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Halloween Trivia Team Names (Read Now!)

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As there is not much time left for Halloween, have you started making plans and preparations? Have you added fun games and activities to the planning for all your near and dear ones? Are Halloween trivia games on your list?

If your answer to all these questions is a big “YES,” then tell me, have you decided on any names for your trivia teams?

If not, don’t worry; I’m here to help. And by the time you finish reading the end of this article, you will have your hands on the best Halloween trivia names. I promise.

Now, Halloween is one occasion we all love – no matter our age.

While kids love eating limitless candies, wearing their favorite trick-or-treating costumes, and getting free stuff, we adults like choosing Halloween pumpkins, carving Jack-O-lanterns, baking yummiest treats, and dining with our closest people.

And did I mention how exciting it is for us to make or buy the spookiest costumes for our kids?

Also, we love it when we can manage some time to sit together with our family and close ones and have some fun activities and games together.

Halloween trivia is one such game that promises a night full of laughter, knowledge, unlimited fun, and thousands of happy memories.

If you want to make this game a bit more competitive and enjoyable, make sure to choose a good name for your team. And that is exactly why we are here!

The Best Halloween Trivia Team Names of All Time

Halloween is the spookiest time of the year, and we all love it. And as we are already halfway into the month of October, I can say that your Halloween plans are in full swing, isn’t it?

Now, the game of trivia is already very popular. And when you have a theme at hand, like Halloween, things become all the more exciting.

To make things all the more enjoyable, choosing a great name for your team is important. And so, I have made a collection of the best Halloween trivia team names here. All you need is to scroll through the list and choose one or more that you like the most.

Read on.

Halloween Trivia Team Names for Work

Halloween Trivia Team Names for Work

Your workplace is where you spend the most time of the day, right? You start having great bonds with your colleagues after a certain period of time. They become your work buddies who are no less than friends. And with some of them, you even develop a lifelong friendship.

So, planning a game of trivia with them before or after the Halloween holiday is over is always fun.

Now, workplaces are mostly competitive, as you may be in the run for the best employee of the year, leaving all your colleagues behind. And that is quite competitive.

The same thing can be seen while playing a game of Halloween trivia, as you all want to showcase your knowledge about Halloween or be the best in the game.

And as a good game starts with a good team, a good team deserves a great name!

Read on to get your hands on the most exciting Halloween trivia team names for work.

  • The running dead
  • Zombies N Hobbits
  • The pumpkin goblin
  • Ogres in disguise 
  • Cabin of Horror Pumpkin devils
  • Witches of Wall Street
  • Sabrina and the undead
  • Grim the reaper
  • Midnight howlers
  • Casper the spooky ghost
  • The Ghouls Are Free
  • Ghost parade
  • It’s terror time!
  • Soul’s of halloween
  • Don’t scream
  • Cats with hats 
  • Frankie the Halloween Freak
  • Ghost day out
  • Charm casters
  • Hell’s kitchen
  • Vamps tavern
  • A taste of horror
  • Candy monsters
  • Don’t run, uncle jack is comin’
  • Fresh out the coffin

Halloween Trivia Team Names for Friends

Halloween Trivia Team Names for Friends

Can you imagine a Halloween without your friends? No, right?

Friends are what keeps us happy. They are the shoulders we lean onto when we have a hard time. They are the ones with whom we can become our silliest without the fear of getting judged. And they make our Halloween celebrations brighter with their punny lines.

If you plan to have a game of trivia with them this Halloween, you ought to choose a great name for your team, honey!

The name should represent your vibes. As it’s your friends you are playing this game with, you can go all crazy and funny with the names. And that is exactly what this section is for!

Keep scrolling and choose the best name.

  • Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun
  • Pumpkin Up the Volume
  • Scaredy Cat Stevens
  • Brooms Not Shrooms
  • Cookies n’ Scream
  • Witch Don’t Kill My Vibe
  • Paranormal Inactivity
  • Children of the Candy Corn
  • It’s The Great Pumpkin Spice Latte, Charlie Brown
  • The Brew House on Haunted Hill
  • Trivial Chainsaw Massacre
  • Halloweiner Dogs
  • Ghouls Night Out
  • Yes We CANdy
  • Basic Witches
  • Real Housewives of Transylvania
  • I Want My Mummy
  • Trick-or-Teet
  • Camp Quiztal Lake
  • FrankEinsteins
  • Boo-ty and the Beast
  • What Not To Werewolfs
  • What We Booze in the Shadows
  • Happy Fangsgiving
  • You Don’t Know Jack Skellington

Halloween Trivia Team Names for Kids

Halloween Trivia Team Names for Kids

Did I mention what kids enjoy the most during their Halloween holidays?

