30 Fun Things to Do on Christmas Eve and Day: Must Read!

What’s your plan for Christmas? Are you planning to do something new this year?

Then you have come to the right place, honey!

The occasion of Christmas is the best of the year, at least for me. I wait for the entire year for this special day. Now that Christmas is just around the corner, I have already started planning.

And when it comes to making plans for Christmas eve, there are so many things to do! Of course, one of the first things you need to do is go shopping. The dresses, the decorations, the lighting – you need to zero in on a lot of things.

And who can forget the Christmas tree? That is one of the essential parts of Christmas. Isn’t it?

When I was a kid, I used to help my parents doing the decorations and the lighting. It was super fun. We used to have a lot of family time, games, activities, and oh-so-yummy meals.

Things are a little different now that I have become a wife and a mother. And the biggest responsibility I have now is taking care of my toddler. This will be her second Christmas. Last year, I was in the hospital during Christmas as I was giving birth to her. So, yes, she is our Christmas baby.

As I couldn’t enjoy last year, I plan to make the most of the holiday season this year. Therefore, I have shortlisted some things to do on Christmas day that you can try too!

Super Fun Things to Do on Christmas Day

If you are in the same boat as me and want to do something different this Christmas, you can thank me later.

Because here, I will share some awesome activities and games that will light up your Christmas.

Whether you are up for creating gorgeous Christmas-themed ornaments and getting all crafty, or you are planning a get-together with your friends and family – I have come up with tons of exciting ideas.

The best part?

You can use these ideas throughout the holiday season. Try them on weekends, weekdays, and Christmas eve – whenever you want.

So, are you ready for the adrenaline rush?

Keep reading!

1. Go for a Family Photoshoot

Go for a Family Photoshoot

I love taking photos and videos of my near and dear ones. And that is the reason I opened my YouTube channel, where I post videos of my little one and our life.

I want her to see what her childhood was like. And, of course, I want to cherish this beautiful journey of motherhood throughout my life.

Taking a photo means capturing a moment that you can feel and memorize all your life whenever you look at it. And who doesn’t want to freeze their Christmas moment?

Plan for a photo shoot with your favorite people that you can look back on with a smile on your face. Your family will thank you for this!

Now, to keep the kids in the family engaged throughout this activity, don’t forget to keep some treats handy.

2. Bake Delicious Christmas Cookies

Do you want your kids to get involved in Christmas activities? How about training them to be the chef?

That is where baking cookies come into the picture!

You can assign them to work, keeping their age in mind. For example, ask them to create the batter for cookies if they can handle the mixing.

Did I tell you that my toddler and I made the cake mix together last night?

It was a lot of fun. And the joy on my little one’s face was something I would never want to miss!

You know, when you include your kids in your work or ask them to assist you, they are the happiest. They feel like they have accomplished something huge. And they feel proud of themselves.

Christmas is the perfect time to make your kids happy.

But before you get involved in the cookie-baking activity, make sure to arrange some holiday-themed cookie cutters.

Also, ask your kid’s opinion about what to put in the cookie batter, such as choco chips, food coloring, cinnamon, and coconut.

And don’t forget to praise your kiddo’s baking talent. That’s a must!

3. Decorate Your Kid’s Gingerbread House

Decorate Your Kid’s Gingerbread House

Do you want to be a little crafty this Christmas? How about decorating a gingerbread house with your little sunshine?

Go to a supermarket where you can get a gingerbread kit. It comes with the bare essentials that you need to build a roof and four walls of the house.

How about some personalization?

Head to the candy aisle of the same supermarket that you got the gingerbread kit from and get a few custom treats. This will give your kid’s gingerbread house quite a bit of uniqueness.

Tell your kids to use their favorite sweets to decorate their Christmas-special gingerbread house. They will love it!

4. Select Your Favorite Christmas Tree from a Christmas Tree Farm

Yes, I know, you can easily get a Christmas tree from your local mega store, but you want to create lasting memories with your family this holiday season. Right?

So, ditch your local mega-store and head to a Christmas tree farm with your family. These farms have so many Christmas trees to choose from that you will be spoilt for choice. Choose the one that you think will fit your house the best.

