35 Musically Inspired Baby Names for Girls and Boys

Do you like playful, musical, or lyrical names? Does music run in your family? Do you think your little one will become a composer, singer, or drummer?

If your answer to all these questions is a big “YES,” and if you are looking for a name inspired by music, this article is for you!

Music is something that soothes our soul. It’s a universal language that can connect us all, regardless of language.

So, if music takes up a large part of your life, going for a musical name for the new member of your family is one of the best things to do.

And that is exactly where I can help!

Here, I have come up with a collection of the best musical names you can use.

So, are you ready to explore?

The Best Musically-Inspired Baby Names

Now, everyone has the same taste when it comes to musical names, right?

Some want names that connect to their favorite artists, some want to go for a name that resonates with a musical instrument, and others want names that are related to their favorite songs.

No matter your category, I have options for you all.

Keep scrolling and see which names catch your fancy!

Girl Names Meaning Music

Girl Names Meaning Music

If you are blessed with a baby girl and looking for a name that can strike a chord in your heart, you are at the right place!

In this section, I have added the most melodious girl names for your little sunshine!


If you like melodious names, the chances are that you will like the name Aliyah. It’s a sweet and feminine name that seems like the name of someone soft-spoken.

Aliyah Haughton was one of the most popular singers in the 1900s. Her first two albums were a huge hit, making her a favorite girl name in the USA. And still today, it is on the chart of the most famous names.

Aliyah stems from the name Aali, which has Arabic roots. It holds the meaning of sublime.


Rihanna has been one of my favorite singers since her “Shine Bright Like a Diamond” days. Her voice has an edge that I like so much. And today, Rihanna has become a household name with her range of beauty products.

This American singing sensation’s name saw peak popularity in 2008. And although it is not very commonly used in the USA, it’s noticeable how it’s climbing up the charts.

Another variation of this name is Rhianna, which translates to a great queen.


It’s such a gorgeous name! It sounds feminine and has a vintage vibe to it.

Have you heard the American folk song “Oh, My Darling Clementine?” That song inspires this name.

If you like charming vintage names, you can choose this beautiful name for your baby girl. Many celebrities have chosen this name for their kids.

You can choose Clem or Clemmy as nicknames with this name.


If you are a Hannah Montana fan, you know this name very well, right? The pop sensation Miley Cyrus played the main character in that movie.

The name Miley saw its peak popularity in the year 2007 – all thanks to that hit movie. It is said that the pop star used to smile a lot, and so her parents gave her the nickname Miley.

Miley stems from its male variation, Miles, and holds the meaning of a soldier.


Beyonce is a smart name that comes with a badass vibe. It shows how pop culture trends influence the use of names.

This name has been made famous by the Queen Bee, and now more parents have chosen the name for their daughters.


Adele is an elegant name which seems like the bearer of this name is soft-spoken and kind-hearted.

The popularity of this name depends a lot on the Grammy award winner British singer Adele. The name has a gentleness to it, which makes it attractive to parents. It was at its peak popularity in the late 1990s.


Who doesn’t know about the very popular American dancer, actor, singer and songwriter? She is a household name today. There is a certain boldness to this name that is liked my modern parents.

Janet entered the list of the top names in the 20th century and is still on the list. Although its use has become less than earlier, the chances are that your baby girl will bump into another Janet in her school if you give her this name.


You can choose Prudence for your little one if you are into less-used names. It sounds like the name of some noblewoman of high class.

It is inspired by the popular Beatles track “Dear Prudence,” where she is asked to leave her room and have a great day.

While some say Prudence means cautious, others believe that it means intelligence.


Madonna is a gorgeous name carried by the talented American songwriter, singer, and actress Madonna Louise Ciccone.

It sounds posh and seems like the name of a girl with attitude or someone who is hard to reach. It is one of the Virgin Mary’s epithets as well. It rose to fame after the release of the singer’s first album.

It has its roots in the Italian language and holds the meaning of “my lady.”


Veronica is a classy name with an old-school vibe. And if you are an Archie fan, you would already know this name.

But today, this name is doing the rounds because of the Indian singer Veronica Mehta, who is based in the UK. She can sing in Punjabi, Urdu, English, and Hindi languages.