They eagerly wait for this time of the year so that they can get their scariest costume out, go trick-or-treating, and enjoy unlimited candies without getting scolded by their parents.

There are many activities that kids do during this time, and a game of Halloween trivia can only add to the level of their excitement, nothing less. Also, they would love to have an amazing name for their trivia team.

The following are some names to choose from!

  • The Ghost Gang
  • If You’ve Got It, Haunt It
  • Son of Witch
  • Freddy’s Friends
  • Donald Trumpkin
  • The Ghouligans
  • The Boo Crew
  • Purple People Eater
  • No Body Does It Better
  • The Cereal Killers
  • The Hallo-Weenies
  • Trick or Trivia
  • Trick or Treat Yo’ Self
  • Knights of the Living Dead
  • Mystery Incorporated
  • We’re Just Here for the Boos
  • Boo-tiful Minds
  • Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun
  • Give ’em Pumpkin to Talk About
  • Fangs for the Memories

Halloween Trivia Team Names for Adults

Halloween Trivia Team Names for Adults

There is a difference between the team names for kids and the team names for adults, as you can’t give them the same list of names, right?

Adult team names mostly have a strong vibe to them. And they might not have kid-friendly words as well. And that is what makes them different.

If you can’t come up with a name of your own and want some inspiration, fret not. In this section, you will find a collection of the most spectacular team names for your Halloween trivia team.

Choose a name that can scare your opponents!

  • In Disguise
  • The Graveyard Shift
  • The Undertakers
  • Franken-Tastic
  • Out For The Count
  • Scare Central
  • Spirit League
  • Pumpkin Faces And You
  • Destructive Powers
  • Even Dogs Like Halloween
  • The Supernatural
  • Caught In The “Web” Of Friends
  • Monsters For Sale
  • Happy Halloween
  • Witchful Thinking
  • Black Skeletons
  • Costumes On Parade
  • Beast Battalion
  • Bats All Folks
  • Even Dogs Like Halloween
  • Wild Werewolves
  • You Look So Boo-tiful
  • A Real Cut Up (Pumpkin)
  • Frightfully Delightful
  • Monsters For Sale
  • Creeping It Real
  • It’s Candy Day
  • Terror And Treats!
  • Shivers Down Your Spine

Funny Halloween Trivia Team Names

Funny Halloween Trivia Team Names

No matter how competitive a game of trivia can be, it is always entertaining and crowd-pulling. And you definitely need that fun element when you are planning trivia on Halloween and with your favorite people.

And that starts with a funny name for your trivia team.

In this section, I have come up with some of the funniest team names that you can use while playing a game of trivia with your family or buddies.

Keep scrolling!

  • Chamber Of Horrors
  • Off We Go A-Haunting
  • Spooktacular Halloween
  • The Old Ball And Chain
  • Mummy’s Little Monster
  • Damian
  • Will Spook For Treats
  • It’s Pumpkin Time
  • Night Crawlers
  • Crazy Creatures
  • Phantoms United
  • Candy Corny Club
  • The Frank-Einsteins
  • It’s Witchcraft
  • Gourd-Geous
  • Happy Trick Or Treating
  • Me And My Goul-Friends
  • Beary Scary
  • Yum, Yum Give Me Some
  • Only Mostly Dead
  • Witches Brew
  • Making “Spirits” Bright
  • Sewspooky
  • Ghostbusters, Inc.
  • That’s Witchful Thinking
  • Cuttin’ Up
  • Gloomy Ghosts
  • Casper
  • Wicked Witches
  • Fester N. Rot

Dirty Halloween Trivia Team Names

Dirty Halloween Trivia Team Names

After a certain age, we all become a little dirty, isn’t it? We begin to develop a dirty sense of humor, enjoy dirty jokes, and of course, we like to add dirty puns in our lines, especially when we are with our friends!

Now, a little dirtiness doesn’t do any harm, especially if it’s Halloween and the dirtiness is in the name of your trivia team!

The following trivia team names have a dirty theme. Choose the one that tickles your funny or rather dirty bones!

