8 Easy Ways to Boost Your Child’s Confidence

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Your kids won’t do everything he/she wishes for, but you have the power to teach not to give up easily. Let them learn to try first anything. Get these smart and effective techniques  to boost your child’s confidence:

Appreciate their effort.

Keep your kids motivated and let them know about their achievement through verbal encouragement, However, when praising them, always focus on what they have done rather than the outcome of their actions.

According to Debra Kissen PhD, MHSA, the clinical director of the Light On Anxiety Treatment Center, this trick will let your children keep their confidence strong even though they didn’t reach certain milestones.

Be patient with them.

Don’t forget that they are still learning the simple safety rules and tasks. So, better remind them how you love to maintain their self-esteem as you gently explain to them why they are doing things unsafely or wrongly.

Help them accept their failure.

Let them understand that they won’t succeed without failure. This shouldn’t hold them back from trying once again. Don’t yell at them when they did something wrong. Instead, open a conversation on how they can avoid and improve their ability next time.  

Expose them to problem-solving situations.

You need to encourage your kids to take risks at times and be able to learn from these circumstances. As per Myrna Shure, PhD,  an author, children are confident once they can negotiate to obtain what they want. Her study shows that problem-solving teaches kids how to be more confident.

Let them understand that nobody’s perfect.

Don’t be a perfectionist type of parent. Don’t show them that you’re disappointed because they didn’t get straight A’s. Instead, help them realize their mistakes and enhance their grades. Oftentimes, too much pressure from parents overwhelms kids. This can be too difficult for children who are already hard on themselves.

Be a model of positive self-talk and self-love.

Before you can teach your kids herself/himself, you should love yourself first. Show this behavior by means of praising and rewarding yourself every time you perform well. Be it a promotion at your workplace, a successful BBQ party with the family or simply an achievement in your favorite mobile game, it really pays to celebrate it with your kids. That way, you are showing the child a sense of confidence that he would lovingly want to acquire.

Genuine compliments mean a lot.

Now is the best time to drop insincere flattery. Children won’t believe it. Based on an expert’s advice, once parents drop praise which is not accurate on the child’s personality, these words will appear as fake. Be more specific with your compliments.

Allow them to trust themselves.

As parents, we all want to make things much easier for our children. While it’s okay to be protective, you shouldn’t manipulate their path all the time. As a matter of fact, saving them constantly will let them think that he/she can’t do anything.

So, to build self-esteem, teach them how to cope no matter what the situation is. When they opt awry options, that’s the time that you need to assist them in reviewing the result and inform them why it was wrong.

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