Also, if you want to make your kid feel valued, give them the responsivity of choosing your Christmas tree.

To make the tree fit in your car, you might need to cut it down a bit.

This whole thing may take a longer time, but who can ignore the beautiful memories that you get to make?

5. Click a Holiday Card Photo

Click a Holiday Card Photo

Who doesn’t like to take pictures? And when the picture is about the holiday season, we all become super excited about the shoot. Isn’t it?

So, one of the best things to do on Christmas day is to take pictures for your holiday card. For this, you are going to need some unique and funny props that can make the pictures stand out.

You can experiment with your dresses, poses, and expressions. Ask all your family members to give their best self in the photos.

Is there any room or corner in your home that you think will work great as a background for holiday photos? Use it. In order to have the best collection of photos, you need to bring your creative self forward.

You can use these pictures in your background for video calls and annual holiday cards. Also, you can forward these to your friends and family through emails and messages.

Sounds fun?

6. Make Spiked Hot Cocoa or Hot Cider

How about some festive cocktails this holiday season?

After all, without good quality drinks, Christmas can seem a bit dull for some. Isn’t it? A good cocktail is all you need to get into that Christmas spirit. How to start?

Prepare your favorite hot cocoa following your recipe. Next, get some peppermint schnapps and add a bit to it. Now add some whipped cream on top to complete the garnishing.

And you can do all these in your custom-made photo mugs. This will give you a cozy feeling that you don’t want to miss during the holiday season.

Of course, you can add other fun activities while you enjoy this cocktail. Gather your family and sing your favorite Christmas carols or watch your favorite Christmas movie together.

7. Go for a Holiday-Theme Game Night

Go for a Holiday Theme Game Night

Can you imagine Christmas without games?

Well, I can’t! And so, I have included a holiday theme game night in my list of things to do on Christmas day.

So gather up your closest friends and your family and get all geared up for a game night. There are many games that you can choose to play. You will get many options that are kid-friendly, too – if you want to include kids in the game.

Some options are white elephant, jigsaw puzzles, and secret Santa. If I were to choose, I would select secret Santa.

What would be your pick, then?

8. Invite Your Friends for Eggnog Tasting

How much do you love eggnog?

If your answer is “a lot,” this Christmas activity is just for you! It is all about tasting and admiring the eggnogs.

Invite all your friends and family and host an eggnog-tasting party. Try and taste which one seems the most lovable to your tongue.

To make this event all the grander, ask your guests to bring any holiday beverage that is their favorite. And ta-da, you have a wider menu for tasting!

9. Watch a Drive-In Movie

Watch a Drive In Movie

Are you more of a romantic person looking to spend some great time with your partner? How about taking your partner to a drive-in movie?

There is something about these drive-in movies that I find really romantic. First, you go on a drive with your special someone, and then you get to cozy up with them while you watch your favorite Christmas movie.

I have good news for you. This kind of movie-watching has made a comeback for the holidays.

So check if any of your local places is going to host Christmas movies such as Love Actually, Elf, or any other.

And did you know that many large stadiums in some major cities put their effort into making their parking lots into drive-in theatres for the holidays?

Keep your eyes and ears open, and make plans in advance to surprise your bae!

10. Go for a Paint and Sip or Host Your Own

Are you an artistic person? Do you have a knack for painting? Have you ever thought about taking up painting classes but couldn’t make time for them because of your busy schedule?

If your answer to all these questions is a “yes,” then, honey, use this holiday season to make your dream a reality.

It’s time to bring your artistic side out in the sun! And what better occasion for it than Christmas?

Group painting classes have become a rage these days. They give you step-by-step guidance on how to give life to your vision through the work of art. You can join one of these classes.

Or you can host your own painting class. Buy a blank canvas, some paints, and a brush or two from your nearest store and test your artistic flair at home. And don’t forget to keep a glass of your favorite wine handy so you can have a sip from it whenever you need a break.

Still trying to figure out where to start?

There are tons of tutorials available online. Just open YouTube, write what kind of tutorials you want to see, and you will be flooded with tons of videos.

