temperature to see if you are ovulating?

You can chart your body temperature to make sure that you are ovulating. Many women who are trying to have a baby do this.

If you see that the temperature of your body is high for about two weeks once you ovulate, it may mean that you are pregnant.

21. Dry Skin

Dry Skin

Have you noticed that your skin has become dry lately? Do you have to moisturize it several times a day?

If your answer is “yes” and if you have been trying to conceive for quite some time, then this could mean that you are pregnant.

Dry skin is not a very common sign of early pregnancy. But still, you can keep a check on your skin.

This may result from hormonal changes, lack of sleep, fatigue, or other things.

Make sure to drink at least ten glasses of water a day. Eat lots of fruits. This will keep you hydrated throughout the day. And don’t forget to moisturize.

22. Spider Veins

When you get pregnant, your body releases a lot of estrogen.

This may lead you to form spider veins all across your skin.

Don’t worry. This generally goes away once your baby is born.

23. Metallic Taste

Metallic Taste

Have you felt a metallic taste in your mouth lately?

Many women in their early stages of pregnancy have experienced this.

You may have a taste in your mouth as if you have coins in your mouth. This is not something that is common, though.

You may have this taste throughout the day or when you eat some specific foods.


Now that you know how to understand if you are pregnant in your early days of conceiving, do you still have other questions?

Then this section is for you!

In this section, I have tried to answer all the frequently asked questions about the signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

Does your question in mind match any of the following questions I mentioned here?

Come, have a look!

Can I Feel My Pregnancy Even Before I Miss My Periods?

The answer is “yes,” you can feel your pregnancy even before you miss your periods.
Many women have said that they have felt that they are pregnant within a week of conceiving. And I am one of them!
Yes, I felt like being pregnant very early.

When Do I Start Experiencing the Symptoms of Pregnancy?

Well, this can vary from woman to woman. While some women feel like being pregnant within a couple of days after conceiving, others don’t feel pregnant even after weeks of a positive pregnancy test. Also, the symptoms of pregnancy differ.

When Can I Take a Pregnancy Test at the Earliest?

Do you know how a pregnancy test works? Well, it tests your pee and detects a certain amount of hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin. You can take a pregnancy test if you miss your period. But it is always best to wait for at least seven days once you have missed your period. This will give you close to correct results. Of course, some tests say they will provide you with correct results even before you miss your period. But it is always best to wait till you miss your period. Because if you take a test too early, it can give you a false negative result even if you are pregnant.

Can It Happen That I Have Symptoms of Early Pregnancy, but I’m Not Pregnant?

Yes, Many early pregnancy symptoms are similar to that of other medical conditions. Some of these symptoms overlap with your normal menstrual cycle too. There can be a lot of similarities between your premenstrual symptoms and pregnancy symptoms. This can make it difficult for you to differentiate between the two. Sometimes, you can miss your period but are not pregnant. This happens when you shed a lot of weight or gain weight. Also, stress can make you miss your period. If you already have a baby whom you breastfeed, it can stop your period. So, if you want to be completely sure about your pregnancy, it is better to take a test. You can get a pregnancy test kit from your local pharmacy. And no, you don’t need any prescription for it.

When Should I Go to the Doctor and Confirm Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is best when you plan it. However, an unplanned pregnancy can surprise you and make you happier, as you were not expecting it. No matter what kind of pregnancy you have, know that being pregnant, carrying your baby in your womb for nine long months, giving birth, and taking care of them after birth are some of the best feelings in the world. And I can vouch for it. If you have this feeling of being pregnant lately and wondering how to know if you are pregnant without a test, look for the signs and symptoms of early pregnancy mentioned above. I am sending you all the love you need. And yes, congratulations on being pregnant! Don’t forget to share what you experience during your pregnancy in the comments.


Pregnancy is best when you plan it. However, an unplanned pregnancy can surprise you and make you happier, as you were not expecting it.

No matter what kind of pregnancy you have, know that being pregnant, carrying your baby in your womb for nine long months, giving birth, and taking care of them after birth are some of the best feelings in the world.

And I can vouch for it.

If you have this feeling of being pregnant lately and wondering how to know if you are pregnant without a test, look for the signs and symptoms of early pregnancy mentioned above.

I am sending you all the love you need. And yes, congratulations on being pregnant!

Don’t forget to share what you experience during your pregnancy in the comments.

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