118 Christmas This or That Questions for Kids & Adults

“Jingle bells, jingle bells,

Jingle all the way.

Oh, what fun it is to ride

In a one-horse open sleigh, hey!”

Did you miss this Christmas song?

Well, I did!

And I’m extremely happy that I can sing this song again. Because, ta-da, it’s Christmas, honey!

Did I tell you how I literally wait for the holiday season the entire year?

I LOVE the month of December. And I have got my reasons. This is the time when I gave birth to my first and only child, which calls for a HUGE celebration. And, of course, it is Christmas, the time for parties, fun, and good food.

Our family deserves our time, you know. But if you are somehow unable to give them that because of your work pressure or anything else, Christmas is the time to make it up to them.

So, how about making the days of your family and friends a bit brighter this Christmas?

Spend as much time as you can with them. And when it comes to having a fun time, I have just what you need.

Play the game of Christmas this or that questions. And don’t worry about the questions. You have landed on the right page.

Here I have come up with the most entertaining Christmas this or that questions that you can ask your family, friends, and kids. Because you know, your kids are the ones who want to enjoy the most during the holidays. So, why not become the best mommy or daddy to them?

How To Play the Game of Christmas This or That Questions?

How To Play the Game of Christmas This or That Questions?

The game of this or that questions is easy to play. All you need are some questions that you are going to ask and some people whom you are going to ask those questions.

 But tell me, do you want to make the game more interesting?

Then I have just what you need! Here I have added more variations of how you can play this supremely interesting game. Read on.

  • This is the most common way how people play the game of this and that.

Make all the participants sit in the room and make all your questions ready. You can keep the questions printed on paper and put them inside a bowl.

If you are the one who is going to ask the first question, choose any one question randomly from the bowl and ask all the participants the same question. Listen to their answers.

Do you have many participants in the game?

Then you can pick one question and choose one person to answer that. When you hear their answer, they will ask the next question to a random person. And this continues until everyone playing the game has their turn to ask questions and give answers.

This is perfect for playing at kids’ classroom parties or your virtual Christmas office party or call. Also, this works great as a family activity where you have both kids and adults.

If you want to stretch the game, you can ask the players to give their reasons for choosing one of the two options they were given.

So, what happens is that when you ask a question to someone by giving them two options, they choose one option and then explain why they have chosen that option.

Doing so will make this Christmas game more interesting and fun.

  • You know that the game of this or that doesn’t have any winners, right? But do you want to make it competitive so that when the game ends, you have a winner?

I have done the hard work for you. All you need is to follow this gameplay.

So, tell me, how many people are you playing this game with? Because, in order to follow this gameplay, you need to be in even numbers. Why? Because you are going to play in pairs.

Sounds interesting already?

I know. This is my favorite variation of this game too!

Start by sitting in pairs. You can choose your pair or whom you want to partner with. Know that you have to answer on the spot.

Meaning if you are in a pair and some other pair asks you a Christmas this or that question, both you and your partner will have to answer on the count of three.

If both of you give the same answer, you get the point. But if your answers don’t match, you don’t get any points. Each pair will take turns asking questions and giving answers.

Do you know what the funny thing about this gameplay is?

The individuals in each pair try to guess what the other person is going to answer, and they end up not matching each other’s answers!

The pair that gets the highest number of points wins.

  • Here is another way you can play the game of this or that. And this is equally interesting as the previous one.

In order to start this game, each one of you should have a pen and a piece of paper.

If you are the one asking the question, once you ask a question, each player will have to write the answer on the paper given to them.

Here the catch is that they have to guess what the majority of players are going to answer and then write the answer accordingly.

When they finish writing their answers, they will have to turn on the piece of paper and show the answer they have written on it.

If their answer is what the majority of the players have written, they will get one point.

This game can continue as long as you want. The winner is the one with the highest points at the end of the game.

When to Play the Game of Christmas This or That?

This or that game is extremely fun to play, and it works as the perfect ice-breaker too. You can play the Christmas edition of this lighthearted game on many occasions. Some of them are –

  • At the airport, when you are flying somewhere to celebrate Christmas
  • On a long drive during the holidays
  • When you are in your car with your closest people looking at Christmas lights in your neighborhood
  • During your Christmas family dinner
  • As part of your celebration on the Christmas eve
  • During any Christmas party
  • At a get-together with your nearest and dearest people
  • While decorating your Christmas tree with your family
  • When you are having dinner with your family

Christmas This or That Questions for Everyone

Christmas is the time when you forget all your worries and make the best of your holidays. This is the time to meet people and be social, no matter how busy you are during the rest of the year.

This is when you party hard, play exciting games, sip your favorite wine and spend time with your family and kids.

So, what games do you generally play during Christmas with your favorite people? Are they as entertaining as the this or that questions?

