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Gerber Gentle VS Soothe: Which Baby Formula Is Better?

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Having a new baby is an incredible blessing. From the moment you first lay eyes on your little one, you are filled with an overwhelming desire to care for them, protect them, do right by them.

And that’s why when it comes to your newborn, nothing but the very best for them will do.

That’s especially true when it comes to what to feed your precious bundle of joy.

Babies’ tummies are tiny and new, and should be filled with only the gentlest and healthiest fare.

This is why it can challenging to pick the right formula for your baby.

When you embark on that journey towards finding the right baby formula, it’s overwhelming to see the many, many options available.

The market is filled with various brands all declaring that they are the right choice for your little one — and each brand has even more variants to choose from, offering different types of formula!

Confused? Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

Many moms are faced with this tough dilemma.

We’re here to help you out by placing the spotlight on one of the long-standing, trusted brands around, Gerber, and two options they offer that are both great choices for your little one: Gerber Gentle vs Soothe. 

If you’re on the lookout for a solid choice for baby formula, or if you find that your baby may be having some issues with the formula they currently have, then Gerber Gentle and Gerber Soothe are the two standout options you may want to consider. 

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Gerber Gentle vs Soothe

gerber gentle vs soothe

This line of formulas from Gerber are specifically made for your baby’s comfort after feeding, even if they have sensitivities.

Gerber Gentle vs Soothe, you may be wondering.

Well, let’s get to know these two formulas so you can find the baby formula which will be better for your little one.

Gerber Gentle

  • Easy to Digest Protein
  • Non-GMO
  • Milk based
Gerber Gentle
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In this range, the one that is recommended for most newborn babies is Gerber Gentle.

The great thing about it is that it is modeled on breastmilk. Gerber Gentle has all the protein, carbohydrates, and fats that your developing little one needs.

About Gerber Gentle

Gerber Gentle was created as a substitute for breastmilk when moms are not able to exclusively breastfeed, or when babies have sensitivities to regular baby formula, such as developing atomic dermatitis because they cannot yet properly digest the protein ingredient.

It’s important to note that Gentle does contain lactose, so it may not be the optimal choice for those with lactose allergies. 

Gerber Gentle Features

This baby formula has what they call comfort proteins – small proteins that tiny tummies can digest with ease.

Gerber Gentle claims to be the only powder infant formula with a blend of DHA, probiotics, and prebiotics.

Probiotics and prebiotics are vital breastmilk components that aid in the development of healthy brains and eyes of babies.

Gerber Gentle also has 2’ – FL HMO – this is a prebiotic that is similar to one contained in breastmilk at a significant amount. 

Gerber Gentle Nutrition Facts

gerber gentle vs soothe
  • Carbohydrates + Protein + Fat
    Gerber Gentle has the carbohydrates, protein, and fat per 100 calories needed by your baby to make sure that all developmental milestones are being met. It does contain some milk proteins that haven’t been completely broken down.
  • DHA
    DHA is vital to babies’ brain development so that they can learn new things and hit milestones. Fine and gross motor skills, thinking skills, and speech skills are all aided in development by DHA. And it has Probiotics, which are key to keeping their digestive system functioning healthily and preventing illness by making sure that there is ample good bacteria around.
  • Vitamins and Minerals
    All of the vitamins and minerals that are expected in infant formulas can be found in Gerber Gentle. Plus, Gerber Gentle’s formulation helps promote soft stools so that your baby can avoid being constipated.
  • Whey Protein Concentrate
    Because it is designed for babies with sensitive tummies, it is made of whey protein concentrate, replacing regular milk.
    Whey protein comes from milk, and it’s hydrolyzed to break down protein to tinier pieces that will be easier for babies to digest and avoid allergic reactions.
  • Probiotic B. Lactis
    Gerber Gentle is enriched with Probiotic B. Lactic, which supports infants’ digestive health and immune systems. 
The Pros
  • Closest to breastmilk
  • Has 2’ FL HMO
  • Has DHA
  • Non-GMO
  • Contains Probiotic B. Lactis
  • Blend of probiotics and prebiotics
The Cons
  • It may cause some babies to become fussy
  • Contains lactose which may not be suitable for infants with lactose allergies

Gerber Soothe

  • Easy to Digest Protein
  • Milk based – NON GMO
  • Soothing nutrition for babies
Gerber Soothe
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Gerber Soothe is the recommended choice for infants who have colic issues, gas, fussiness, and excessive crying.

These are related to milk protein sensitivities, and this baby formula is designed to alleviate these reactions.

It also has all the protein, carbohydrates, and fats your little one needs for proper development and growth.

About Gerber Soothe

If you’re looking for an infant formula that is dedicated to reducing crying in colicky babies, then Gerber Soothe is the one for your little one.

