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Fun 4th Grade Trivia Questions

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Does your kid love to play trivia?

The word trivia itself sounds fun and interesting! All of us are always up for a trivia game in my home, especially on the weekends when we sit together and have loads of fun.

And the kids are not left behind. Instead, they join us for a round or ten and have their own fun time.

Did I tell you how trivia is an engaging way to sharpen your kids’ memory? And you can test their knowledge about various things too.

Do you know what I like the most about trivia games?

My kid gets to learn about a sea of things. And they learn while enjoying the whole thing.

My best kind of evening is playing trivia with my little one. We enjoy each other’s company. And not to mention how great of a bonding time we have!

Now, to help you bond with your kiddos and grown-ups and make them learn new things, I’m here with a list of some of the best 4th-grade trivia questions!

Trivia Questions for 4th Grade

Kids love varieties. And so, in my list of trivia, I have included all kinds of questions – fun, easy, difficult, movies, science, and more. Read on.

4th Grade Easy Trivia Questions

4th Grade Easy Trivia Questions

Let’s start with the easy ones! These questions are perfect for warming up.

Name the place where you can see many animals at the same time?


What is the name of the thing that you use a hammer to hit on?

A nail

What is the color of the diamond?


Have you watched “Toy Story?” What was the toy cowboy called?


What is the number of legs that a spider has?


In the rhyme “Jack and Jill,” where did they go to fetch a pail of water?

Up the hill

In the American flag, what is the color of the stars?


If you fill a jar with water and freeze it, what will it become?


In Peter Pan, what is the fairy called?


Whose nose grew bigger in size whenever he lied?


When do you go to people’s houses and ask them “trick or treat?


With what do you write on a blackboard?


Fill in the blanks. The color of a school bus is ….


A caterpillar turns into a beautiful thing. What is it?

A butterfly

Have you watched “Nemo?” What kind of fish is that?

A clownfish

Fill in the blanks. You respond to “see you later, alligator” by saying…

In a while, crocodile

What is the number of planets in our solar system?


Which fruit do you give to teachers traditionally?


Name the ocean that is off the coast of California

The Pacific

Name the office of the President of the US

The White House

When do leaves turn yellow and die?

In the fall

What do you get from bees?


What is a female deer called?


Where do you get to see pyramids?


Fill in the blanks. Bees have …..pairs of wings


California is famous for what?


Have you read Dr. Seuss’s book? Christmas was stolen by whom?

The Grinch

Where is the house of Santa?

The North Pole

What is the name of Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend?

Minnie Mouse

You get to see the character Elsa in which popular movie?


What does Popeye eat to get strong?


Fill in the blanks. A group of lions is known as….

A pride

Fill in the blanks. Brontosaurus is a kind of …


In Peter Pan, what is the pirate’s name?

Captain Hook

A year has how many days?


In a nursery rhyme, who had a great fall after sitting on a wall?

Humpty Dumpty

The pyramids were built by whom?

The Egyptians

Hamlet was written by whom?

William Shakespeare

Have you watched Aladdin? Who is Abu?

A monkey

Fill in the blanks. The fastest land animal is…

The Cheetah

What color cats are known to bring bad luck?

Black cats

Have is watched, Harry Potter? Who is Hedwig?

The pet owl of Harry Potter

What is known as a kid when you are on a farm?

A baby goat

How many sides are there in a triangle?


How many sides are there in a square?


Who is the crime-fighter partner of Batman?


Fill in the blanks. The color of the Smurfs is…


When you drop something, who do they fall on the ground instead of going up?


Name the planet in our solar system that has a ring


The flag of which country is also known as “Stars and Stripes?”


Which superhero has the power to climb buildings and walls?


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4th Grade Difficult Trivia Questions

4th Grade Difficult Trivia Questions

Now that your kids have concentrated more on the game let’s ask them some more challenging questions!

Fill in the blanks. The tallest animal in the whole world is…


What is the opposite of black?


What is the opposite of up?


What is the opposite of rich?


In which country can you see the most kangaroos?


Name the first president of America

George Washington

Where is the Eiffel Tower situated?


Name Ireland’s patron saint

St. Patrick

In a rainbow, what is the total number of colors you get to see?


Fill in the blanks. The biggest mammal in the whole world is..


Which among these is the highest singing pitch: Baritone, tenor, or soprano?


Name the first man from earth to step on the moon.

Neil Armstrong

One who studies rock is known as what?


What is the thing that you stick on an envelope?


Name America’s smallest state

Rhode Island

Our solar system has eight planets, right? Name any two of them that start with “M

Mercury and Mars

Arachnophobia means phobia of what?


What does MVP stands for in sports?

The Most Valuable Player

In the film Harry Potter, what would make him invisible?

The invisibility cloak

How many bones are there in sharks?

Sharks have no bones

Acorns are collected from what type of tree?


Fill in the blanks. The total number of continents in the world is…


The Independence Day is celebrated on which date?

The 4th of July

What is the Disney World known as?

The happiest place in the world

Fill in the blanks. Pandas eat …


Once a volcano erupts, what are the molten rocks called?


Fill in the blanks. The nearest star to Earth is …

The sun

The iris is part of which human body part?

The eyes

Fill in the blanks. Alaska is the … state in America


Justin Bieber hails from which country?


From which movie did you get to know about Prince Charming?


Fill in the blanks. Abraham Lincoln is the … president of the USA?