If not, how about adding this super engaging game to your Christmas game list?

Apart from letting you have a wonderful time with your family and kids, this game lets you know your close ones better. And that is one of the best things about this game.

You get to know your people’s preferences, life choices, relationships, and whatnot. All this gives you a deeper view of people’s hearts. And when you get to look into someone’s heart, that’s when the magic happens. Right?

So, if you are single, make sure to play the game of this or that questions at get-togethers and parties. Who knows, maybe you’ll find someone who is just like you!

And if you already have your eyes set on someone, playing this game will give you a peek into their heart.

I have made two sections where you can find questions for adults and kids so that no one feels bored while playing the game.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the questions!

Christmas This or That Questions for Adults

Christmas This or That Questions for Adults

We, adults, have so many questions to ask, especially if the person we are asking questions is someone we have a soft corner for. Isn’t it?

When you meet new people and want to start a conversation, one of the best ways you can do that is by asking this or that questions.

This game allows you to know a lot of things about a person within just a few minutes. Isn’t that amazing?

Christmas is the perfect time to meet your old friends and make new friends. This is the time when a lot of romantic relationships start. You may have already seen that in most Christmas movies of the romance genre!

So, if you meet someone at a party or a dinner and you find them attractive, and you want to talk to them, playing this or that questions can be of great help!

Also, this game is a perfect addition to family dinners. You can sit with your family after dinner and play the Christmas edition of this and that questions.

You will have a great time of laughter. Trust me.

Here are a few questions that you can take inspiration from in case you don’t know where to start.

Be the size of a human when everyone else is the size of elves, or be the size of an elf when everyone else is the size of humans?

Eat eggnog the entire year or eat Christmas cake the entire month of December?

Party with Santa while riding his sleigh driven by reindeer or party with Grinch?

Give your loved one something that they had on their amazon wishlist or receive something expensive but not of your choice?

Party with your friends all night during Christmas eve or be at home with your family and have dinner together?

Go out of the country for vacation during the Christmas holidays or celebrate Christmas with your family at your home?

See the Christmas lights with your friends on Christmas eve or watch back-to-back Christmas movies with your family?

Make a huge Christmas eve dinner for friends or family or do the dishes after the huge Christmas meal?

Go to an expensive restaurant with your family and have dinner during Christmas or make a hearty meal at home and have dinner with family during Christmas?

Help Santa deliver gifts to kids or help the elves at the toy factory where they make toys for kids?

Have a house in the North Pole and live there or live in a gingerbread house?

Have a voice like the Grinch or have a voice like Santa Claus?

Assist Santa by going down a chimney and delivering gifts or choose to wait on the roof with the reindeer?

Decorate a hundred Christmas trees or light up a hundred lights on Christmas?

Talk like an elf or respond by saying “ho ho ho” to whoever asks you something?

Wear a Grinch costume to work for a month after the Christmas holidays or wear a Santa costume to every work meeting for the next month?

Dance to your favorite Christmas movie song at a Christmas party or sing your favorite Christmas carol at a party?

Get elf-like ears for a year or get a Santa-like beard for a year?

Be friends with Santa and stay with him or be friends with Grinch and stay with him?

Make handmade thoughtful presents for your loved ones or buy expensive presents for your loved ones?

Enjoy more while buying presents for someone or while packing those gifts?

Eat Christmas cake for the rest of your lives every day, or eat your least favorite snacks the entire month of December?

Hang a mistletoe from your front door and kiss strangers under it whenever they come to your house or don’t date anyone for one year?

Spend a day at the bakery of Mrs. Claus or spend a night at Santa’s workshop?

Go for a Christmas movie marathon on Netflix the night before Christmas or party all night before Christmas day?

Get drunk on Christmas eve and do something that you may regret later, or remain sober and get bored?

Bake Christmas cookies for kids in the family or buy Christmas cookies for kids from a bakery?

Be in a relationship with someone you just met at a Christmas dinner or don’t attend any Christmas dinner at all?

Sing a romantic Christmas song for your partner following the tone of your favorite Christmas carol, or go for a difficult karaoke song to sing for your partner?

Sleep under the stars on the night before Christmas with your partner or sleep under your cozy blanket alone on the night before Christmas?

Keep a long beard like Santa or be clean-shaven throughout the Christmas season?

Be in charge of writing names on Santa’s naughty list or be in charge of adding names to Santa’s nice list?

Give ideas to Santa about making new toys or give ideas to Mrs. Claus about new items in her bakery?

Decorate the Christmas trees with homemade ornaments or decorate the Christmas tree with store-bought ornaments?

Surprise your loved ones with a present they have wanted for a long time, or surprise them by giving them flight tickets for their favorite holiday destination?

