300+ “Who Knows Me Better” Questions (For Friends & Family!)

How well do your friends and family members know you? Do you want to test? How about playing the game of who knows me better with them?

This game is fun to play. And the best part?

Your friends and family get to know a lot about you. Also, you can play this game in a group of your near ones. In that case, each one of you can take part in asking who knows me better questions.

That way, you get to know who listens to you the most when you say or do something and remembers it.

You can play this game with your partner too. But don’t blame me if things take a wrong turn and you end up getting mad at them! You know what I mean, right?

I love playing this game with my girls’ gang. We get to know so much about each other.

And it is exciting too!

I tried asking who knows me better questions to my husband once. Why “tried”?

Because I ended up getting mad at him as he gave a wrong answer to a simple question of mine, and it was then that I decided not to play this game with him ever again!

But your partner doesn’t have to be like mine. And you don’t have to behave so childishly like me! If you promise to behave nicely, this game can be great for you to know each other more deeply than ever.

How to Ask “Who Knows Me Better Question”?

How to Ask "Who Knows Me Better Question"?

So, how are you going to play this game? Are you going to play this just for fun? Or are you going to make it a bit challenging and competitive?

If you answer “yes” to the first option, you can play it with anyone you want, be it your friends, kids, family members, or coworkers.

But if you answer “yes” to the second option, know that there have to be at least two players whom you can ask questions about yourself.

Now let’s discuss the second option in detail. As there are multiple players, give each of them a whiteboard along with a dry-erase marker.

When you ask a question, each has to write the answer on their whiteboard and show it to you. You see it and sat which one is correct and which ones are wrong.

Whoever gets the answer right gets one point. This will continue till the end of asking questions. In the end, whoever gave the most number of correct answers or got the highest point, wins.

Doesn’t it sound awesome?

Interesting “Who Knows Me Better” Questions

Interesting "Who Knows Me Better" Questions

To make this exciting game easier for you, I have come up with some interesting who knows me better questions you can ask your friends and family.

I have added a few sections in it so that you can easily navigate the type of questions you are looking for.

You can use these questions as inspiration and modify them according to your preference. And by the end of the game, I’m sure you will know who pays attention to your words the most.

Happy surfing!

Who “Knows Me Better” Questions for Family?

Who "Knows Me Better" Questions for Family?

How close are you with your family? Do you share your secrets with them?

Well, our family is our closest thing, and we turn to them whenever we are in trouble. Also, whenever we have any good news, they are the first ones to hear it. Isn’t it?

They are the ones we live with and occupy a considerable part of our lives. This leads to the question, do you think your family knows all about you?

Come, let’s check by asking them the following questions about you.

