UnderJams VS Goodnites: Which One Do I Prefer?

Who wants to wake up during the night, or sleep through it, with a bedwetting accident?

Grownups will definitely feel super irritable and uncomfortable if and when something like that happens — much more so our children!

And we certainly don’t want our kids to feel cranky or be in an unfavorable situation, especially during the night when we want them to sleep well.

The reality though is that bedwetting is something that will occur in kids as they grow.

underjams vs goodnites

From younger tots who are still potty training to the older kids who are potty trained but may still unintentionally wet the bed while sleeping, wetting the bed will happen in the course of their childhood. And as parents, you want to do what you can to help them.

Nighttime diapers were explicitly created to help moms and dads find a solution to keep your children dry and clean and snugly asleep during these times.

UnderJams vs Goodnites is a debate that goes through parents’ minds as you try to pick the best nighttime companion for your little ones.

These are both carefully created to assist you and your tot during these situations.

Choose the best one for your child and avoid uncomfortable occurrences at night!

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Why Are Daytime Diapers Not For Nighttime?

If there’s one thing we all are familiar with, it’s this: Babies love to eat. They’re growing every day, and so their little bodies need nourishment.

Plus, they’re curious about new tastes, new food, and will always try something new – and gobble up the yummy treats.

Now, because they love to eat, they will also constantly have to pee and poop. And during the daytime, changing diapers are not a problem.

But we all know one other thing, too: Babies love to sleep. They need sleep.

They need to be able to sleep well throughout the night because it’s important to their development, health, and well-being.

So naturally, we want to be able to let them make the most out of sleep time at night.

Regular diapers, or daytime diapers, are basically made to hold leaks only for a short time.

Nighttime diapers, on the other hand, are designed to hold and absorb for a longer period. 

Putting on nighttime diapers for your little one come bedtime ensures that they’ll be able to sleep soundly and comfortably. And that’s what every parent wants for their child!

But What Exactly Sets Daytime and Nighttime Diapers Apart?

Diapers are diapers, right? Well, no. Daytime diapers and nighttime diapers were both created to serve important purposes for your baby.

Daytime Diapers

Regular diapers, the ones most are familiar with, are what we call daytime diapers. They are called that way because they are optimal to be used during the day.

They’re designed to be thin, comfy to move around in, and easy to wear until clothes.

Because they are designed as such, they aren’t able to hold leaks for more than a few hours and should be changed every so often.

Nighttime Diapers

Nighttime diapers are, as the name implies, specifically created to be used at night, during bedtime.

These are more thickly padded than their daytime counterparts and are designed to be more absorbent and can be worn throughout the night.

They are also made with a ring around the thigh area. This ring is the main reason they are relatively leak-proof for a longer time.

UnderJams VS Goodnites: The Details

Now that we’ve established why nighttime diapers are very helpful, it’s time to check out the top choices in the market.

Pampers UnderJams Disposable Bedtime Underwear

  • Absorb 20% more wetness
  • Sizes: From S to XL
  • Night lock Technology
  • Brathable
Pampers UnderJams Disposable Bedtime Underwear
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If you’re looking for an easy solution for inevitable accidental bedwetting, Pampers UnderJams Disposable Bedtime Underwear is a great pick.

Parents who want their little ones to sleep soundly throughout the night, and likewise be able to do the same, will love the ultra-absorbency core that UnderJams comes with.

It keeps leaks in all through the night, capturing the wetness and keeping your baby dry – as well as their clothing and beddings!

Underjams also come in designs for girls and for boys.

Absorption Rate

UnderJams are said to absorb 20% more wetness. This is due to their exceptional NightLock Core, which is a huge factor in why UnderJams are a very popular choice for nighttime diapers.

The NightLock Core can hold in more than almost all other choices in the market (except for one – we’ll get to that in a bit!).

So you can rest well, knowing that your little one will also be able to rest well during the night.

The Fit Factor

UnderJams are created with their unique ComfortWear material. This material is cloth-like and very breathable.

These nighttime diapers are also designed with a low waistband for a better fit under clothes. UnderJams feel and fit like undies on your little one – discreet and comfortable. 


UnderJams come in S/M for kids weighing from 38 to 65 pounds, and L/XL for kids weighing from 58 to 85 pounds. 

