46 Words That Start With Letter ‘X’ For Kids to Learn

How old is your kid? Have you started teaching them new words?

Well, kids grow up so fast

My little one will be two years old during Christmas this year Sometimes, when I look at her sleeping face, I feel like she was born yesterday Time flies, you know.

She was this baby when I first held her in my arms, and then she learned how to roll, sit, stand, walk, speak, and whatnot These days, I sometimes find her telling herself what happened that day.

And the more I see her, the more I wonder – such a beautiful creation of God she is!

When your kid grows, you need to teach them things so that they can expand their knowledge about this world And that is when you need to make them learn new letters and words.

There are twenty-six letters in the English alphabet But not all letters are the same By that, I mean not all letters are equally popular or used.

The letter x looks cool, but when you have to look for x words for kids, it becomes equally frustrating There are not many words than have this letter And so, when you look for it, your search can leave you tired.

That is where I can help you!

Here I have come up with words that start with the letter X Also, I have included the words that have the letter X in them.

Excellent X Words for Kids

Excellent X Words for Kids

Some letters are so common that you can find them in almost every word But on the contrary, some letters are so uncommon that you don’t get to use them in everyday words.

In the case of common letters, it becomes easier for you to teach them to your kids, as you can find tons of word examples to familiarize your kids with them.

But things are not the same when trying to find words with uncommon letters It is difficult for you to find a good one One such letter is x.

But like I said earlier, I have got your back I have made this search less challenging for you And you can teach your kids x words without any such effort.

Sounds cool?

Did I tell you that I have included not only x words but also their meanings and sentence examples?

So, are you ready to make teaching x words to your kid fun?

Come, let’s dive right into the words.

X Words for Kids That Begin With X

X Words for Kids That Begin With X

There are a few words that begin with the letter x.

But if you search thoroughly, you will be able to find some I have done the hard work for you here And so, in this section, I have listed words that start with the not-so-common letter x.

Read on:

  • X-ray

Meaning: This is one of the most common words that come to mind when talking about words that start with x.

This electromagnetic radiation allows you to see through things How? Because it has a wavelength that is shorter than light Also, both the made with something similar.

That is why, if it is used on any solid surface, it penetrates it or goes through it.

Isn’t it amazing?

And did I tell you that X-rays can ionize gasses?

Use in a sentence: The doctor performed an x-ray on my father’s chest, and I found it to be really cool!

  • X-mas

Meaning: X-mas is frequently referred to as Christmas. Christmas is a religious and cultural festival celebrated on 25 December every year to remember the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

During this time of year, festive decor, family gatherings, and gift distribution are common. Do you and your family observe any unique customs around Christmas?

Use in a sentence: I love spending time with my family and friends during X-mas.

  • Xigua


The word Xigua means watermelon, which is a Chinese word. Do you know that watermelons used to be a status symbol in China?

Initially, watermelons are pricey fruits that can only be grown by rich people. Some kings had their watermelons carved into elaborate shapes and patterns to impress the guests.

It is a common fruit throughout the summer in China and is now widely consumed.

Use in a sentence: I bought sweet and juicy Xigua to satisfy my thirst.

  • Xanax

Meaning: Do you suffer from anxiety often and take medicine for that?

Then you may already know about Xanax This is one type of medicine that can help you if you are suffering from anxiety It works on both mild and moderate anxiety.

Doctors generally prescribe this to patients who are anxious to help them calm down.

Use in a sentence: The doctor prescribed me Xanax, so I don’t feel anxious anymore.

  • X-ray Fish

Meaning: Just as one can see through a solid surface using an ex-ray, you can see the inside of this fish named x-ray fish.

This fish is small and has an opaque body cavity And it is almost transparent.

You may have already come across this fish if you reside in South America And did I tell you how popular this fish is as an aquarium fish?

Use in a sentence: I saw the x-ray fish for the first time in my friend’s aquarium, and they looked so good that now I want to buy them for my aquarium.