  • Who is the one in our family who has almost the same personality traits as me?
  • Who do I resemble?
  • Do I have any special abilities?
  • Suppose I won a lottery of one million dollars and want to share it with another family member Who will I share it with?
  • What is the best quality that I have?
  • What is my worst trait?
  • If I have to live with some other member of the family in the same room, who would I like to share my room with?
  • Whenever I face a life crisis and need some advice, who do I call among the other family members?
  • Who is my favorite partner in crime among our relatives?
  • Who is my favorite cousin?
  • If I become a ghost someday and want to haunt a family member, who would that be?
  • Who do you think I share all my secrets with?
  • If something funny happens, whom do I call to share it with?
  • If something worrisome happens, who of the other family members would I call first?
  • If I get a promotion at work, whom will I call first to tell them about it?
  • If I need some help regarding the study, whom would I run to?
  • If I need dating advice, whom do I turn to?
  • Who is my favorite uncle?
  • What is the lamest excuse I have ever given to not be in a family get-together?
  • What is my favorite place for a vacation with my family?
  • Who among my family members is my biggest supporter?
  • Whom do I support the most in my family?
  • Who is my partner for watching scary movies?
  • With whom do I enjoy watching comedy movies?
  • Who is the biggest film critic in the family after me?
  • Who loves me the most in the family?
  • If I were to choose between my cousins to take any of them to a concert, who would I choose?
  • What is my biggest achievement?
  • What is my biggest fear?
  • What is my biggest plus point?
  • Who in the family do I look up to?
  • Who is that one cousin with whom I fight the most?
  • With whom do I have the most disagreement on certain issues?
  • How do I answer the call when I get a call from my father?
  • What is my silliest nickname, and who gave that name?
  • Mention any one childhood incident of mine that you can remember?
  • What is the silliest thing I did when I was a kid?
  • How good of a student was I in school?
  • If I ever came with a warning sign, what would that be?
  • What do I like the most – spending time with my family or spending time with my friends?
  • What is the most bizarre item I have ever given to a family member as a gift?
  • What is the one family tradition that I don’t want to follow?
  • What is the weirdest dress I have ever worn to a family gathering?
  • If I could look at the mobile phone of any one of my family members, whose phone would I choose?
  • What do I love the most about our family?
  • Am I a good dancer?
  • If I could meet one of our forefathers, whom would I like to meet the most?
  • What, according to you, was the best time of my childhood?
  • Did I have many or a handful of friends in school?
  • How would you describe me to a stranger?
  • What’s that one thing that could bring a smile to my face?
  • What makes me angry and sad?
  • What’s that one job that I would never want to do?
  • Where do I like to hang out the most?
  • Do I mostly plan things, or do I just prefer going with the flow?
  • What’s that one thing I carry with me wherever I go?
  • What’s that one thing that can make me go weak?

“Who Knows Me Better” Questions for Friends?

"Who Knows Me Better" Questions for Friends?

Our friends are an important part of our lives, aren’t they?

They are the ones with whom you can share the ups and downs in your life. You talk about your love relationships with them. And they help you in many ways.

From getting the number of the boy or girl you like to hiding your wrongdoings from your parents–they are in every stage of your life. Some of us even have friends from our kindergarten days. Don’t we?

As your friends were always there by your side, it is time for you to know how well they know you. That is where who knows me better questions for friends come into the picture!

Following are some questions to give you some ideas.

  • What is it that I’m most scared of?
  • Which is that one place where you can find me when you can’t find me anywhere?
  • Which is my go-to restaurant?
  • Which is my go-to food?
  • How frequently do I like to travel and where?
  • Which is my current favorite song?
  • Who is my favorite pop singer?
  • Which is that one concert I can never miss going to?
  •  What is the one thing that has kept our bond this strong, according to you?
  •  Can I perform great in reality shows? Which kind?
  •  Do I have any hidden talent that you know of?
  •  Am I a mountain person or a beach person?
  •  Which characteristics of the opposite sex attract me the most?
  •  What, according to you, is the one thing that I regret the most?
  •  What is my favorite YouTube channel?
  •  Is there any influencer that I follow the most?
  •  Have I ever faced wardrobe malfunction?
  •  Have you ever thought we would be friends for this long?
  •  What is the best memory you have of us?
  •  What is the funniest incident that you remember of us?
  •  Do you remember how our first meeting was?
  •  What do we have in common?
  •  What is the worst fashion blunder I have ever made?
  •  What is my favorite perfume?
  •  What kinds of jokes crack me up the most?
  •  What genre of movies is my favorite?
  •  Who is my current crush?
  •  What are my three characteristics that we both agree on?
  •  What sports am I best at?
  •  What is my favorite drink?
  •  Do you think I have ever done anything illegal?
  •    What do you think I am best at?
  •  How good of a cook am I?
  •  What is my favorite dessert?
  •  What in the opposite sex attracts me the most?
  •  What is the most embarrassing moment you have had with me?
  •  How many dates have I gone to, according to you?
  •  What kind of romantic relationship do I prefer?
  •  Who is my favorite character in my all-time favorite movie?
  •  Do you know what my biggest fear is?
  •  Which pet do I like the most?
  •  Which is my favorite social media platform and why?
  •  Who do you think is the most important person in my life?
  •  Am I an introvert or an extrovert?
  •  Would I do better in some other profession? What is it?
  •  If I have an untimely death, which of my things would you like to have?
  •  Who would I tell first if I fall for someone?
  •  When was the one time I disappointed you?
  •  What do I do if things don’t go according to what I thought would be?
  •   Who is my celebrity crush?
  • Which season do I love the most?
  • What am I the best at?
  • What’s there on my mobile screen?
  • Which nail color do I love the most?
  • Which color paint do I have on my nails now?
  • If I had to go on a date with a celebrity, who would that be?
  • What’s my favorite beverage?

