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155+ Fun Halloween Trivia for Kids

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Do your kids love Halloween?

Well, I bet they do!

In my family, we wait for the whole year for the month of October – for Halloween, of course.

We hang up some cobwebs and ghosts around the house to give it a spooky feel. And we pick some of the scariest costumes one can ever imagine!

I always look for activities to do on Halloween so that the joy of festivities lasts longer. We love Halloween charades, and the kids in the house love Halloween matching.

I have noticed that most kids love playing Halloween trivia. And that is the one reason you need to add this to your Halloween fun activities.

Halloween trivia for kids are fun to play. The best part? You don’t need to make any preparation as such.

Read on.

Halloween Trivia For Kids

Halloween Trivia For Kids (1)

I have come up with a list of some easy to difficult questions related to Halloween. So just get my list of Halloween questions and some excited participants. And you are all set to play the fun Halloween trivia for kids!

Easy Halloween Trivia for Kids

Let’s start with the easy ones and see how much knowledge your kids have about Halloween!

What is that place named where you go and choose the pumpkin for Halloween?

Pumpkin patch

A group of witches is known as what?

A coven

What is the name of the place where bobbing for apples originated?

Ancient Rome

What is that thing that people bob for at the time of Halloween?


What is the number of legs that spiders have?


When do people celebrate Halloween?

31st of October

What is that black animal that is connected to the witches?


Fill in the blanks. Pumpkins grow on…


What is pumpkin: a fruit or a vegetable?


What is that animal connected to a vampire?


What is that Halloween character that has fangs?


What do you dress up in on the day of Halloween?


What is the type of house that people go into on the night of Halloween?

Haunted house

What is used by witches to fly around?

A broomstick

What do people put into a pumpkin so that it glows?

A light

The name Casper belongs to whom?

A ghost

What is the most common type of candy that people give on Halloween?


What is the name of the country where jack-o-lanterns originated?


What is that thing that is made of sugar, has a sweet taste, and is used a lot on Halloween?


What is the name of the vampire that is the most common on Halloween?


Ghosts say what?


What does the word Halloween mean?

All hallows evening

What do kids like you do on the day of Halloween so that they can get candies?

Trick or treat

What are the two colors that you get to see the most on the day of Halloween?

Black and orange

What is the name of the place where vampire bats stay?

South and North America

Nowadays, people use pumpkins in order to make Jack-o-lanterns, right? But much before that, do you know what people used in place of pumpkins?


Which public holiday do people celebrate on the 31st of October in the US?


When you carve a face out of a pumpkin, what is it called?


The Day of the Day is celebrated in which country?


What is the meaning of the name Dracula?

Son of the Devil

The word bonfire is a combination of two words. What are they?

Bone and fire

What is that one food that makes Dracula stay away?


What does the orange color on the day of Halloween mean?


What does the black color on the day of Halloween mean?


When a grave is made of stone, what is it called?


Witches cook in a pot, right? Do you know what that pot is known as?


What is the name of the scary, tall, big, and generally green-colored character from Halloween?


When a human body has no flesh or blood or other things but only bones, what is it known as?


If a person suffers from an extreme level of fear of Halloween, what phobia does he or she has?


On the day of Halloween, if a Scottish woman wants to see her future husband, what does she hang?

Create some fire and hang wet sheets in front of it

There is a festival in Hong Kong – the festival of Hungry Ghosts. What is it known as?

 Yue Lan

Halloween originated around which time?

4000 B.C.

Do you know what the original name of Bram Stoker was for Dracula?

Count Wampyr

What is the name of the candy given on Halloween that was earlier known as chicken feed?

Candy corn

What is the meaning of the word Halloween?

Holy night

When you trick and treat, what do you really mean by a teal pumpkin?

Allergy-free treats

What was the time when people started doing the trick or treating?

16th century

Mummies originated from which country?


When a human dies and his body is preserved, what is it called?


What did people of ancient Rome think about owls?


You already know that black cats are connected to witches, right? What is another animal that is connected to witches?


How do witches cook their spells as well as their potions?


What is the bone of the human head known as that is connected to Halloween?


The Eve of All Saints Day is also known as Halloween. True or false?

 False. They are different. And the Eve of All Saints Day falls on the 1st of November

What is that animal that has a close connection with Halloween and that can fly?


The meaning of the word hallow is a holy person or a saint. True or false?


The symbol of Halloween is of what color?


What is that one vegetable that vampires don’t like at all?


For the occasion of Halloween, how much do people spend on pet costumes every year?

Around $300 million

Bats and vampires both suck human blood, right? What is the other thing that they both have in common?

They come out only when it is night

Who is the friendly Halloween ghost?


When was Casper created?

In 1979, for a cartoon series bearing the same name

In which countries was Halloween celebrated in the beginning?