Colic is when infants get super fussy and cry inconsolably for long periods, and though no solid reason has been found, it’s been tied to difficulties indigestion.

A bottle-fed baby consuming formula that is not suitable for them may end up being colicky.

Gerber Soothe claims that it can reduce colic crying by up to 50% within a week. It’s also available in Probiotic Supplement form.

Gerber Soothe Features

Gerber Soothe contains proteins that have been thoroughly broken down.

This makes it easier for babies with sensitive tummies to process them, which reduces babies’ reactions connected to sensitivity to milk protein.

It also has a carbohydrate blend which is 30% lactose to alleviate gas and fussiness. Gerber Soothe contains comforting probiotic L. Reuteri that is clinically proven to ease colicky crying as much as 50%. No non-GMO ingredients are present.

Gerber Soothe Nutrition Facts

gerber gentle vs soothe
  • Carbohydrates + Protein + Fat
    As with Gentle, Gerber Soothe has all the carbohydrates, protein, and fat per 100 calories for your infant’s needs.  This makes sure that they are thriving and ensures healthy development. But unlike Gentle, Gerber Soothe’s milk proteins are all thoroughly broken down so little ones with milk sensitivities will be able to process them with ease — leading to lesser symptoms like fussiness, gas, excessive gassiness and colic.
  • DHA
    This ingredient that is very important to the healthy development of babies’ brains and eyes and aid them in learning and skill development can likewise be found in Gerber Soothe. Comfort proteins for tiny tummies’ comfort and probiotics to ensure better digestion with the presence of good bacteria are also in this baby formula.
  • Vitamins and Minerals
    Gerber Soothe contains all the expected vitamins and minerals in a baby formula.
  • Whey Protein Concentrate
    The regular milk ingredient in Gerber Soothe is replaced by whey protein concentrate from cow’s milk. This makes it a great choice for colicky babies because it’s gentler on the tummy. Though it still contains lactose, the amount is very small, which makes it suitable for those with lactose allergies and sensitivities.
  • Probiotic L. Reuteri
    Gerber Soothe contains probiotic L. reuteri. This promotes healthy microbiota in babies’ small tummies. 
The Pros
  • Contains DHA and ARA
  • Has 2’ -FL HMO
  • Up to 50% in reduction of crying
  • Lessens the presence of symptoms connected to milk sensitivity
  • Non-GMO
  • Contains Probiotic L. Reuteri
The Cons
  • Taste is a bit unusual and some babies may not like it
  • The smell is also quite strong
  • Some have said that it actually made their little ones’ fussiness and gas worsen

Gerber Gentle vs Soothe: A Comparison

gerber gentle vs soothe

Looking at each baby formula’s strengths, they both seem like very good choices. So which one should you pick, Gerber Gentle vs Soothe? Let’s compare them side by side!

Both these baby formulas were formulated to be great choices for breastmilk substitutes. The key difference of Gerber Gentle vs Soothe is the main purpose they serve:

  • Gerber Gentle is good for babies’ sensitive tummies, and some protein sensitivity
  • Gerber Soothe is a prime choice for babies who have a lactose sensitivity, and gas, colic, or reflux

Gerber Gentle and Gerber Soothe are both made for babies’ tiny, sensitive tummies.

They both have ingredients that are not difficult for infants to digest.

But because every baby is different, these two baby formulas also have some differences in their composition so that each can address specific needs — and further narrow down your choice.

Gerber Gentle…

  • Has Probiotic B. Lactic which helps in infants’ digestive health as well as their immune systems
  • Is made for protein-sensitive babies (except for some milk proteins not being completely broken down, which means susceptible babies may be better off with Gerber Soothe)
  • Contains lactose so little ones with lactose allergies should opt for another choice

Gerber Soothe

  • Has Probiotic L. Reuteri which soothes colicky infants, and reduce symptoms and crying
  • Is made for lactose sensitive infants and those with colic symptoms
  • Has very little lactose, which makes it a good choice for babies with reactions to lactose

All in all, in the great Gerber Gentle vs Soothe debate, it all comes down to one very important thing: What your little one needs.

If your babies are sensitive to protein or if you want a formula that will be good and gentle to their tiny baby tummies, Gerber Gentle or Soothe is a good pick.

But if your infants are sensitive to lactose, have a harder time digesting, or show signs of colic, gas, or fussiness, then Gerber Soothe is the way to go.

Both of these baby formulas are made up of ingredients that are good for babies’ digestion, growth, and good health.

They contain the key ingredients found in breastmilk that are vital to your little ones’ development.

Gerber Gentle and Gerber Soothe are both gentle on little tummies and helpful in keeping infants healthy and thriving.


Between Gerber Gentle vs Soothe, the baby formula that will surface as the better choice for your baby will ultimately be the one that will best serve their individual needs.

You know your little one well, and you’ll be able to make the right choice!

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