Select the one that focuses more on the theme of Christmas. Then, you can showcase your creation to your friends and family and garner appreciation!

11. Set Up a Christmas-Themed Photo Booth

Set Up a Christmas Themed Photo Booth

I have always been a fan of photo booths. But ever since I saw the first movie of the film series The Kissing Booth, I have developed a different level of liking for these booths!

Photo booths are super fun and exciting. The best part?

You get to create some amazing memories with your favorite people. But, when you look back, you will definitely miss those moments.

And for any happening Christmas party, photo booths are dope!

If you have the same craze as me for photo booths, setting one up this Christmas would be one of the best things to do on Christmas day this year.

So, choose a background with a holiday theme that matches your vibe perfectly. Go for props such as Christmas hats and selfie frames. You can always add some exciting props to make things more interesting.

Now set up a camera, and you are all set to rock your Christmas party!

12. Attend a Church Service

Are you more of a religious person and want to contribute to the same?

Then one of the best things you can do is attend a church service!

Yes, there are many churches that arrange special services on the eve of Christmas. Look around, and you will be able to find one in your locality too. It is indeed a great activity if you have a religious family.

The best part?

You get to make your entire family dress their best and visit the church to celebrate the eve of Christmas. And what better way to spend Christmas eve than this?

13. See the Christmas Lights

See the Christmas Lights

Do you know what I like the most about Christmas apart from the shopping, gifts, Christmas tree, Santa, and food?

The lights!

Yes, I LOVE how the houses, the streets, the shops, and of course, the Christmas trees light up on Christmas. The sights of those happy lights never fail to bring a soothing feel to my heart.

If you are anything like me or you like lights too, how about taking your family on a tour of those Christmas lights?

Bring out your car from your garage, make your family members get into it, and go on a drive to see how people have lighted up the Christmas lights. And while you do so, don’t forget to take some holiday snacks, cookies, and drinks with you to make the most of the night.

14. Make a Santa Key

So, how does Santa come to your house?

Well, he takes the help of elves, makes toys at the North Pole at his workshop, and then delivers those gifts to children by entering the houses through chimneys. Right?

But what about condos and apartments that don’t have chimneys?

In that case, he uses a magical key to enter the houses.

So, how about making that magical Santa key with your kids this Christmas?

Kids love Santa, and they will love creating this key with you. After all, it’s for someone they love.

Also, to make this activity all the more interesting, you can arrange a session where you answer all the questions your kids have about Christmas.

I’m telling you that this will be an extremely sweet and fun activity!

15. Host a Christmas Party

Host a Christmas Party

Are you a social butterfly? Or are you a party animal?

Then you can definitely go for hosting a Christmas party!

Parties are great. You get to meet a lot of people whom, sometimes, you haven’t met in a while. This is where you can catch up with your friends and relatives.

You have some delicious snacks. You drink some amazing drinks.

You get to dance to your favorite songs. Also, you get to make a lot of wonderful memories.

And when you arrange a party, especially for the occasion of Christmas, things become all the more fun and happier. After all, it’s Christmas!

16. Arrange For a Cookie Exchange

Christmas without cookies is like coffee without sugar. It is still the same, but it feels like something is missing.

And if you have kids at home, making cookies during Christmas is something you can’t miss. Right?

The process of making cookies can be super memorable if you involve your kids in it. You know, whenever I bake a cake at home, I make sure to involve my toddler in the process. Sometimes I ask her to bring me the ingredients, and sometimes I ask her to make the batter.

And whenever I do these, I get to spend amazing time with my little one and make some wonderful memories.

You can do the same this Christmas too.

You can arrange a cookie exchange party to make things more interesting and exciting. Invite your friends and their kids and ask them to bring cookies made by them. This will give them the opportunity to show their creativity.

When you are together, you can taste and admire each other’s cookies. This activity can be super fun for kids, as they get to taste so many yummy cookies!

17. Make Decorations Using Old Christmas Cards

Make Decorations Using Old Christmas Cards

Do you receive a lot of Christmas cards every year? Have you stored all of them?

If your answer to these questions is a “yes,” let me ask you, “what do you plan to do with those cards?

