It’s OFFICIAL! Kids Inherit Intelligence from Their Mother

Who should take the credit for their child’s intelligence? Is it mom or dad? This is a topic that is heavily debated upon in many households. So let us put an end to this argument once and for all. To all mothers out there, once again, you have another reason to give yourself a pat in the back and be extra proud of your child’s success because according to researchers, mothers are responsible for transmitting intelligence genes. It is important to consider that the study is quite controversial because of the fact that some people believe that both parents have an equal influence on their child’s intelligence, and some may claim, according to their observation that a child has taken one of the parent’s brain power. 

Regardless of the heated deliberation, it is important and quite beneficial to present and interpret the findings objectively. This study is ultimately fascinating and entertaining, and if anything, this is what we hope readers would feel as well; to be fascinated, intrigued, learn and be empowered.

So, how did kids inherit their intelligence from their mother?

The Role of X and Y Chromosome & Conditioned Genes 

Many people do not give genetics much of importance. Some may only consider it if they saw similarities between the parent and the child and call it ‘inheritance’. It is beneficial to know how it works and let’s start with the role of X and Y chromosomes to get things started. A chromosome is a thread-like structure consisting of nucleic acids and protein which carries genetic information. Every human being carries one pair of chromosomes in each cell and it so happened that females have two X chromosomes; males have one X and one Y chromosome. Now, this is where the conditioned genes come into play. As a rule, the genetic properties of conditioned genes can be either activated or deactivated depending on its designation and, finally, the genetic properties of the child are influenced.  

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Conditioned genes contain a “tagging” system that is made up of biochemical material. It allows the gene’s point of origin to be traced and reveals they are activated or not within the descendant cells. Activated genes will influence genetic development, while deactivated genes will not. Interestingly, some of the conditioned genes only work if they are maternal. If the same gene is inherited from the father, then it will be deactivated. And of course, other genes work the opposite and will only be activated if they are paternal. 

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  1. Does that also mean that kids that are not so intelligence have inherited it from mum! Very interesting post and well researched.

  2. This is a interesting read, and it’s good that it isn’t just intelligence is inherited, proper stimulation and environment is also important 😀


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