  • Xavier

Meaning: The meaning of this x-letter word for kids is a new home But there are other meanings of this word too.

Some say that Xavier translates to bright.

But did you know that it is a short version of the word etxeberria which stands for a castle and a new house?

Also, many parents give their sons the name Xavier.

Use in a sentence: Make a plan to have a look at the new Xavier in our city, and I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

  • Xanthic

Meaning: How well do you know about colors?

The word xanthic stands for a specific color It is kind of yellowish If you know much about the color yellow, you may already know this.

Use in a sentence: The color of the building was not very bright; it was more like a xanthic shade that I didn’t quite like.

  • Xenon

Meaning: Xenon refers to a monatomic, chemically inactive, and colorless gas element Generally, people use this to fill the radio.

Use in a sentence: When a plate made of metal reaches a high voltage level for a moment, it creates a lot of energy, which helps xenon gas become conductive as it is ionized.

  • Xenic

Meaning: Xenic is a medium for culture It can have one or multiple organisms that is unidentified or unclassified.

Use in a sentence: You need to start creating a xenic culture nature if you are creating a culture of mono-xenix is all your want.

  • Xenial

Meaning: This word refers to the time when good behavior or a good relation of hospitality is shown between two people- the host and their guest.

Here I am talking especially about the time of the Ancient Greeks That was the time when people from various cities met and interacted with each other.

Use in a sentence: According to the Ancient Greeks, destruction will fall upon the possessions, wealth, good deeds, cattle, and progeny of the household that does not show or perform their denial duties.

  • Xebecs

Meaning: People call those ships xebecs that sail on the ocean But not all ships are xebecs.

Generally, a sailing or a three-mastered Mediterranean ship is known as xebecs This kind of ship has a stern along with a long overhanging bow.

Isn’t that cool?

Use in a sentence: The first use of the sailing vessel, called xebecs, was documented in , and in modern times, xebecs are used in commerce.

  • Xerox

Meaning: This is a common x word for kids Isn’t it?

We all have heard about this word, especially students, as they need it the most So, what does the word xerox mean exactly?

A xerographic copying machine, commonly known as the xerox machine, is used to copy something from an original paper onto a different paper This duplicate paper, a copy of the original one, is known as xerox.

Use in a sentence: My dad made some xerox copies of my first writing so that he could give them to my grandparents, uncles, and aunts.

  • Xeric

Meaning: Not all people can adapt to non-humid and dry weather Right?

But those who can, are called xeric.

Use in a sentence: I saw a docuseries some days back showing that the country’s southern part has many xeric habitats, including certain plants and animals.

  • Xenops

Meaning: There is a kind of bird that is commonly known as xenops So, what is the exact type of this bird?

Well, this bird is a genius Yes They are from the Furnariidae family of birds Some call this bird family the ovenbirds too.

You can find xenops in Mexico, South America, Central America, and tropical rainforests.

Talking about their appearance, they are small in size But, did I tell you how beautiful brown back they have?

Also, you can recognize them from their long tail and upturned tips with laterally flattened bills.

And I like the rufous wing stripe they have.

Use in a sentence: I have seen the picture of xenops in a book, and since then, I have wanted to see it for real.

  • Xenophobic

Meaning: Being xenophobic is not seen in a good light This is how some people react badly to people from other parts of the world or even different cities It shows their hatred or dislike for other people.

Use in a sentence: People with xenophobic actions hurt many people, but on the other hand, some people respect, accept and show love to people from different cities and countries, making the world a better place to live in.

  • Xenophobe

Meaning: This is what you call a person who dislikes other people from different countries or cities.

Generally, xenophobe people are extremely prejudiced against people who don’t belong to their race.

Use in a sentence: It is really not cool to find so many people still accept the fact that they are xenophobic.

  • Xmax tree

Meaning: Who doesn’t know about our oh-so-loved Xmas tree?

I know that you already know what this beautiful word means But still, let me tell you again.