“Who Knows Me Better” Questions for Your Boyfriend?

"Who Knows Me Better" Questions for Your Boyfriend?

Are you in a serious relationship? Do you guys see yourselves married in some years and being with each other for the rest of your lives?

Then, you may want to know each other as much as possible. And that is precisely where who knows me better questions can serve you the best!

If you run out of questions and want some ideas, I can help. In this section, I have come up with some questions you can ask your partner to know him better before you are entirely committed to each other.

  • Am I a religious person?
  • Is there any other religion other than my own that I have a liking for?
  • How many relationships were there in my past?
  • Why did I break up with my previous partner?
  • Was I ever in an abusive relationship?
  • Was I ever in a toxic relationship?
  • How committed am I to this relationship?
  • On which number are you on my priority list?
  • Do I trust you?
  • Do I see a future with you?
  • How strongly do you think our bond is?
  • Do I flirt with other guys while still in this relationship?
  • Have you ever found me checking other guys out?
  • How happy do you think I am in this relationship?
  • Do you think we are a perfect couple?
  • How different are we from each other?
  • What was the first thought that came to my mind when I saw you for the first time?
  • Do you remember how we met?
  • What was I wearing on our first date?
  • Do you know if I want to be in a live-in relationship with you?
  • Do I want to travel with you more often?
  • What is the one thing that I like in you the most?
  • Which physical feature of yours do I like the most?
  • Do I want to tell everyone about our relationship?
  • Do I want to keep our relationship hidden until we both are sure about ourselves?
  • Whom do you think I would take apart from you if I were sent to a deserted island?
  • Have I ever gone on blind dates?
  • Have I ever had a crush on my teacher?
  • Who is the weirdest crush that I had on?
  • How well do I cook?
  • How much time do I take to get ready before a date?
  • Do you know of any allergies that I have?
  • What, in my opinion, is a perfect date night?
  • Would I rather watch Netflix and chill or go to a pub with you and party hard?
  • How good or bad of a relationship do I have with my parents?
  • Do you know if I can swim or not?
  • Do you know my birth date?
  • How do I like to celebrate my birthday?
  • Who is My Role Model
  • What do I want to do in the future when it comes to my career?
  • Would I move to another city if I got a job there? Will you leave me then?
  • If there are no other options in the future, would I like to be in a long-distance relationship with you, or would I leave you?
  • How hot do you think you are in my eyes?
  • How happy am I in our relationship?
  • How satisfied am I with our physical relationship?
  • Are we compatible with each other when it comes to physical intimacy?
  • What do you think I would like the most to receive as my birthday gift?
  • Why am I special to you?
  • What is my biggest turn-off?
  • What kind of guys do I dislike the most?
  • What’s that one thing I admire about you?
  • What is it that I dislike about you?
  • Do I love dogs or cats?
  • Which is that one food that can make me happy?
  • Which color shirt would I like you to wear?
  • How possessive am I about you?
  • What do I love to get in gifts?

“Who Knows Me Better” Questions for Best Friend?

"Who Knows Me Better" Questions for Best Friend?

We all have one or more friends. But do you have a best friend?

If your answer is “yes,” then you are definitely lucky! Because not everyone has a best friend to share their deepest secrets, pains, and biggest joys.

Best friends are like blessings in your life. You can share certain things with them that you may not share with anyone else. This is because they know what’s going on in your life pretty well.

So, now the question is, how well do they know about you? Shall we test?

