Mothers are Queens: Moms, this is all about you. Thank you!

Mothers are Queens. It may sound clichéd but it’s every bit as true. We’ve all been so accustomed to her being around and in charge of the affairs that we’ve not noticed that it actually holds true; her, being a Queen.

What does the Queen do? Here are some of the most remarkable things a queen does:

She’s the head of the State.

Here you go. Now you’re thinking “Yes, my mother is in charge of our house, she has always been”. If a female monarch heads the state, then a mother is the light of our home.

She’s a symbol of stability and is someone you always look for in times of uncertainty and unrest.

Remember the times you were unemployed or upset, or your relationship wasn’t working out, or a certain family problem was going out of hand and you thought everything was going downhill and life was miserable and wasn’t going to be good ever? Who do you think was the calmest, despite being enormously under pressure?

Yes, your mother. She was the one who you always looked for, and you still do, in times of difficulty. She’s the anchor that holds everything together, she’s that life jacket that doesn’t let you sink to the bottom of hopelessness. She’s the one that keeps you afloat amidst all this.

Mothers are queens.

20 thoughts on “Mothers are Queens: Moms, this is all about you. Thank you!”

  1. This is so precious and encouraging to me as a Mom of three who is always taking the backseat to the family. Thank you so much!

  2. I can’t even explain how much I love this post! I have no idea where I would be without my mom and she’s brought me through so many tough situations 🙂 sharing your post for sure.


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