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10 DIY SPOOKY Halloween Ideas for Kids that You Should DO! SOOOO FUN!

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‘Tis the season to get spooky, fa la la la la- HALLOWEEN! Here comes another year to commemorate All Hallows’ Eve, a time of mystery, imagination, expression, creativity, and inventiveness that caters to kids or even adults! Everybody has something to do in this exciting and spine-chilling celebration. But, what can someone do to make it MORE spine-tingling and fun for all ages than the usual tradition? Get on for a ride and prepare yourselves for spooky and playful Halloween ideas to channel their full potential as creative and social beings! 

1. Halloween-themed Mason Jars 

An amusing and relaxing way to get started with this season of fright is to make yourself a unique Halloween-themed mason jar! The materials can be found in your home (if you own a lot of artsy stuff) or it can be bought at an affordable price in exchange for an amazing craft that is aesthetically pleasing and useful at the same time! 

spooky halloween kid

Here’s what you’ll need: 

If you got yourself a paint primer, spray/apply it onto your mason jar to make your design last. Then, start painting it with whatever you feel like doing. If you are not confident with your spontaneous paint job skills, you can always sketch the design first. After painting, let it dry completely before using it as a decoration or use it as your seasonal glass to pour your drink in!

2. Spooky Bowling Game

Bowling is a classic recreational activity of all seasons. Why not play it at the comfort of your own home? But with a twist! The bowling pins are of famous Halloween characters and the ball is a pumpkin. You can do it by taking six emptied 1.5-liter plastic bottles, paint, stickers, and other embellishments you wish. Then, start designing it to your heart’s content! You can make it look like a ghost, Frankenstein, vampire, witch, zombie, mummy, or a combination of all of them. After letting it dry, you can start playing by positioning it in a triangle formation and roll the pumpkin and earn that STRIKE! However, if you refuse to use pumpkin as a ball, just buy a cheap bouncy ball at a toy store and you’re good.

Totally a low-cost and environment-friendly activity both for kids and adults to enjoy doing and playing!

3. Direct Your Own Horror Film 

Movie marathons are fun. But, making a homemade horror movie is amazing on a different level! Let your children mingle with their imagination and creativity to craft a short horror film that the family could watch on All Hallows’ Eve while eating snacks or during the party!

4. Make a Monster Pet 

Kids would love to have a mystical friend that they could play with. Let them have their own monster pet by helping them make it from craft materials such as paper, yarn, cartons, stones, sticks, you name it. It is a nice way to discover their strengths, fortify their creativity, and allow them to have fun. 

5. Erupting Pumpkin 

A great kid-friendly science experiment and may also serve as a cool decoration outside the house that will surely spark conversation and compliments. However, make sure that the kids are supervised while doing this project, some steps may need to have an adult do it. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Pumpkin   
  • Baking soda  
  • Vinegar
  • Food coloring 

Have the pumpkin carved in the desired design then pour a generous amount of baking soda and add food coloring to it. Then, slowly pour the vinegar inside and watch the pumpkin erupt! 

6. Construct Your Own Halloween Feast 

Food will always be a part of playful Halloween ideas for kids because food brings us together! Now, prepare the ingredients to your desired theme of the Halloween feast and make the courses with your children. Let them help in the kitchen and plate like a gourmet chef they are. 

7. Design Your Halloween Costume 

Halloween costumes don’t have to be expensive, but they can be fun and imaginative! Make use of materials such as newspapers, magazines, plastic bottles and cartons and allow your kids to design their very own costume! It is unique, cheap, and it is something that fits their personality that they could walk in with confidence and sass!

BUT! In case you’re running out of time, you may refer to these spooky costume ideas and get one for yourself at a single click! (Click on your choice! Hassle-free, right?)

8. Spooky Dance-off

Buy a CD or download songs of spooky themes and play it while in a family dance-off at the Halloween party! A great way to let your hair down and just feel the Hallows’ vibe! 

9. Eyeball Hunt 

It is akin to Easter Egg hunt, but instead of pastel-tinted eggs, the kids will find eyeball decorated ones. The game master could set a specific number of eggs to be found and hide it in places with spooky mini obstacle courses that they could find wild and adventurous! This kind of activity may stimulate critical thinking and strategy from the young ones. 

10. Thematic Halloween Party 

What is Halloween without a thematic party? Make everyone dress like characters from Spongebob, Justice League, or any of your favorite cartoons and series! It will be a fun party with mini role-plays of the character they picked. 

Let your kids’ creative juices flow, and their potential glow! In awaited celebrations such as Halloween, where crafts, ideas, colors hide is a perfect opportunity to get spooky, fun, and adventurous with playful Halloween ideas for kids that adults could also find amusing!

Enjoy and Happy Halloween,  folks! 

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