Be the babysitter of Abominable Snowman for one day or take care of Santa’s reindeer for a day?

Eat out with your closest buddies or go to your favorite Christmas concert with your buddies?

Have a popular elf name such as Buddy or have a silly name such as Zippy Puddingpants?

Have a white snow-filled Christmas or a green summer Christmas?

Go to the North Pole to meet Santa and have an adventure on the way or meet him in your living room while he comes all the way from the North Pole?

Be famous and lovable like Santa but poor, or be a common man and not popular but super rich?

Have a magical reindeer that doesn’t listen to your command or a reindeer with no magic but loves you dearly and listens to you?

Spend Christmas eve in your pajamas watching your favorite Christmas movie or spend Christmas night partying and all dressed up?

Shop for your friends and family online from the comfort of your home or go to offline stores and buy gifts for your family and friends?

Wait for super-saver discounts and shop just before the day of Christmas or don’t care about discounts and shop early?

Go for Christmas lunch or go for Christmas dinner with your family?

Have your kids with you while you go out shopping for Christmas presents, or keep your kids at home while you shop for Christmas presents?

Want your kids to accompany you while you party with your friends, or want your kids to stay at home with their grandparents and have fun?

Marry someone famous but not so physically great as Santa Claus, or marry someone unpopular who has a great physique?

Receive a bag full of gifts but not wrapped or receive a beautifully wrapped present?

Would you rather adopt a new family custom or abandon an existing one?

Would you rather prefer Lindor truffles or hotel chocolate truffles?

Which would you prefer: spending the holidays with your relatives or three famous people?

Which pole would you prefer to call home – the North or the South pole?

Would you rather lift pumpkins or have to pull Santa’s sleigh for exercise?

Would you prefer your uniforms to resemble an outfit for Santa Claus or an outfit for a reindeer?

Would you rather spend the holidays traveling somewhere warm or somewhere cold?

Which would you choose: visiting distant relatives or distant friends?

Would you rather lose your way in a Christmas tree farm or get stuck in an airport?

Christmas This or That Questions for Teens and Kids

Christmas This or That Questions for Teens and Kids

If you are a parent to a kid, can you imagine a Christmas party without your kid? No, right?

But how can you keep them busy or occupied so that both you and them can enjoy themselves?

This is where this or that questions come into the picture. When your kid gets to participate in this game or when someone asks them questions, they become completely immersed in it. They have fun while answering, and they feel valued too.

But, you know, there is a difference between questions for adults and questions for kids. Because not all questions for adults can be asked to kids and teens.

That is why I have made this section where you can find question suggestions for kids and teens.

So, let’s delve into the Christmas edition for this and that questions!

Ride the Polar Express or ride one of Santa’s reindeer while Santa delivers presents to kids?

Write a thoughtful letter to Santa or send him a thoughtful gift?

Receive Mrs. Claus’ cookies as your Christmas present or receive a bell from the sleigh of Santa?

Receive a present from Santa that you have wanted for a while, or let Santa choose your Christmas gift for you?

Go ice staking or sledding with your friends?

Eat candy canes for a year or drink hot chocolate for a year?

Be a snowman for the entire Christmas or be an elf for the entire Christmas?

Watch Home Alone on Christmas night or watch the Grinch on Christmas night with your family?

Have ugly sweaters or Christmas or have Christmas socks?

Eat delicious cookies made by your mom or leave them out for Santa without eating them yourself?

Watch Christmas movies or go Christmas caroling?

Have a life such as Santa, who delivers gifts, or have a life like the elves who make those gifts?

Spend every Christmas with the elves making toys, or spend every Christmas at home with your family?

Receive toys as your Christmas gifts or receive clothes and accessories as your Christmas presents?

Open all your presents on the eve of Christmas or open all your presents on the day of Christmas?

Wear ear muffs and go out on Christmas or wear a fuzzy hat and go out on Christmas?

Have Christmas cake for one month or have Christmas pudding for one month?

Decorate the Christmas tree with lights or decorate the Christmas tree with ornaments?

Top your Christmas tree with an angel or top your Christmas tree with a star?

Receive one huge wrapped present or receive many small presents?

Build a snowman or build igloo forts during the holidays?

Be a turkey farmer or a pumpkin farmer?

Take a bath in cranberry juice or wash your hair and body with mashed potatoes?

Eat a hundred chocolate Hanukkah coins, or eat just one but with the wrapper?

Want the holiday season to stay for six months but no Christmas, or want the holiday season to stay as it is with Christmas?

Stuck at the airport with your parents during Christmas or get lost in a Christmas tree farm alone?

Be a part of a popular Christmas music or be a part of a popular Christmas movie?

Have your favorite celebrity at your home for Christmas but no celebration, or have an awesome Christmas celebration at home without any celebrity?

