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When A Mother Is Born, It Creates The Most Special Kind of Love and Happiness

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How about living in a home where lulling your child to sleep becomes a routine? A tranquil abode of sweet cuddles while brushing his fine sunny hair. The gentle caress and lucid affection that mends every daunted heart. A life with glee, seasoned with bliss and hope, a never-ending clamor for love– reciprocated love. A love that knows no boundaries. A love that’s far beyond compare. A love that’s inseparable. A love that never grows old. One that sails, goes on, and never fails. A Mother’s love.

It seems to be a paradox to ever have that notion of having a child at the time you least expect it. To be able to grasp into such circumstance with an unwithered faith, having to valiantly go on without looking back. I am not dreaming. I wake up everyday in my life with my little ones budding with grace and life’s beauty, as if never to scorn whatever beguilement there is.

I could recall the first moment I found out I was conceiving, like having to feel dazed almost all of the time. I crave for foods I do not usually crave, experience ample mood swings, vomit, and even get irritated at stuff which I do not usually despise. And I thank it for having been fortunately pregnant with God’s lovely blessing. Those were my fair advocacies, my delight; a dream in life that I never expect would come to me at the time He knows best. I was there. I stood there steadfastly. Had I been too coward I could have put myself to halt since it was never easy to be in it, but then I held on and fought against tribulations. Those challenges and changes proved me nothing to do with being a whimp, because I have surpassed it and walked the long run passed it.

I remember that one cloudy Sunday when I started shrieking in pain, laboring that excruciating feeling out of my round and heavy belly. I even managed to dance one Korean hit and laughed amidst the tears and the pain, as blood came flowing from behind my skirt. And then it went so fast, hearing those tiny shrills inside the delivery room, wanting so eagerly to have a glimpse of it and wrap that cuteness around my arms, those tears of mixed excitement and happiness—those were all worth it. That was an achievement that I will gladly keep. It was exceptional and I have never ever experienced like that in my whole life until it all just happened, with a sincere loving heart, the way God has planned it.

Sometimes in our lives, we just have to deal with the mystery and magic, and believe that God does things especially for your heart’s delight. A mother’s love is indeed the best love one could ever have. The people who have had a mother growing up could have different meanings to what a mother means to them, and being one would mean it is remarkable for me to give my children all the love because after all, that was everything I ever wanted.

A child who feels love is most likely to succeed and give it in return than a child who never received it and does not know what it means to be loved. I believe that it is the mother’s love, care, and understanding that enable the child to overcome many hurdles in their life.

My children have indeed brought me to a new horizon wherein my dreams are more vivid and my strength shone brighter. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought there is this kind of happiness. This opportunity taught me so much on how to love myself more and look forward to a wonderful future because those people that I live for had always been there.

Thus this love that I keep so dear in my heart has drawn me to make a  promise, a promise that I promise won’t ever be broken.

I swear.

I swear that I will be my children’s truest friend whenever forlorn adversities take place– when friends who rejoice with them in their sunshine desert them, when troubles thicken around them and when no one’s going to be there in their darkest. I promise to grow with them, with life’s entire prowess. And in all the days of my life, my love for them will remain strong and irrevocable.

As quoted, “A mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children. Her love grows by giving. It is peace. It need not be acquired, and it need not be deserved. A father may turn his back on his child, brothers and sisters may become inveterate enemies, husbands may desert their wives, wives their husbands.


I dedicate this blog to all moms to be,  friends, and people who have dearly carved one great love for their Mothers in their hearts.
And most of all, this is for all of the world’s loving Mothers whose wisdom and courage withstand the grandeur of Motherhood with grace, joy and pure love.❤😊
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