Ask them questions about who knows me better and see how they perform. Then, you can both take turns asking each other questions. This will make your bond stronger.

Have a look at the following questions for some ideas.

  • How was I when I was a kid?
  • Do you remember my first with you?
  • What is the one thing we both liked when we were in school?
  • Do you remember who my first crush ever was?
  • Who was my first boyfriend?
  • What was my favorite cartoon show as a kid?
  • What was my favorite TV show in school?
  • How good or bad of a student was I in school?
  • What was my favorite flavor of ice cream as a kid?
  • What was my favorite picnic spot?
  • What was my favorite Halloween costume as a kid?
  • What was my favorite game as a kid?
  • Who was the one whom I hated the most in school?
  • Who was my biggest enemy in college?
  • Who was the most handsome guy in school I had a crush on back then?
  • What was my favorite food in school?
  • What did we use to do when it was playtime in school?
  • Do you remember how good I was in a specific sport? What was it?
  • What was the first movie that we watched together?
  • Where did we take the first vacation together?
  • Was I a bully in school?
  • Did I get a scholarship for further studies?
  • What was my favorite subject as a kid?
  • What did we do on our first sleepover?
  • Do you remember the name of my first doll?
  • Did I have a babysitter back in the day?
  • What mischief did I make as a kid?
  • How long was my hair in college?
  • What kind of clothing did I wear when I was a kid?
  • Do you remember how we celebrated our first Christmas together?
  • 31. What was the name of my school?
  • Did I have many friends, or did I have only a handful of friends in high school?
  • In which subject do I use to score the lowest?
  • Did I have any pets in my childhood?
  • Do you remember when we got scolded by my parents once?
  • Did we have any family rituals that we enjoyed a lot?
  • How frequently did I use to travel with my parents?
  • Do you know what my favorite vacation was?
  • What was my favorite color in school?
  • What was my designation in my first office?
  • For how long have I been working?
  • Did I complete my studies?
  • What is the highest degree that I have?
  • When was the first time I got drunk, and you took me home?
  • When did I board a plane for the first time?
  • How strong am I when it comes to being emotional?
  • Do I eat only vegetables or do I eat meat too?
  • Do I know how to play any musical instrument?
  • Have I ever got beaten in school?
  • Have I ever received any love letters in high school?

“Who Knows Me Better” Questions for Siblings?

"Who Knows Me Better" Questions for Siblings

How many siblings do you have? I have one younger sister.

Siblings are the ones with whom you share a rare and very special bond. Also, they are the ones with whom you fight the most. My sister and I have an age gap of nine years, and still, we fight a LOT!

But no matter how often we fight, I’m very protective of her. She knows I got her back if someone does or says anything bad to her.

And we support each other in every way possible. For example, I hide her secrets from my parents without letting her know.

What kind of relationship do you have with your siblings? Do you guys fight often, or are you best friends?

Here are some who know me better questions for your siblings. Ask them about these and see how she performs.

Let’s get started!