This is what people casually call the famous Christmas tree, without which Christmas feels incomplete.

Isn’t it?

We use this evergreen fir tree on the auspicious occasion of Christmas.

Use in a sentence: The best thing about Christmas for me is setting up our Xmas tree with my parents and siblings in our home.

  • Xmas

Meaning: People call our beloved celebration of Christmas Xmas The latter is an abbreviated form of Christmas.

Did you know that during the early days when the Christian church came into existence, Christians used to use the letter often?

They used the letter x to show that they were the church’s members They used to use this as a secret symbol.

Since then, people have used the word Xmas as the abbreviated form of Christmas.

Use in a sentence: The best time of the year for me is the time of Xmas when all the streets and homes lighten up, and there is a celebratory mood everywhere.

  • Xiphias

Meaning: Do you like eating fish? How many fish do you know the name of?

Have you heard the word xiphias?

This is a kind of fish It falls under the family of Xiphiidae, which are huge scombroid fish And they are commonly known as swordfish.

Use in a sentence: If you love eating fish, you will love this fine Greek cuisine that uses the Xiphias variety of swordfish, grilled and put into the lemon sauce.

  • Xis

Meaning: Are you familiar with the Greek language? Do you know how many letters there are in this language?

If you are unfamiliar with Greek letters, Xi comes at fourteen when you are studying the Greek alphabet And the plural of this letter is Xis.

Use in a sentence: I find the Greek alphabet, especially letters such as Xis, to be really fascinating.

  • Xii

Meaning: This common word starts with the letter x for kids And if your kid is already familiar with cardinal numbers, then I’m sure they know xii already.

Xii refers to  units of an item And yes, this is a cardinal number So this Roman numeral stands for the number twelve.

Use in a sentence: When the clock struck Xii at midnight, all the magic of Cinderella was gone, and she became her earlier self again.

  • Xiaosaurus

Meaning: Your kid will get to know about this x word sooner or later Why? Because this is the name of a kind of dinosaur.

And if your kid watches Cocomelon on YouTube, then there is a high chance that they have already come across this word They have a rhyme on their channel on dinosaurs.

So, how do you characterize Xiaosaurus?

Well, this kind of dinosaur is herbivorous They come in a small size.

And did you know that they are known as the dawn lizard because of their size?

The Xiaosaurus were commonly found around  to  MYA – during the era of the middle Jurassic And they stayed in the Sichuan Basin that is in China.

Use in a sentence: Did you know that Tang Zilu and Dong Zhiming named the  dinosaur fossils the Xiaosaurus dashanpensis kind of dinosaurs?

  • Xian

Meaning: Do you know the Chinese language?

The word xian is a Chinese word.

It translates to immortal or transcendent According to Chinese Daoism, xian is devoted to the teachings and practices of Daoists And because of this devotion, they succeeded in achieving divinity.

Isn’t it cool?

Use in a sentence: The teacher taught us about xians today in school, and we learned about various beliefs and faiths.

  • Xystos

Meaning: The term xystos came from the Greek language and is an architectural term used in Greece.

This x word can be spelled as xystus as well It suggests the long, covered entrance you see in gymnasiums People do different kinds of exercises there during winter or monsoon.

Use in a sentence: Go through the large area inside that structure, and you will find the xystos where health-conscious people work out in rainy seasons.

  • Xyst

Meaning: Again, this is an Ancient Greek term You can hear it while people talk about Roman architecture as well.

So, what exactly is a xyst?

Well, it is a covered entrance that people commonly call a promenade.

Did I tell you that this not-so-common word has a different meaning too?

People use it to mean a path or a garden walk that has trees planted around.

Use in a sentence: I was in awe when I first saw the gorgeous xyst in that Instagram-worthy cafe down the lane.

  • Xylyl

Meaning: This one will be a little complex, but I will try to make you understand using as simple words as possible.

There are many isomeric monovalent radicals out there Then there are the ones that are taken from three xylenes In this process of deriving, a hydrogen atom is removed.

