God Knew I Needed You: A Letter to My Firstborn on Her 10th Birthday

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10 years ago today, at exactly 2:54 in the afternoon, I officially became a Momma. And since that day, life has never been the same…

You came into my world, and it’s been sunshine and rainbows ever since.

From my innocent teenybopper days, I flourished into the woman I am today with your huge positive contribution in my life.

Wasn’t it just yesterday when I welcomed you into this world, counting your breaths as you laid down like a snuggly little furball, full of charm and sweetness?

But days melted into nights, nights into months, and months into years.

10 years may have passed by so swiftly but my precious memories with you since the very beginning I felt life inside of me, were carefully treasured into the deepest vault inside my heart.

Being a good mother is a choice I make every day, and that all started with you. To put your siblings and your happiness ahead of my own, to both teach and learn the hard lessons, to do the right thing even when I’m not sure what the right thing is — and to forgive myself over and over again for being wrong sometimes.

10 years — what an overwhelming DECADE it has been!

Hearing your heartbeat for the first time and feeling that first fluttering in my belly was absolutely priceless. Whenever I think about those moments we had, my heart literally warms even if the sun isn’t shining.

You paved the way for the strength I never knew I had. The simple, pure expressions that you show me always remind me of my strength and valor. You love me so much and I love you even more than you could ever imagine… Even in times when I don’t say it, know that I love you and that I won’t get tired of loving you.

God knew I needed you.

You changed our lives. You changed my heart completely. You have been such an immense joy to me that although I sometimes was fear-stricken, it has undeniably been so exciting experiencing all of your firsts and my firsts together.

Now that you’re 10, Momma knows the “lady life” excites you, but believe me, it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

So slow down…

Because my firstborn sweetheart, the world can wait.

Forever I’ll be your greatest fan, and forever I will encourage you to do great things.

And no matter how old you get, my heart will always be silently begging you to hurry home… in my arms… like how it used to be.

Happy 10th birthday, my firstborn! Not only do I love you dearly, but I also love the beautiful woman you are growing up to be. And most of all, thank You Good God for this milestone.

It has been a crazy, uplifting, totally transitioning TEN years! I am eternally GRATEFUL.

Cheers to 10 years of Motherhood!

Blessed. Thankful. Grateful.

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