10 Tips To Surviving Your First Year as a Mother

Job well-done, mom and congratulations! You have survived the 9 months of nurturing the baby inside you and delivered a healthy one. Being a first-time mother can be both exciting and scary. You are excited to spend every precious moment and witness every milestone of your baby.  Scary because your baby is too frail and you do not exactly know how to handle every situation even if you have read a lot during your pregnancy.

Know these 10 tips to help you survive your first year as a mother

1. A Comfortable Room for your Baby

A comfortable room for your baby

Your baby may be sharing your room or having his/her own. Apart from being too excited to decorate the room, make sure that it is also comfortable for your baby.  Check on the roomโ€™s temperature. Make sure that the cribโ€™s cushion is comfortable and secure. This will keep most of your worries away.

2. Discuss and Divide Chores for the Baby Among Family Members

You may want your husband or anyone else in the family who lives with you involved. Make a list of the chores for the baby and delegate a family member for each.

3. Baby not Getting Enough Milk

Baby not getting enough milk

Not every breastfeeding mother is the same. Some may have abundant milk while others need more time before the milk comes out or be enough for the baby. Some babies sleep while latching. Do not panic. It is advisable that you run a warm washcloth around your breasts to stimulate the milk to flow.

4. Make Sure that Baby Essentials are Always within Reach

Always make sure that have enough stock for your baby essential. Diapers, baby wipes, cotton, powder, clothes, washcloths are just to name a few. If you need to be in a different area of the house, make sure you have the baby bag or a container with you that has all the things you need. Make everything organized.

5. Constipation

This is for you, mom and not the baby. You may experience this the first time after giving birth or may still have this for a few months because of the hormonal changes your body is going through again. You may use a laxative to help you just make sure that you consult a doctor especially if you are breastfeeding.

6. Emotions

You may feel differently after giving birth even if you have a wonderful pregnancy and have much love for your baby. Make sure that you have someone to talk to who you know can understand you. It can be your mother, your husband, your friend or your doctor. They may not be able to explain it but it helps that you are able to vent it out and not keep it to yourself.

7. Make sure you get Enough Sleep

You will always need more than enough energy now that you are a mother. Only enough sleep will help you regain your energy or maybe even sanity. If you see an opportunity to take short naps do it.

8. Never Stop Reading

You have read books that kept you educated during the stages of your pregnancy. Read and still get yourself be well informed on baby facts.  This will help you understand a lot about your baby.

9. Master the Art of multitasking

You may not always have a helping hand available but your baby needs a lot. Calm yourself. You are the mother. You know how to prepare something for your baby better than them. Eventually, youโ€™ll find it amazing how you can easily manage to do things at the same time.

10. Know your go-to-mommy

As difficult as it is to accept, you do not have the answer or solution to everything. Your go-to-mommy is someone that you are very comfortable with. You may not always agree with her but you know that she is the best person to consult. Keep her on your speed dial.

Apart from all the stress, make sure that you enjoy your first year as a mother. Document every milestone. Learn to laugh at epic failures. Every day is important you donโ€™t want to be stressing out on each and every day. You might miss a very memorable one. Before you know it, you have survived your first year.

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  1. Your baby girl is precious! I’m not a momma yet, but these tips are super helpful! I already have my go-to mommy’s lined up for when I am a momma! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I’m going to be a first-time mom in a matter of weeks. And I am slightly terrified but also, just realizing that this is OFFICIALLY a reality, so I need to pump myself up! haha!


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