6 Tips on How To Stay Organized For Moms?

Nowadays, moms are juggling more obligations, activities, family matters, and work commitment. However, we still feel that there is just not enough time to do everything. There isn’t enough space to fill new items. Our minds (and home environment) are filled with a mess.

Learn how you can stay organized, simplify household chores, and pave the way to a clutter-free home for first-time parents with these tips:

1. Use a to-do List

Whirlwind days of activities aren’t new anymore for us. We wake early in the morning to cook healthy breakfast. After that, we will clean the house. Then, we will prepare the kids for their school. And the list goes on.

2. Learn to Say No

Be reminded that you don’t have to say yes to every task – helping your kids on their projects, play dates and etc. You don’t have any clone (or twin) so stop acting like you have. Doing this will drive you crazy while you’re trying to stick to a messier schedule.

So, if you know you can fit into something that easy, then say no! Don’t even give an excuse because you can take more obligations anymore.

3. Plan Your Meal

Do you often find yourself going to the supermarket every day to buy forgotten ingredients? Or perhaps, you just don’t what to cook tonight? Either way, meal planning can save you. It does need to be extravagant. A simple staple meal like baked chicken, pasta and much more can already make your family happy during mealtime.

To avoid struggling to market, always list at least ten meals you can enjoy regularly and include them on your menu every week. Make sure to bring this menu every time you shop so you won’t forget anything.

4. Spend Some Downtime

Moms are no exception for taking some downtime. Get at least one moment for yourself every week or else, you will burn out from your overwhelming task. Reward yourself an hour for a couple of days each week. To get it (despite your busy days), you can simply schedule it.

Don’t think that you’re totally wasting your time here. You can do some tasks such as catching up on social media sites or updating her next set of a to-do list. Enjoy it guiltlessly. You deserve it!

5. Ask Help From Your Family Members

Delegate household chores like what a CEO does. Assigning tasks and setting the expectation to your family members is a good thing. They will learn how to handle responsibly their chores and become more independent.

Once every family member helps consistently, parent’s workload lightens. More than that, the house stays neat and clean.

6. Organize Digitally

Are you tired of overlooking or losing financial statements and bills? Then, why not try creating a personal e-mail to lessen the burden of being forgetful. It is more convenient than the traditional way of receiving mail. Plus, it’s quicker and more environment-friendly.

Staying at the top of things needs discipline. However, with the help of your family and the tips mentioned above, you can free up more time and reduce hassle.  

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24 thoughts on “6 Tips on How To Stay Organized For Moms?”

  1. Although I don’t have kids yet, I could already use majority of your tips in our household. Sometimes I like to be in a routine, it helps me stay focused and not rush at times. Great share!

  2. I have to have my to do lists! I have a planner that I write everything down in and I have tons of different planner pages to help me stay on top of things because I get scatterbrained.

  3. These are all great tips. It is so helpful to learn to say “no”. Sometimes I will offer to do something different than what was originally requested if it fits in my schedule better. And, yes, downtime is a must! Thanks!

  4. These are useful tips! My main one is down time – I never take nearly enough downtime and always feel like I have to be doing something – but taking time out can make you much more productive in the long run!


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