The Pros
  • UnderJams are 20% more absorbent than most
  • They are able to be worn high enough to more effectively hold in and control leaks
  • They are comfy and can be worn discreetly
The Cons
  • The front and back look similar and there have been some difficulty in identifying which is which
  • They’ve been said to tear quite a bit during diaper changes

Goodnites Bedtime Bedwetting Diaper

  • Soft, underwear-like fit
  • 40% more protection
  • 5 Layer Protection
  • Sizes: From S to XL
Goodnites Bedtime Bedwetting Diaper
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As little ones are growing and still learning about what their bodies can do, bedwetting is a natural occurrence.

As parents, you want your babies to stay as comfy as possible during this time.

The Goodnites Bedtime Bedwetting Diaper is an excellent companion for parents and their tots when it comes to nighttime protection!

Goodnites has 40 percent leak coverage compared to other choices in the market, which makes it a standout option when considering absorbency.

Plus, these nighttime diapers also have odor absorbing properties! Your baby stays dry AND odor-free throughout the night.

Absorption Rate

Goodnites offers excellent protection because it is 40 percent more absorbent than the rest, so you’ll hardly have to worry about leaks or uncomfortable bedtimes (Underjams, on the other hand, absorb 20 percent more than others, making it a solid second in terms of protection).

Goodnites has five layers of absorption, making it the ultimate choice in locking away wetness. And not only does it absorb very well, it can also prevent odor from seeping out. That is a definite win-win. 

Fit Factor

Goodnites are designed with leg barriers, and their sides are very stretchy — great for preventing those unwanted leaks from happening! The added stretch also allows for more flexibility when being worn.


Goodnites come in XS for kids weighing from 28 to 45 pounds, M for kid weighing from 38 to 65 pounds, and L/XL for kids weighing from 60 to 125 pounds. 

The Pros
  • Goodnites absorb not just wetness, but also odor
  • They can absorb up to 40 percent more than others in the market
  • A wider range of size options are available
The Cons
  • The material used for these nighttime diapers are not very comfortable to wear for hours
  • While there is a wide range of sizes, they have a short rise, which may affect how they fit

UnderJams VS Goodnites: Some Things To Consider

underjams vs goodnites

Here are a few key points on the whole UnderJams VS Goodnites discussion. Keep these in mind as you make your choice!

1. Absorbency

UnderJams and Goodnites are both excellent picks because they both have the capacity to absorb more wetness than other choices.

UnderJams are thick, and have a NightLock core, which lets them absorb 20 percent more than the rest.

Goodnites, while thinner, have five layers of absorption and can absorb 40 percent more than the rest – but their thinner material means that little ones are sometimes left feeling wet at nighttime.

2. Protection Against Leaks

A main draw for both UnderJams and Goodnites is maximum leak protection — they are more absorbent and are optimally designed to prevent leaks. But they are not designed the same way.

And as no two children are exactly the same, being familiar with these two brands’ individual design for protection against leaks will help you find out which one is best for your baby.

3. Fit/Comfort

Their design, cut, and material are all big factors in how good they will fit and how comfortable your kids will feel when wearing them.

When it comes to movement, Goodnites are a little more flexible and sit lower so little ones can be comfortable moving around more as they sleep.

UnderJams sit higher and are not as flexible, so this can make for more constricted sleep movement.

Goodnites are a bit thinner and more discreet under clothes, while UnderJams are thicker and may bulk under them.

When it comes to material, UnderJams are definitely more comfortable because they are made out of cloth-like, breathable material.

But this also makes them more prone to tears and breaking compared to Goodnites’ more durable material.

4. Size Range

Accidental bedwetting can happen not just to tiny tots who are not yet potty trained, but also to children who may not need to wear diapers during daytime still sometimes wet the bed unintentionally as they sleep.

This is why nighttime diapers ideally should have a wide range of sizes and why we compared them in our Underjams vs Goodnites comparison.

UnderJams have the following sizes: S/M (38 to 65 pounds), and L/XL (58 to 85 pounds).

Goodnites have the following sizes: XS (28 to 45 pounds), S/M (38 to 65 pounds), and L/XL (60 to 125 pounds).

Goodnites have more size options to choose from, but UnderJams have a higher cut.

Now that you know the importance of nighttime diapers, you also understand how important it is to make the right choice of which one to buy.


The two top choices available, UnderJams vs Goodnites, have different things to offer as they both serve the purpose of keeping your little one leak-free and comfy while sleeping through the night.

Once you decide what factors matter the most for you and your baby (absorption rate, fit, size, leak-proof capabilities), you’ll be able to pick the best nighttime diapers for your children!

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