These isomeric monovalent radicals are known as xylyl.

Use in a sentence: Did you know that people used bromine compounds such as xylyl bromide during World War l as poisonous gas?

  • Xylems

Meaning: You can find this x word in your kid’s science class.

Vascular plants consist of compound tissues And the latter is commonly known as xylems.

It helps those plants with the support they need to grow This means xylems help those plants to get water along with other nutrients from the soil.

Use in a sentence: Today, our science teacher taught us how transpiration greatly provides oxygen to the xylem, especially in the growing season.

  • Xylophone

Meaning: Is your kid fond of music?

Then they will get to know this x word sooner in life.

A xylophone is a kind of musical instrument Again, metal or wooden bars are used in a series to build this And they form an escalating tone.

How does it work?

You take a drumstick or a wooden hammer and use it on those bars by striking each of them in a sequence.

Sounds fun?

Use in a sentence: My mommy said that when I was a baby, I used to love the xylophone sound, and so she used to play the baby shark song on it.

X Words for Kids That End With X

X Words for Kids That End With X

Now that you have already come across the x words that start with the letter x, you might have understood how uncommon those words are But, of course, some of them are common, and we use them in our regular lives For example, Xmas tree and xylophone.

Do you think those words that start with x will be difficult for your kid to understand?

I have a solution for you Why not start by teaching them words that end with the letter x?

They are easier compared to the words in the previous section I promise.

In this section, I listed words ending with the letter x And yes, they are easy and have only two or three letters in them So your kid can learn them without much difficulty.

Are you ready to explore?

Keep reading!

  • Wax

Meaning: This is a common word that ends with the letter x.

This substance is a bit shiny and comes in a solid form.

It is made using fat or oil People use wax to make candles and even polish.

If you heat it, it melts.

Did you know that there is more than one meaning of wax?

Some use the word wax to mean to grow Others use this word to refer to a recording of something.

Use in a sentence: When my mom lit up the candle for my birthday, the melted wax from it fell on her hand, and she screamed.

  • Ax


It is a tool with an extended handle and grip. It also has a large and sharp edge made of steel or iron. The wood is typically cut and shaped with an ax before being used.

In the early middle age, the ax was also used as a weapon. Showing your child an ax and explaining its uses will help him learn this word.

Use in a sentence: The going will be simple once I have pierced the topsoil and root layers using a spade and an Ax.

  • Tax

Meaning: This word is mostly used by adults, especially those who work somewhere, earn money and pay some of that earned money to the government.

This money that you pay to the government is known as tax The tax that you pay is used by the government for institutions and public services, and others.

Use in a sentence: I saw my mom doing the calculation for paying the tax to the government last night, and it took a lot of time.

  • Six

Meaning: My toddler knows the meaning of this x-letter word It is among those first words that you teach your kids when they start learning about numbers.

Six is the number that comes after five and before seven In short, we use the term six to measure a quantity.

Use in a sentence: When I am six years old, I will ask my parents to arrange a treasure hunt on my birthday.

  • Mix

Meaning: Mix is a word that we often use in our everyday lives.

People use it to combine something to form a single thing, substance, or mass.

Also, you can use this word when you want to mean socializing or associating with other people.

Use in a sentence: I love to mix colors and create some unique colors of my own.

  • Max

Meaning: Max is the short form of the word maximum.

When you say max, you are referring to the maximum, highest amount, number, or setting So the word max basically translates to at the most.

Use in a sentence: Whenever I go out for dinner with my parents, we always make sure to come home early, max pm.

  • Ox

Meaning: Many people get confused between a bull and an ox And I am one of those people!

So, when the reproductive organs of a bull are removed from its body, it is known as an ox Generally, people keep ox at home as domestic animals This is because you can get both meat and milk from it.

Use in a sentence: I once tried a dish made of an ox at a restaurant, but the taste was nowhere close to my liking.

  • Fox


Meaning: There are so many carnivorous mammals out there And a fox is one of them.

