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6 Fun Easter Games That Kids Will Enjoy and Learn From

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Easter is one of the most joyous events of the year. It is a great opportunity to get along with family members and let the kids bond with their playmates. It is also a good way for children to discover where they’re good at, to hone their abilities in strategic thinking, and shape them into a person with humility and positive attitude. But, how could it be possible just because it’s Easter? Well, the answer is by playing fun Easter games!

Play, enjoy and at the same time create memories and sculpt everyone’s competitiveness through friendly tactics by sporting these fun Easter games:

1. Match the Eggs

easter eggs

An awesome game to test and improve sensory skills, Match the Eggs can be enjoyed by preparing an even number of plastic eggs and fill each pair with small objects such as jelly beans, coins, beads, and the like. Assemble the eggs on the table and let each child shake them and attempt to place two matching eggs together. Whoever has the most correct answers will earn a well-deserved prize!

2. Capture the Egg

A fun Easter take on the game ‘Capture the Flag’ will surely enhance agility, sportsmanship, and awareness of children. In order to experience a full-blown competition, it is advised to have at least 5-7 players per team. So, invite neighbors and family members and have a great time together! Prepare eight plastic eggs, four each of two different colors. After that, split the participants into two teams and let them decide which color they wish to have. Then, divide the playing area into two equal-sized territories, one for each team. Mark the boundaries with chalk, cones or landmarks such as trees or posts. Place the eggs on each team’s territory and let the capturing begin! The starting point must be at a neutral location on the edge of the playing field, and once the game has begun, players will cross to the opposing team’s territory to grab their eggs and bring it to their side of the playing area. If a player is tagged by their opponent, they will be out of the game. To end the game, a team must capture all the other team’s eggs.

3. Easter Egg Rolling Race

Roll into the world of fun with this relay race. Start with a dozen hard-boiled eggs, one for each racer. Create multiple lanes by marking off a straight race track with chalk, masking tape or cones. Each player begins by placing their egg at the starting line and a plastic spoon must be used to roll the egg down the lane and across the finish line. The first one to finish the race wins!

4. Spoonful of Sugar

It is a perfect game to test balance and concentration of each player because of its nature. Start by filling up a bowl with jelly beans, set it on a table on one side of the room. On the opposite side, set 3-4 paper cups (depending on the number of teams you wish to have) on a table. Prepare 5 plastic spoons for each member of the team and allow them to fall in line.

The goal is to fill in their cups by transferring jelly beans using the spoon, but they wouldn’t use their hands… they will use their mouth! So basically, they will walk across the room to get jellybeans using the spoon from their mouth and back to the other side of the room where their cups are and each player of the team will take turns until their cup is full. The team who filled their cup first wins!

5. Spring Up

It is another great game to test concentration with a hint of agility and reaction time. Thus, it is a perfect way to train children physically and mentally. Start by gathering spring colored balloons and inflate them. Then ask each player to throw the balloon in the air, and catch them as it is about to reach the ground. The goal is to keep the balloon up. As the game progresses, start adding an extra balloon per 30 seconds until someone is eliminated by dropping the balloon on the ground. The last man standing wins!

6. Easter Egg Decorating Contest

Easter wouldn’t be complete without colorful, painted eggs that are made with both love and vast imagination. Free the inner artist in your children’s hearts by providing a variety of art materials such as paints, brushes, googly eyes, pompoms, glitters, and the like to go with their hard-boiled egg ‘canvas’. Encourage them to do any design they wish, adults may guide the kids to add more family fun! Pop in a friendly competition by holding a vote among contestants or have a board of judges to vote on the best design!

Games may have a negative undertone to parents who struggle with children who always play. But actually, playing can also help your kids gain something! It will aid in shaping their attitude towards other people and approach to different circumstances and challenges that will teach them values and mental strength to conquer all obstacles. Also, games can also be a great chance to bond and enjoy with the family and neighborhood. So, this Easter, give these fun Easter games a go and gain merrily!

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