Scotland and Ireland

How were jack-o’-lanterns made in Ireland in the past?

Potatoes and turnips

Where is Dracula’s castle located?

Transylvania, in central Romania

Which animal is a bad omen when it crosses your path?

Black cat

Fun Halloween Trivia For kids

Fun Halloween Trivia for kids

Let’s continue the excitement with these fun questions on Halloween!

People carve out pumpkin on the day of Halloween and place it outside, right? What is its color?


What is the number of colors of M&Ms?


What is the name of the most loved candy in the U.S. that people buy during the holidays of Halloween?


If you see a spider on the day of Halloween, what does it mean?

Your dear one is watching over you

If you use your tongue to reach the center of a Tootsie Pop, how many times do you need to lick on average?

Around 252

What do witches use to ride around the town?


Fill in the blank. Double, double, toil and… Hint: This is a chant that is commonly used by witches.


On the day of Halloween, what is the traditional activity that takes place which involves kids wearing scary costumes, going door to door in the neighborhood, and getting candy?

Trick or treat

Arrange the alphabets to form a meaningful word: BINLOG. Hint: It is a short, green, and ugly-looking creature that is generally dangerous to people.


Where do you need to go to see mummies?

The pyramids of Egypt

What is the one striking feature that the Cousin It from the Adams Family has?

He had long hair, and he was fully covered with it

What is the name of the animal that a vampire can turn into?


What is the weight of the biggest pumpkin in the world?

2624 pounds

On the night of Halloween, what is the average amount of calories that the average number of kids eat?

7000. And to burn those calories, you need to walk for about 44 hours

What is the name of the popular and classic comic strip that contributed a lot to boosting the popularity of trick or treating in the United States?

Charles Schultz’s Peanuts. It showed the characters in the comic strip trick or treating back in 1951. It was a time when trick or treating was not so popular in the US. So the credit for making it popular in the country goes a lot to it

What did kids use to receive back in the days when they did the trick or treating? Hint: It is not candy

Foods and drinks

Black cats were associated with bad luck by whom?

The Puritans

What is a carved pumpkin known as?


When is Candy Corn Day celebrated?

National Candy Corn Day is celebrated, a day before Halloween, on the  30th of October

Difficult Halloween Trivia For Kids

Difficult Halloween Trivia For Kids

It is time to level up the game with some difficult Halloween questions for kids!

Each year on Halloween, Charlie Brown helps Linus, his friend wait for which character to appear?

The Great Pumpkin

Who was the first actor who played the character of Wolf Man?

Lon Chaney

Do you know what the real name of Dracula is?

Vlad the Impaler

Do you know what the name of Dracula’s sidekick is?


Halloween is associated with which Catholic Church holiday?

All Saints Day

According to people’s beliefs, what is that one ability that people born on the day of Halloween have?

To view and talk to spirits

Which is that one country that celebrates the Day of the Dead? Hint: It starts at midnight on 31st October


What is a pumpkin: a vegetable or a fruit?


In which country does Transylvania belong?


Who is the writer of the novel Frankenstein?

Mary Shelley

What is the name of the actor who played the role of Dr. Frank-n-Furter in The Rocky Horry Picture Show?

Tim Curry

Pumpkin originates from which place in the world?

Central America

According to people’s beliefs, what will you get to see if you stand in front of a mirror on Halloween at midnight and stare at it?

Your future wife or husband

Psycho was nominated for how many Oscars?


Have you watched the original Alien movie? In that, what is the number of alien eggs that were created for the egg chamber?


Have you watched The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie? In that, a chainsaw was used to kill how many people?


What other color can a pumpkin be in than green, white, and orange?


This famous dialogue belongs to which vampire: “Don’t be afraid. I’m going to give you a choice I never had.”?

Lestat, in the Interview with the Vampire

Do you know who the director of the animated Halloween film The Nightmare Before Christmas is?

Tim Burton

When is a person called Samhainophobia?

When one has a phobia of Halloween

What are the two countries that contributed a lot to making wearing costumes on Halloween a thing?

Ireland and Scotland

Do you know what the first film that showed the toilet on-screen was?


In the movie Mean Girls, what did the character of Lindsay Lohan wear as a costume for the Halloween party shown in the movie?

She dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein

Fill in the blank. The first name of Dr. Frankenstein is…

Victor. If you read the original book, you will see that the monster is called Adam. Also, in other stories, he is known as The Monster

People spend a lot on Halloween, isn’t it? So, on the basis of spending money, in which position does Halloween stand? Hint: It is on the top three

Second. Christmas captures the first position

Do you know what candy corn was called earlier? Hint: It is its original name

Chicken feed

Do you know where Herman, Grandpa, Lily, and others live?