It belongs to the family of dogs Coming to its physical characteristics, it adorns a bushy tail with a pointed muzzle.

You may come across many kids’ stories where a fox is depicted as a sly and cunning animal.

Use in a sentence: I have read many stories about foxes, but the fox is portrayed as the cunning villain in all of them.

  • Fix

Meaning: We often use this x word in our everyday lives This word means to adjust or repair something To fix also mean to find a solution to a certain problem.

Also, people use the word fix to set something so that it can be stable.

Use in a sentence: The tube light in our room kept on blinking, so the electrician came to fix it.

  • Box

Meaning: Again, this is a very common word mostly used by kids and students So, what is a box exactly?

This kind of container comes with flat sides and a flat base The shape of these containers can be anything from square or rectangular And yes, they come with a lid.

Use in a sentence: I have a medium-sized yellow box in which I have kept all my drawing books and artworks I have made all these years.

X Words for Kids That Have the Letter X in It

X Words for Kids That Have the Letter X in It

Now that we have delved deep into the x words for kids, it would be better to teach your kids the words with the letter x in them.

Once your kids start learning new words, you can introduce new words to them This way, their vocabulary will increase.

In this section, I have listed words that contain the letter x.

Read on.

  • Texas

Meaning: Do you live in the United States of America?

Then you already know that Texas is one of its states It is situated in the southwestern part of the US on the Gulf of Mexico Austin is the capital of this state.

Use in a sentence: My uncle and aunt moved to Texas from LA last year, and the pictures of their new home are so dreamy that I fell in love with it at first glance.

  • Next

Meaning: People use this word to mean something that is just after this moment of writing or speaking.

Also, it refers to being beside something In short, next stands for something in a sequence.

Use in a sentence: I will be traveling to Europe next year during our Christmas holiday, and I am already so excited about it.

  • Mexico

Meaning: This x word is a country’s name It is situated in the southern part of North America.

Mexico City is the capital of this country.

Use in a sentence: One of my friends visited Mexico last year, and when she showed me the pictures, I liked them so much that I asked my parents to take me there this year during the holidays.

  • Flex

Meaning: What do you do when your muscles become tight?

You flex So, the word flex translates to stretch so that your muscles become all the more defined.

Did I tell you that the word flex has a slang meaning?

And that means showing off something.

Use in a sentence: I saw my mom flex her muscles after an intense workout, which looked so good.

  • Explore

Meaning: This word with the letter x means looking through something, traveling somewhere, or familiarizing yourself with something.

In short, when you explore something, it means you are learning something new It can be about anything, be it a place, a thing, a subject, or anything else.

And you can explore in different ways.

Use in a sentence: I like to explore new places and click photographs.

  • Exercise

Meaning: Are you health conscious? Do you work out?

Exercise means the physical activities you do to maintain good health or have a good fitness routine.

Also, this word can mean a particular process for a particular purpose or reason For example, you are practicing a specific skill.

Use in a sentence: Regular exercise keeps you fit and healthy, so I make sure to exercise with my mom every morning before going to school.

  • Boxcar

Meaning: People call a railway freight car covered a boxcar Generally, it comes with sliding doors.

Use in a sentence: I saw a railroad freight car today and am amazed to see so many things can be put into one boxcar.

  • Axe

Meaning: This x word has more than one meaning.

It is commonly used as a tool that you use for cutting wood It comes with a wooden handle and a steel blade at one end The handle and the blade are joined with each other creating an angle.

Also, people use the term axe to dismiss or end something.

Use in a sentence: I was our uncle next door using an axe today and chopping a branch of a large tree that was in front of their house.


If you are looking for the right set of x words for kids, this is the ultimate list on which you can get your hands.

As you have already read, I have listed all the possible x-words perfect for teaching your kids and increasing their vocabulary.

So, which section did your kids enjoy the most while learning? Were they excited to learn new words?

Don’t forget to share with me in the comments!

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