Let me give you a unique idea if you haven’t had any plans. How about using those Christmas cards this year in your Christmas decorations?

This can be so much fun, as you can be as creative as you want. For example, you can cut those Christmas cards into different shapes that you need for your decoration, such as stars and reindeer.

Did you know that you can even make your own version of a Christmas tree with those cards?

18. Create Personalized Gifts for Your Special Ones

We love to receive gifts. And we love it even more when we get a gift customized just for us. Don’t we?

Is there someone special you want to see smiling this Christmas?

Then get them a personalized gift!

There are many stores where you can buy gifts and ask them to personalize them. But if you have some free time at hand, I suggest you make the gift yourself.

And when your special person comes to know that you have made that Christmas gift yourself, their happiness will know no bounds.

You can create anything that you think will touch their heart. It can be as simple as a handmade Christmas card with both your pictures and words that have come from your heart.

Can you imagine anything more romantic than this?

19. Go Sledding

Go Sledding

Do you live in an area that gets a lot of snow?

Then you can definitely add sledding to your list of things to do on Christmas day.

Take your family outside to where you can go sledding. But before you indulge in the activity, make sure to check the surroundings properly. Choose an area free from dangerous materials such as rocks and tree trunks.

This activity can be all the more fun if you have kids with you. They will make the most of it, and seeing them falling in the snow and giggling will feel your heart with joy and warmth.

Isn’t that what Christmas is for?

20. Make A Snowman

Do you have kids at home? Do you want to make this Christmas more fun for them?

Build a snowman with them!

Kids love playing in the snow. And when they see you getting involved in the activity with them, they will become all the happier.

My toddler and I both are winter babies. And we love playing in the snow more than anything. So we literally wait for Christmas every year to get into the snow and make a snowman of our own.

I find it extremely soothing and happy to see my little one playing in the snow, falling, giggling, throwing snowballs at me, and trying to make her own version of a snowman.

Once you are done making a snowman with your kids, make sure to accessories your little white man. You can use things like sticks, carrots, buttons, scarves, and hats and see how it looks like a real one!

21. Host A Rustic Christmas Party

Host A Rustic Christmas Party

Are you more of an outdoor person? How about throwing this year’s Christmas party outdoors with a rustic theme?

This unique theme can give your Christmas party all the hype it needs!

When it comes to food and decorations, there are many ideas that you can incorporate. For example, you can make a hot chocolate truck stand outdoors. The chilled weather and the hot chocolate make for an amazing pair.

You can deck the area with mini trees, red plaid, garland, berries, and pinecones. It will give your rustic Christmas party all the festive vibe it needs.

As this is a Christmas party, you can go with the colors red, white, and green while decorating the area. The crockeries can be in color white to go with the Christmas theme.

Your guests will love this idea!

22. Throw an Ugly Sweater Party

Want to be a little creative but in a traditional way?

Throw an ugly sweater party this Christmas!

Invite all your friends and family and ask them to wear their ugliest sweater. This will be a lot of fun, I’m telling you. Do you want to increase the fun and excitement of the party?

Tell your guests to be as creative as they can! They can come up with some funny quotes in their sweater. There can be something unique about the design or the sweater’s material.

The options are many. It all depends on how different their thinking is.

The one with the unique sweater wins the competition and gets their favorite Christmas cookies!

23. Go for a Christmas Hike

Go for a Christmas Hike

Do you like adventure? How about hiking or walking with your family to a Christmas meal?

I am an adventurer at heart, and I have done many treks. When it comes to walking, I love it, especially if it is some scenic roads or in the hills.

You get to see the true beauty of nature when you are close to it, where no car can go, and all you can do is walk.

If you think like this too, you can opt for walking or hiking while going for the Christmas meal. The best part?

You get to admire the local lights and decorations along the way.

24. Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is one of those Christmas traditions that you don’t want to miss, especially if you like snow.

The falling, the trying to get up, and then falling again on the snow has a different feeling. It’s fun, it’s hilarious, and it cracks you up. But, of course, this is for those who can’t stake, such as me.

And then others skate like a pro.

No matter which group you fall into, this is one of those things to do on Christmas day that you can’t afford to miss, even if you want to!