1313 Mockingbird Lane

In which U.S. state is it not legal to dress as a priest or nun on the eve of Halloween?


Where is the longest haunted house in the world located?

Lewisburg, Ohio

What is the name of the family of Leatherface in the Texan Chainsaw Massacre?

The Sawyers

What is the name of the famous horror film that has the dialogue: “They’re coming to get you, Barbara”?

Night of the Living Dead

A lot of people celebrate Halloween by consuming a ghoulish candy in Mexico. What is the name of that candy?

Sweet skulls

Which ancient priests celebrated Halloween for the first time?


The city of Hollywood banned a party item from being used on Halloween in 2004. What is it?

Silly string

The night before Halloween is known as what in New England?

Cabbage Night

If you take candy corn in hand, what colors will you see starting from the base to the top?

Yellow in the base, orange in the middle, and white on the top

Complete the sentence from The Monster Mash, which is a hit song for Halloween: “I was working in the lab, late one night…

“When my eyes beheld, an eerie sight.”

What do these colors of Halloween signify: Orange and black?

Orange signifies harvest, while black means death

In the famous Halloween Candy Buyback program, kids go to dentists and give their uneaten candies to them. The latter then distributes the candies to whom?

Deployed military personnel

Do you know which celebrity couple did their engagement with a diamond ring that was concealed in a Ring Pop wrapper? Hint: They are no longer a couple

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Vampire bats are from which place?

Southern Argentina

Dum Dums lollipops have a ‘mystery flavor.’ Do you know how it is made?

 It is made with the overlap of the end of a batch ad then the beginning of a different one

Kids trick or treaters often find pins in candy bars and razor blades in apples. True or false?


What is the size and weight of the largest pumpkin pie in the world?

1678 kg in weight and more than 5 feet in diameter

What other names does Halloween have?

The feast of the dead, all hallows eve and Samhain

Traditionally, what is the role of black cats in Occult Lore and Halloween?

Black cats are thought to be closely related to witches. And during the Salem trials, some witches were burnt with their cats

What are the common traditions during Halloween?

People  make jack-o’-lanterns, indulge in  trick-or-treat,  visit haunted houses, wear Halloween costumes, and tell scary stories

What happens when one walks backward and wears their clothes inside out on Halloween?

They might catch a glimpse of a witch at midnight.

Which city holds the Guinness Book of World Records for displaying the maximum number of jack-o’-lanterns?

Keene, New Hampshire, which displayed 30,581 lanterns

What happens when a person has Samhainophobia (fear of Halloween)?

He gets anxious when experiencing or thinking about anything associated with Halloween. This is mostly because of a traumatic experience they had in the past.

What happens on Mischief Night?

It’s the night before Halloween. Children often indulge in harmless pranks to spread joy and fun.

Interesting Halloween Trivia For Kids

Interesting Halloween Trivia for Kids

Ask these interesting Halloween questions to your kids and see how they enjoy it!

How many colors do pumpkins have?


Who died on the day of Halloween?

Harry Houdini

What does Warlock mean?

Male witch

What do the people of Ireland call Halloween?

Oiche Shamhna

Halloween was brought to North America from where?


Which actress played Laurie Strode in the film Halloween?

Jamie Lee Curtis

Which city became popular for its witch hunts in 1692?

Salem, Massachusetts

In M&Ms, what do the Ms stand for?

Mars and Murrie

The heaviest pumpkin in the world belongs to which country?


When people go from one door to another while souling, they ask for what?


Where do you put the apostrophe when you correctly spell the word Halloween?

Between the two “e”s

Do you know what the main reason behind wearing fancy Halloween costumes and scaring people is?

To make the evil spirits think that you are one of them so that they leave you alone

Do you know what the traditional name for a broomstick is?

A besom

What is the other name that midnight is called by?

The witching hour

What is the reason behind jack-o-lantern’s association with Halloween?

It is the name of a ghost-like spirit that has its mention in the Irish folklore

What do you call the night before Halloween?

 Mischief Night

What do you mean by the pagan holiday?

A holiday that is not related to Christianity

What is Halloween known as in Spain?

All souls Day or the Day of the Dead

Originated from Arabian mythology, what is that kind of demon that robs the graveyards and feeds on the remains of the human body?

A ghoul

Can you tell me what the origin of jack-o-lantern is?

A story from Irish folklore

What should you wear to trick evil spirits at the time of Halloween?

Costumes and masks

The round orange color pumpkins that you mostly use for making jack-o-lanterns are native to which place?

North America

Have you read Shakespeare’s Macbeth? What is the other name of the three witches mentioned there

 The Weird Sisters

What title does a pet toad or a cat of a witch has?

A familiar


Did you and your kids have a fun time playing Halloween trivia for kids? Which questions were the easiest for them and which were the hardest?

Let me know in the comments!

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