  • What is my favorite food joint?
  • What is my favorite fast food?
  • What is the one food that I can survive on?
  • Who is the one relative whom I dislike the most?
  • Who is the one relative whom I like the most?
  • What is my favorite holiday destination?
  • What is my favorite party theme?
  • What is the one nickname I have that I hate?
  • What do I do when I have an off day?
  • What is my favorite pass time?
  • Do I have a crush on one of my friends?
  • What are the characteristics that I want in my partner?
  • Do I like beaches or mountains?
  • What activity do I like to do with you the most?
  • What is my dream holiday destination?
  • What are my plans for my wedding?
  • What does my dream wedding look like?
  • What kinds of movies do I love but feel guilty about watching them?
  • What is the silliest thing we did together?
  • How did I spend last Christmas?
  • What do you like about my boyfriend?
  • Do I like babies?
  • What do I generally wear when I’m at home?
  • Which color do I want to dye my hair?
  • Which is my favorite haircut?
  • Which food do I cook the best?
  • What are my late-night go-to snacks?
  • What is my favorite chocolate?
  • What color dress do I like the most?
  • Am I generous, or am I cold-hearted?
  • Whom do I love more – mom or dad?
  • Which is the one gift that I gave you that you like the most?
  • What do I do when I’m having a bad day?
  • What do I do when I’m angry at someone?
  • What kind of shoes do I like to wear?
  • What is my current favorite music that I’m humming these days?
  • How often do I practice cooking?
  • What cracks me up the most?
  • What is the one app I use the most?
  • How much time do I spend on social media?
  • What is my favorite social media platform?
  • What is my favorite OTT platform?
  • Did I tell you any of my dreams? What was it?
  • Do I believe in ghosts?
  • Am I scared of ghosts?
  • Which is my favorite science fiction movie?
  • Which is my favorite fantasy movie that I can watch again and again?
  • Which character from a fantasy movie I had a crush on?
  • What do I do to irritate you?
  • Do you think I can do anything for you?
  • What makes me jealous of you?
  • What do I do when I feel low?
  • Did we ever have a crush on the same person?
  • What was that one thing I gave you with you asking me for it?
  • Which is that one belonging of mine that I’ll never let you touch?
  • Which was my favorite outfit as a kid?
  • What would make me cry the most as a kid?

Spicy “Who Knows Me Better” Questions

Spicy "Who Knows Me Better" Questions

Are you going on a blind date? Are you looking for some spicy questions that you can ask your date to know each other better?

“Who knows me better” questions can come for your help! In this section, I have listed questions that are a bit on the naughty side – perfect for asking on a date when you want it to end on a sexy note.

Also, you can ask these questions to your crush to make them know more about you.

Scroll down!

  • Do you think I ever cheated on my partner?
  • Do you think I am up for a fling, or I’m looking for a serious long-term relationship?
  • What was my age when I had sex for the first time?
  • Do you think I want to have a family of my own someday?
  • What do you think comes to my mind when I see someone hot of the opposite sex?
  • Do you think I check the guys out?
  • What is the first word that came to your mind when you first saw me?
  • Have I ever had drunk sex?
  • Have I ever made out in public?
  • Have I ever done something illegal and landed in jail?
  • Have I ever paid someone for sex?
  • Do I look like I’m addicted to something?
  • Have I ever had sex in public places?
  • Have I ever slept with someone that I regretted the next day?
  • Do I look like an adventurous girl, or do I give you a laid-back vibe?
  • If I give you one word to describe me, what would your word be?
  • Do you think I can sing?
  • How good or bad of a dancer do you think I am?
  • Do you like my profession?
  • What is my favorite musical instrument?
  • Am I right-handed or left-handed?
  • Am I good or bad at karaoke?
  • Do you think I have a secret admirer?
  • What are your thoughts on phone sex?
  • How good do you think I am in bed?
  • Which animal am I scared of the most?
  • Do you think I have a pet or not?
  • What do you think my highest degree is?
  • What is my favorite kind of date?
  • Do I like to take things slow, or do I want to rush things?
  • Do you think I will call or text you after our first date today?
  • Do you think I have ever ghosted someone?
  • Have I ever stalked someone on social media?
  • Do you think we click?
  • How do we look together?
  • Is there any characteristic that I want in my partner?
  • How many kids do I like to have in the future?
  • What habits do I dislike the most?
  • What makes me cringe?
  • Have I ever gotten humiliated in public?
  • Do I like to be the center of attraction?
  • Do I always want to be in the limelight, or do I want to stay low-key?
  • What is the biggest dating mistake I have ever made?
  • Have I ever slept with someone just after one date?
  • How do I want my love life to be in the next five years?
  • Have I ever gotten caught while having sex in public?
  • Has anyone ever dumped me?
  • Do I believe in love at first sight?
  • Do I believe in fantasies?
  • Am I into reading, or am I more of a visual person?


Have you finished reading my entertaining list of who knows me better questions for your friends and family? Which section did you like the most? Do you want to add more questions to them?

Let me know in the comments!

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