  • Drunken Minds
  • Witchcraft Homies
  • Forrest Trump
  • Beyonce Know-Less
  • Brake New Grounds
  • Pig In A Coke
  • Fold Your Horses
  • Creepy Killed The Cat
  • Black Poo Square One
  • Fetch My Buttons
  • Milk My Words
  • Co*k And Book Story
  • Icing On The Co*k
  • Rain Cats And Eggs
  • Make A Clean Nest
  • Shake A Fast Buck
  • Flesh and Bloody
  • A Hell New Game
  • Fake A Fast Buck
  • Need Jerk Reaction

Cool Halloween Trivia Team Names

Cool Halloween Trivia Team Names

Are you a cool person who likes everything funky and quirky? Then this section is for you!

In this section, I have come up with the coolest Halloween names for your trivia team. Choose one that resonates with your vibe and make your opponents lose with your cool answers!

  • Jinxed
  • Squad Ghouls
  • Crypt Keepers
  • Haunted Souls
  • House of Oracles
  • Pumpkin Posse
  • The Lost Souls
  • We’re Horror-ble
  • The Creepy Crew
  • Tormented
  • Wild Werewolves
  • Mummy Mafia
  • The Hoblin’ Goblins
  • Wild Things
  • Dances With Werewolves
  • Wandering Souls
  • Voodoo Vampires
  • Here for the Boos
  • Funny Bones
  • Jeepers Creepers

Creative Halloween Trivia Team Names

Creative Halloween Trivia Team Names

Halloween is so much about creativity. You can flaunt your creative mind while giving your home a Halloween-themed makeover, making unique costumes for your little ones, or whipping up some yummiest treats.

Also, you can show your creative side while choosing a name for your Halloween trivia team.

If you need some inspiration, check out the following names!

  • The Haunted House Hints
  • The Wicked Wavelengths
  • The Cauldron of Knowledge
  • The Jack-o’-Lantern Jedis
  • The Bewitching Brainpower
  • The Eerie Experts
  • The Nightshade Navigators
  • The Cursed Quizmasters
  • The Trickster Trivia Team
  • The Spiderweb Scholars
  • The Phantom Phenoms
  • The Hallow-Whizzes
  • The Bone-Chilling Brains
  • The Mysterious Mavens
  • The Hocus Pocus Heroes
  • The Black Cat Brainiacs
  • The Full Moon Fanatics
  • The Gory Gurus
  • The Wickedly Wise Ones
  • The Hallow-Geniuses

Spooky Halloween Trivia Team Names

Spooky Halloween Trivia Team Names

Halloween is the spookiest time of the year. No matter what you choose to do during this time, all of them come with a spooky theme. This includes the costumes, decorations, treats, traditions, activities, and games.

So, how about you go for a spooky team name for your trivia game this Halloween?

The following are some ghostly names that you can choose for your game team and scare your opponents!

  • The Halloweeners
  • Jack O’ MG!
  • We’re Horror-ble
  • Cemetary-fied!
  • Haunted Housemates
  • Candy Crew
  • Skeleton Sidekicks
  • I’ll Be Right Back
  • Boo Buddies
  • Goblin Gang
  • Mummy’s Mischief Makers
  • The Hoblin’ Goblins
  • Boo Crew
  • Hocus Pocus Posse
  • Phantom Phriends
  • Spirited Bunch
  • Shadows of Dread
  • Night Shifters
  • Bone Chillers
  • Boogeyman Brothers

Witchy Halloween Trivia Team Names

Witchy Halloween Trivia Team Names

There is something about witches that never fails to pique my interest. Their magics, their potions, their spells, and, of course, the magical brooms they use for flying – everything is so enchanting.

If you feel drawn toward witchy things, too, how about you choose a witchy name for your Halloween trivia game this year?

And to help you with that, I have made a collection of the best witch-theme names!

Read on.

  • SewSpooky
  • Silence of the Clams
  • Skeleton Crew
  • The Slimy Six
  • Sons of Witches
  • The Spookettes
  • Spooktacular Six
  • Spooky Squad
  • The State Puff Orange Man
  • Sugar High Toddlers
  • Team Candy Corn
  • Temple of Zoom
  • Traveling Whiskey Raptors
  • Uncaffeinated Zombies
  • Voluptuous, Vivacious Village Vagabonds
  • Which Witch is Which?
  • Witch, Don’t Kill My Vibe!
  • Witches of Oz
  • Witchful Thinking
  • Zoom Zombies


The occasion of Halloween is loved by everyone, and a game of trivia is enjoyed by everyone, too. And when these two are combined, you can imagine how great fun it will be!

Many facts, history, and traditions revolve around Halloween. Playing a game of Halloween trivia can let you know about them while testing your existing knowledge about this day.

And as all great game starts with a great name, I hope you liked my list of Halloween trivia team names.

How many of them have you shortlisted?

Tell me in the comments!

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