In Snow White, what were the names of the seven dwarves?

Happy, Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Sneezy, and Sleepy

The Olympic Games started in which country?


When you boil water, what do you get?


Big Ben is the nickname of a clock bell at a palace in London. What is the name of the palace?

The Palace of Westminster

Fill in the blanks. The pet dog of Mickey Mouse is called…


In the year 1912, which ocean liner sank during its first voyage? Hint: A famous movie is made inspired by the incident.


Where did the Flintstones live? Name the town


Mona Lisa was painted by which famous artist?

Leonardo DaVinci

The Statue of Liberty is in the USA, right? Do you know which country it traveled from?


What did Abraham Graham Bell invent?


From which famous movie did you get to know about Princess Fiona?


Name the 50th state that joined the union?


Fill in the blanks. The hardest natural substance is …


The Gulf of Mexico is situated to the south of Florida. True or false?


Prunes come from which type of tree?


Fill in the blanks. The imaginary line that joins the south and north pole is known as…

Prime Meridian

Fill in the blanks. Asia is the …. Continent


Fill in the blanks. ….is the tallest mountain in the world

Mount Everest

The number of Great Lakes is?


The Titanic was launched in which city?


The word Ketchup came from which language?


The largest wingspan has which bird?


How many milligrams are there in one gram?


Fill in the blanks. The Greek alphabet’s first letter is called?


Peace is symbolized by which bird?

White dove

If you go to Brazil, you will find most of the people talking in which language?


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Random 4th Grade Trivia Questions

Random 4th Grade Trivia Questions

How good is your kid’s general knowledge? Let’s check!

What is the tenth month of the year?


What is it inside a pen that helps you write?


What is the color of the sky?


What is the color of the grass?


Fill in the blanks. The sun rises in the … and sets in the …

East and west

What do hens lay?


Name an animal that lived on the earth hundreds of years ago


Where do you go to see movies?


Name a fruit that is yellow in color


Name a fruit that is brown outside but green inside


Name an insect that you get to see in gardens


How do you play football?

By kicking on it

What do you wipe your hands and head with?


What is the opposite of light?


Name a sea animal that has eight legs


What do you use a rope for?

To tie up something

What do you do when you feel tired?


Fill in the blanks. X-ray shows your …


Name another word that means quick


Where do you go to play?


Name the main four directions

North, south, east, and west

Where do you keep flowers?

In a vase

What do you use on a rainy day to go out?


Cool 4th Grade Trivia Questions

Cool 4th Grade Trivia Questions

It’s time to refresh your kid’s brain! Ask them these cool questions.

Whose address is number four, Privet Drive?

Harry Potter

Fill in the blanks. George Harrison is the …Beatle


The Cathedral of Notre Dame is in which city?


The French flag’s middle stripe is white. True or false?


Anne Frank was hiding from the Nazis when she wrote a famous diary. Where was she hiding?


Fill in the blanks. Vincent van Gogh was a …..who cut off a portion of his ear

Dutch painter

In American football, how many points do your score for a touchdown


Chlorophyll is green in color. True or false?


The Great Barrier Reef is located in Australia. True or false?


The Yellow Submarine is the famous song of which band?


Fill in the blanks. In Alice in Wonderland, Alice follows a … into the hole

White Rabbit

Sumo wrestling is the national sport of which country


How many players do you need on a baseball team?


The Family name of JFK is Kennedy. True or false?


Who was the director of the famous movies ET and Jaws?

Steven Spielberg

Name the tiniest dog breed


Edvard Munch was the painter of The Scream. True or false?


Buddha was born in which country?


4th Grade Trivia Questions on Movies

4th Grade Trivia Questions on Movies

Do your kids love watching movies? Let’s see what they have got!

In the movie Madagascar, the animals were from which zoo?

The Central Park Zoo

In the movie Monsters Inc., James Sully Sullivan was the best scarer of the company. True or false?


Fill in the blanks. In Kung Fu Panda, the name of the Panda was…


In the movie Ice Age, the wooly mammoth was named what?

Manfred or Manny

In the movie Toy Story, the piggy bank was named what?


In the movie Frozen, what was the name of the younger sister?


What is the popular Big Red Dog called?


In the movie Cars, what was the red car called?

Lightning McQueen

In Pirates of the Caribbean, who was the main pirate?

Captain Jack Sparrow

Fill in the blanks. In Princess of the Frog, the princess’ name was…


Fill in the blanks. In the Little Mermaid, the name of the mermaid was…


There is a famous movie about finding a fish. What is the name of that movie?

Finding Nemo

Which superhero can hear sounds from far away and can fly?


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4th Grade Trivia Questions on Science

4th Grade Trivia Questions on Science

Are your kids good at science? Ask them these science questions to know!

What is the rarest type of human blood?

AB negative

Fill in the blanks. The …cell is the longest kind of cell in the human body


The gorilla is the largest primate in the whole world. True or false?


What is the weight of the salt that a human body has on average?

Approx. 250 grams

Where do you get to see the Northern Lights?


Which country is home to the most number of people in the world?


Fill in the blanks. Butterflies have …legs


Gold or silver – which one is heavier?


Fill in the blanks. The hardest substance in your body is…

Tooth enamel

The horn of a rhino is made of what?


Name a non-contagious disease that the most number of people in this world suffer from.

Tooth decay


How many 4th-grade trivia questions have your kids managed to answer correctly?

Let me know in the comments!

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