Ronnie and Roni would be some cute nicknames with this name.


This name reminds me of Princess Fiona from the movie Shrek. But it has musical connections as well.

It is the name of the American pianist, singer, record producer, and Grammy Award winner Fiona Apple. It is a classy name that seems like its bearer belongs to a royal family.

Fiona has its roots in Ireland and is derived from the Fionn, a Gaelic word and the male version of Fiona.

  • LITA

Do you like old music? If you do, you might have heard about the all-girl band The Runaways. Lita used to be a guitarist in that band.

The name Lita sounds old-school but has a modern flair to it as well. It is short and cute with an edgy vibe.

Go for this name if you want your baby girl to be a rockstar.

  • GWEN

Gwen is a sweet name that has its roots in the Welsh language. There is something pure about this name.

The lead vocalist and the founder of the No Doubt band is Gwen Stefani. It is a variation of the name Gwendolyn and holds the meaning of a white circle.

  • LYRA

Lyra is a pretty name for your pretty girl. It sounds cute and lyrical. If you are into musical instruments, you would know that lyra is a musical instrument that looks much like a harp.

If you like an extraordinary name, you can choose the name Lyra for your baby girl.

Boy Names Meaning Music

Boy Names Meaning Music

Musical names are your best options if you are blessed with a handsome little prince and want him to become a rock star when he grows up.

The following are some of the most lyrical boy names from around the world for your little bundle of joy!


If you are looking for a name that has passed the test of time, look no further than Michael.

It is a classic and masculine name. No matter how old this name is, it still manages to charm people with its classiness.

Michael Jackson was one of the most renowned, if not the most renowned, characters with this name. 

This name has its roots in the Hebrew language and stems from the name Mikhael. It holds the meaning of “who is like good.”

Michael has topped the name chart since 1954 and has ruled since.


This name reminds me of Elvis Presley, who ruled the stage with his songs, iconic jackets, and suede shoes.

This name has a hippie vibe, which makes it attractive to modern parents looking for edgy names. It came to people’s attention in the year 1957 and since then it has managed to remain on the list of top names.

People believe it came from the word Alvis, which translates to old wise.


Do you like opera? Although I’m quite a musical person, I never liked opera that much.

But if you are into opera, you may know how famous of an opera singer Fernando De Lucia was.

This name has a romantic vibe to it. And it sounds like the name of someone who is always seeking adventure.


Yes, the famous singer Michael used Jackson as his surname, but you can also give this name to your son as his first name.

It has a certain sexiness to it that makes it all the more appealing. It rose to fame in the 1980s and has always been on the list of top baby boy names.

Go for this name if you want to give your son a highly popular name.


The name Drake is carried by the famous Canadian rapper Aubrey Graham. He is also a songwriter, actor, and singer.

It’s a badass name with a pinch of boldness. It has its roots in the Anglo-Saxon language and was mostly used as a surname. People used to stay away from this name as it is connected to a dragon or snake.

But all thanks to the rapper Drake, this name is now preferred by parents with modern thinking.

  • BECK

If you are looking for a short and smart name, I suggest Beck. It sounds super stylish and has a certain quirkiness to it. It can be used as a short form of Beckett as well.

A famous personality with this name is Jeff Beck, the guitar legend. The snappy vibe of this name made it a popular name choice for celebrities, too.

Melissa Etheridge and Natalie Maines have given this name to their sons.


Amadeus reminds me of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – one of the greatest musicians of all time, well known for his classical songs.

You can choose this unique and rarely-used name if you are into classical music. It originated in the Latin language and stems from the word Amare. It holds the meaning of love of God.

Did you know that Boris Becker, the popular German tennis player, gave his fourth son the name Amadeus?


No list of the most famous songwriters is complete without John Lennon. He rose to fame after joining the Beatles band.

The name Lennon has an old-school vibe, making it a timeless choice for your son. It was rarely used as a first name in the old days, but things changed in the late 20th century.

That was when this name became highly popular as people chose it for their kids to pay homage to John Lennon.

  • BOB

If you are a fan of Bob Marley, consider this name for your baby boy. He was a famous musician, songwriter, and reggae singer from Jamaica who achieved international fame and recognition.

