How to Get Your Children to Care About Others Who Have Less

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“Children are the hope of the future.”

As parents, we want to give the best to our children. We want them to have good clothes, a safe home, delicious food, and a healthy lifestyle. We work hard to make sure that they are well-provided for. Children easily absorb how “easy” it is to buy food, get new clothes or shoes, and purchase more things they need and want. But how do we draw the line in making sure they are not spoiled? How do we let our children know that not everyone is as blessed as they are? How do we teach them to care for the less fortunate?

5 thoughts on “How to Get Your Children to Care About Others Who Have Less”

  1. I love the sentiments of this post! It’s so important for all of us to appreciate what we have, and understand that not everyone is as lucky. It definitely should start when we’re young. A lovely read. Thanks for sharing, x

  2. Teaching kids to be caring at a young age is very important. I thank my child when she behaves well. 😃 Thank you for sharing. These ideas are helpful. I’ll tell my little one more stories about empathy,helping others and caring.


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