25. Set up a Bar for Hot Chocolate

Set up a Bar for Hot Chocolate

What is your favorite drink on a chilly night? Is it anything near a cup of hot chocolate?

Christmas and hot chocolate go hand in hand, especially if you have kids at home. But, of course, adults like chocolate too. And they love to have it more when it is snowing outside.

I find something in the cold weather and hot chocolate very romantic. Is it just me, or do you feel the same?

To make your Christmas warmer and fuzzier, you can set up a bar of hot chocolate in your home.

You can spend a romantic evening with your significant other by the bar with a hot cup of chocolate and make the most of the holiday season.

Also, you can welcome your guests by the bar and offer their favorite combination of hot chocolate. And not to mention how the kids will love it too!

26. Go Volunteering

Do you want to teach your kids the spirit of Christmas? How about taking them to a local shelter?

Of course, you can take them to some other volunteer organization too.

The idea here is to give back to society in whatever way you can – during Christmas.

Not everyone in society is as blessed as we are. 

We have a roof above our heads to protect us from heat, cold, and rain. We have food to eat that keeps us full. We have clothes to wear that keep us covered.

And we have money with which we can buy anything we want.

But there are people in our society who don’t have any of these. So we should always help them in whatever way possible. 

And Christmas is the best time to do so. After all, it is the holiday season, and if you make someone happy, you will feel happy too.

Also, teaching your kids to help others who are in need is a great way to develop empathy in them.

27. Plan A Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Plan A Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Do you want to plan something exciting for both adults and kids in the family this Christmas?

Arrange for a Christmas-themed scavenger hunt!

Scavenger hunts are always exciting. They keep you engaged in the game from the beginning till the end.

All you need is to decide where you want to hide the Christmas items the participants will find. Also, you need to think about the clues.

You can look up the internet if you don’t want to work your mind with clues. You will find tons of printable online. Choose the ones that go with your holiday theme, and you are all set to start your Christmas scavenger game!

28. Play A Board Game

Are you planning to do some indoor activities with your family on Christmas Eve? How about a round of your favorite board game?

Board games make your mind work and keep you engaged throughout. The best part?

You can include kids in the game too. It will keep them occupied for at least an hour or so, as this game is highly interactive.

And who knows, this might become an addition to your Christmas traditions as well!

29. Host A Christmas Song Karaoke Night

Host A Christmas Song Karaoke Night

Are you in the mood for singing this holiday season? Or do you have a thing for Christmas songs and carols?

Then the best thing you can do is host a Christmas carols karaoke night!

Invite all your friends and family and make the arrangements for the eventful night. For the list of Christmas carols and songs, you can search Google and get tons of them. Choose the list that you think will fit your guests better.

You can arrange a good-quality mic if you want to make it organized. Otherwise, just sing in your loudest voice.

To make the guests feel comfortable, don’t forget to arrange snacks, cookies, and drinks.

This Christmas activity will be a huge hit. Trust me. And not to mention the laughs and fun you will have!

30. Prepare Christmas Eve Boxes

A box full of surprises? Yay or nay?

I say a BIG YAY!

After all, who doesn’t like to receive gifts, especially if they are their favorite items?

This is one of the fun things you can do on the eve of Christmas.

Before starting this activity, you need to know what your family members like to have as presents. Then, once you are sorted with the favorite items of each and every member of your family, you need to buy those items.

Also, as this activity is about gifting your favorite people their favorite things in a box, you need to be very mindful while selecting them. They should be according to the liking of your near ones.

If you want to go the extra mile and add a touch of personalization to the boxes, you can hand-make them too.

Kids in the family love receiving this box full of surprises. Here are some ideas for the things you can include in the Christmas eve box:

  • Christmas books
  • Snacks
  • Pajamas
  • Ornaments
  • Christmas movies
  • Christmas cups, mugs, and plates
  • Games


Here ends my list of things to do on Christmas day and eve. But, of course, there are many other things you can do during the holiday season. It all depends on your choice.

Which activity from my list are you going to try this holiday season? Do you want me to add more activities to this list?

Tell me in the comments!

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