His songwriting style and voice had a distinct appeal that made him popular worldwide.

This name saw its peak popularity in the 1970s. It came from the name Robert, which is of German origin and holds the meaning of fame and bright.


Keith is a super cool name, perfect for modern boys. It has a sexy appeal to it, which makes it stand out. It sounds like the name of a rich and well-mannered guy.

Now, do you want to give your son the name inspired by the founding member of the famous band Rolling Stones? Did you know that Keith Richards is considered one of the top guitarists in the entire world?

Go for this uber-cool name if you are a fan.


The name Alejandro is old-school but still has its charm intact. You might have come across this name in several movies and books.

Alejandro Fernandez was the name of a famous singer from Mexico. Media used to call him El Portillo. Mariachi and ranchera are some forms of traditional Mexican music, and Alejandra was a specialist in them.

This vintage name is a variation of the name Alexander and is commonly used in California, Texas, and Mexico.

Gender-Neutral Names Meaning Music

Gender-Neutral Names Meaning Music

If musical names are all that you are looking for and you don’t care about the gender of the names, then this section is for you.

The following are some of the trendiest and quirkiest names for your little one!


Does this name need any introduction?

Taylor Swift is one of my favorite singers. I started liking her songs when I heard Love Story, which is still very close to my heart.

She has some of the most melodic and hit songs in her bag and is the proud winner of the Grammy.

Taylor was mostly used as a boy’s name until the 1980s, but then people started using it for girls. And today, there are many girls with this name.


Calypso is a unique name for your baby boy or girl. It is a West Indian music sung by the Africans. It incorporates Spanish, French, and Italian musical styles.

Did you know that this name has a mythological connection as well?

Calypso was the sea goddess who trapped Odysseus on her island for several years after she fell in love with him.

Some other variations of this name are Kalypso, Callypso, and Calipso.


Piper is a name of English origin that stands for someone who plays bagpipes, flute, or musical pipe. It sounds super trendy and has a modern edge to it.

It was used as a surname earlier, but today, people are using it as a first name, too – thanks to its cool vibe. It came to people’s notice in the Middle Ages and is still being used.


We all know that no song is complete without lyrics. But did you know that Lyric can also be used as a name?

Well, yes. Lyre is a Latin word from which the name Lyric is taken. Some other versions of this name are Lyrica and Lyrik.

This sweet and short name is unisex, which means you can give it to your baby boy or girl.

  • RAGA

Raga is a beautiful name that has a traditional undertone. It is an uncommon name in the USA but is commonly used in Sanskrit-speaking countries.

The name Raga has its roots in the Sanskrit language and is used as a Sanskrit musical term that translates to melody.

You can go with the spelling Raaga as well.

  • BELL

Yes, Bell can be used as a name, too. It is short, easy to remember, and comes with a sweet tone that is pleasant to the ears.

Earlier, Bell was used as an English and Scottish occupational name for people who used to ring bells. But today, this has become a unique and catchy name for boys and girls.

  • BRIO

Brio is a musically-inspired, unique name for your little one. This musical term is associated with a lot of energy and stamina.

It sounds like the name of an energetic young man or woman. If you want your baby boy or girl to carry a name that no other student in her class has, you can give them the name Brio.

  • FIFE

Do you have Scottish roots? Then the name Fife would be a good option for your little bundle of joy.

Fife used to be a surname of the Scottish people back in the day, but today, it has evolved to become a first name.


If you love music, you will love the name Melody too – so appealing this name is! This old-school name was at its peak popularity in the 1940s and 1960s, after which its use decreased.

But now, this name is back with a bang and has made its place on the list of the most popular names.

Melody holds the meaning of a song or “a sequence of musical notes.” You can choose any one between Melodi, Melodey, and Melodie.


Cello is a cute name that sounds perfect for your music-loving little one. The best thing about this name is that it is gender-neutral.

The name Cello stems from the Italian word violoncello, meaning a little violone.

If you have twins, you can choose Cello for one and Viola for your other kid.


I hope you liked my list of names meaning music. All these names can fit your baby boy and girl well, especially if you seek musically inspired names.

How many names did you shortlist? Which of them did you like the most?

Let me know in the comments!

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