Receive a pair of socks for Christmas or receive a dictionary as a Christmas present?

Have an ugly sweater party for Christmas or have a karaoke night for Christmas?

Have a night in on Christmas or have a night out on Christmas?

Have ice cream for an entire year or candy canes for an entire year?

Spend Christmas with your parents but no grandparents, or spend Christmas with your grandparents but no parents?

Decorate hundred Christmas trees or wrap hundred Christmas gifts?

Have a reusable Christmas tree or have a new Christmas tree every year?

String a mile of popcorn garland or light up five hundred candles and keep them burning all at once?

Write an essay of five pages describing the essence of Christmas or solve a page of Christmas-themed puzzles?

Have mittens for your hands or skis for your feet?

Sing your favorite Christmas carol every time you enter your classroom for a week or wear the ear of elves to school for a week?

Have the red nose of Rudolph or ears like an elf?

Be friends with Santa or be friends with the Grinch?

Stay in a gingerbread house or stay at the North Pole?

Wear jingle bells on your feet for a month and wear mistletoe on your hat for a month?

Open all your Christmas presents at once or open your Christmas presents throughout the Christmas month?

Receive your favorite toy or give someone their favorite toy?

Go to Disneyworld alone during the holidays or stay with your family in your home during Christmas?

Work in a toy factory or work at a bakery?

Talk with your Christmas tree or talk with an elf?

Sit on Santa’s lap for an hour or sing Christmas carol in the mall all by yourself?

Be a cat and receive a big fish as your Christmas present or be a mouse and receive a big piece of cheese as your Christmas present?

Would you choose Frosty the snowman or Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, as your best buddy?

Would you rather receive one HUGE gift or ten tiny ones?

Which would you prefer to be, Santa’s elves or his reindeer?

Would you prefer to open your presents on Christmas morning or Christmas Eve?

Would you rather cook cookies for Christmas with Santa or eat them?

Which would you prefer: a melting snowman or a gingerbread person who has been devoured?

Would you rather live in a gingerbread house or eat one?

Would you prefer to see only holiday films or only eat holiday fare?

Would you rather skip dessert altogether or save fruitcakes for special occasions?

What Are the Benefits of Playing This or That Questions for Your Kids?

The game of this or that questions is really exciting. People of all ages find this game to be fun. As you already know, how great it is a conversation starter too. Right?

But do you know that “this or that” questions can also help your kids in other ways?

That is what I’m going to discuss in this section. Keep reading.

  • It gives the critical thinking of your kids a huge boost. This or that questions are open-ended, which means they give your kids the opportunity to think. And it is then that they come up with their preferable answers.

When you ask a kid this or that question, they use their problem-solving and analytical abilities. Also, they use the gifts of self-regulation and open-mindedness.

  • Your kid learns how they can form their own opinions. When you ask them this or that question, they are actually given a choice. They can think and then select what they prefer instead of choosing what other people prefer.

This, in a way, enables them to pick a side and then take a firm stand for it. And they carry this learning throughout their lives.

When you ask your kid this or that questions, they think outside of the box. Also, they learn to voice their opinions without any fear. And while they do so, they listen to other people’s perspectives as well.

Why Are Christmas Traditions Important for Your Kids?

Why Are Christmas Traditions Important for Your Kids

What Christmas tradition do you have in your family?

Do you eat a specific meal such as breakfast, lunch, or dinner together? Do you sit together and watch back-to-back Christmas songs? Do you play the game of Christmas karaoke songs? Do you play games such as charades, puzzles, and this or that questions with your family members?

When it comes to Christmas traditions, it varies from family to family.

In our family, we play fun games that don’t have any winners, so there is no competition, and all we can think of is having pure fun. And not to mention the quality time that we get to spend with each other. That is the best time we can have together!

And one of many such games, the Christmas version of this or that questions, is my favorite. What I like the most about this game is that there is no age restriction to this game. Kids and older family members can play and have fun too.

Now, Christmas traditions are especially important for your kid. When they grow, the memories of these traditions are something that they cherish forever.

This gives them a sense of belonging. They understand how important family bond is. And they become the person that they have always admired as a kid. They become your younger version.

Kids learn what they see. Isn’t it?

And when they see a fun-filled, loving, and warm atmosphere during Christmas, they try to bring the same vibe when they become adults. They carry those traditions forward that they have seen growing up all these years.

Your kid becomes social and always has a positive attitude. Isn’t that something you want?


Christmas is about a lot of things, but there is one thing common in all those things, and that is, having fun.

Whether you follow the Christmas tradition that your family has followed for years or start a new tradition, the main intention you have here is to spend the best time with your family. Right?

And Christmas, this or that questions serve this purpose really well!

So, did you like the question suggestions I mentioned above? Did you find them funny?

Let me know in the comments!

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