Hugging Can Make Your Kids Smarter – Study Explains These 6 Exact Reasons!

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Hugging is an expression of comfort, happiness, warmth, and affection. No matter how tough life is, hugging always saves the day. In an article published by Healthline, study shows that hugging has a lot of benefits in our body including: boosting your heart health, reducing fears, stress and pain, can help you communicate with others and even protect you from illness.

But, this happy gesture has more to that! If you are the kind of parent who loves to hug your kids to cherish every moment as much as possible… never stop doing it! And here are the golden reasons why: 

A research claims that during the developmental stage of the baby, physical touch is more important than you could think. The affection in the form of touch can trigger their brains to grow, thus making them smarter. Always remember that children 0 to 1-year-old should get the healthiest environment and care; as this stage as invulnerable as it may seem, have the biggest effect in their life as an adult. 

2. Physical touch can affect your kids positively and negatively. 

Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio conducted a research and looked at 125 babies, both born preterm and full-term. The researchers analyzed how light physical touch affects their brain development, perception, cognition and social development. It was discovered that supportive experiences such as: breastfeeding, affectionate hugs, and skin-to-skin care can trigger strong brain responses that allows the brain to be healthy and develop faster. However, painful experiences such as: tube insertions, skin punctures, and cuts may have an opposite effect. 

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3. Being gentle is the key! 

Dr. Nathalie Maitre, lead researcher of the study explains that through simple gestures such as providing body contact to your child have a significant difference in their brain development. She explains to Science Daily: 

 “Making sure that preterm babies receive positive, supportive touch such as skin-to-skin care by parents is essential to help their brains respond to gentle touch in ways similar to those of babies who experienced an entire pregnancy inside their mother’s womb.” 

Basically, love and affection are vital to an individual’s development in every aspect and in every stage of life. 

4. Never underestimate the power of hugs — a gesture of love. 

Research already proved that affection contributes to a child’s development. And if you still think that it is okay to bypass hugs and positive body contact, think again. Dr. John Medina, Professor in Bioengineering at Washington University, found that children who are caught up in a ‘rat race’ of life will be negatively affected as their brains aren’t fully developed yet. He affirms that stress can damage every kind of cognition that exists. It damages the memory and executive function and hurt motor skills. It also disrupts the immune system and ability to sleep soundly and it could shrink the brain. You see, hugs release oxytocin or also known as the “hug hormone”, nature’s very own anti-depressant and is responsible for making a person more trusting, empathetic, happy and well— reduced stress!

Be sure to always hug you kids, folks! 

5. It allows them to be resilient. 

Sticks and stones will never break a child who grew up in their parent’s warm hugs. Hugging your child can allow them to be emotionally and physically healthy and they will be the best at handling life’s challenges waiting ahead of them. It can make them stronger, wiser, and more passionate! 

6. It promotes a strong bond. 

If it makes your child smarter, it makes you happier! Hugs can help parents and children to have a stronger bond, a bond that will keep you together, no matter, whatever. Hugging your little one builds their trust, and it keeps them calm. In social beings such as humans, physical contact must be given importance to cultivate a healthy relationship. 

Start early but never stop! Everybody deserves a cuddle in whatever situation you are in. Your child isn’t an exception. Hug your kid as much as you can. Keep hugging them and make them feel the love, affection, and positivity that the world has to offer. And believe it, your child will be an amazing person one day. 

Embrace the gesture, spread the love! 


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