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Britax Pinnacle VS Frontier: Which Car Seat Should You Choose?

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As parents, there is nothing more valuable than our children. Moms and dads place the utmost importance on their kids’ well-being.

What is best for your child always comes first, especially when it comes to safety.

Parents will always want to do all that they can to protect their kids and keep them safe.

And that’s why when it comes to buying protective gear that can aid in your child’s safety, a lot of thought, research, and care goes into choosing only what you can truly trust to do their function of helping to keep your little one safe. 

This is particularly true when it comes to finding the right car seat to get for your child.

Accidents are uncontrollable and very unpredictable. They’re not something you can foresee, and are oftentimes not your fault. Such occurrences are out of your hands.

What IS in your hands is how you can prepare and protect for situations like these. What you can do is to focus on preparation — preparing in advance and getting proper, high-quality protection for your little one.

And that is why choosing the right car seat for your child is something that should be given a very high priority. 

There are a lot of car seat choices available today. It can be quite difficult to figure out which one would be the right one for you and your child.

britax pinnacle vs frontier

What we can do is to help you narrow down your choices by placing the spotlight on two of the top car seats in the market: The Britax Pinnacle and the Britax Frontier. 

When talking about Britax Pinnacle vs Frontier, we’re discussing two top-tier, high-quality car seats that are crafted to provide maximum protection for your little one.

Both excellent picks, the Britax Pinnacle vs Frontier both have outstanding features that will help you keep your child as safe as can be — and they do have some differences, as well!

So which should you get, the Britax Pinnacle vs Frontier?

Let’s check them both out so you can see which one suits you and your child best!

Britax Pinnacle VS Frontier: Seat Comparison

Britax Pinnacle

Quick Summary

  • Nine various harness headrest positions.
  • Reinforced steel frame, a base for impact absorption
  • Weight limit for kids: 25 pounds to 120 pounds
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The Britax Pinnacle is a booster seat that’s convertible.

Compared to the Frontier, the Pinnacle is actually a little wider, so that’s something that you should consider as you are choosing (because the size of your vehicle or the number of family members can be a factor when it comes to the size of the car seat you should get!). 

The Pinnacle is equipped with the ClickTight Car Seat Installation System.

This system makes it easier than ever to install your child’s car seat properly in your vehicle — and it also makes it easy to transfer your car seat from one vehicle to another if needed. 

What sets the Pinnacle apart is the extra plush cushions on the outside, which give it more side impact protection, as the extra cushions can more fully absorb the impact when an accident occurs.

The Britax Pinnacle is definitely a great option for protection for your child. 

The Britax Pinnacle at a glance…

Customization: The Britax Pinnacle is a convertible car seat. It also has many options for recline, as well as nine various harness headrest positions.

Safety features: The Pinnacle has a reinforced steel frame, a base for impact absorption, and three layers of cushion on the outer area for side impact protection

Weight limit for kids: The Britax Pinnacle is suited for kids from 25 pounds to 120 pounds

What We Liked
  • The ClickTight Installation System makes it incredibly easy to safely and properly install it on any vehicle
  • Readjusting the harness as your child grows is a breeze because there is no need to rethread it
  • It has extra padding which gives ultimate comfort to your growing little one
  • It’s got that extra layer of side impact protection that is very beneficial to keeping your child as safe as possible
What We Didn't Like
  • The Pinnacle is a little wider and bulkier than other choices in the market (including the Britax Frontier)
  • It’s size and bulk make it quite heavy and not very easy to transfer around from one vehicle to another

Britax Frontier

Quick Summary

  • Multipule harnesses and recline options
  • Durable and made with quality materials
  • Weight limit for kids: 25 pounds to 120 pounds
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The Britax Frontier is another convertible booster seat option that is designed to provide maximum protection for your child.

It boasts of the Britax SafeCell Impact Protection, which is basically multiple layers of protection for your child on each side.

Also, the headrest is lined with foam as well and is made with an energy-absorbing shell to keep your little one’s head as shielded as possible.

Like the Pinnacle, the Frontier is also equipped with an energy-absorbing foam base to absorb impact better.

It, too, comes with multiple positions for recline for your little one’s ultimate comfort and protection as they grow. 

The Frontier can go from being a forward-facing harness mode car seat to forward-facing belt booster mode when your little one is ready for it.

It’s a solid, long-lasting choice for keeping your child safe in your car. 

The Britax Frontier at a glance…

Customization: Also a convertible car seat, the Britax Frontier is much like the Pinnacle with its many headrest harnesses and recline options to make sure your little one is safe as they grow

Safety features: The Frontier has a steel frame, a base that’s impact-absorbing, and a dual-layer of side protection (compared to the Pinnacle, which has three layers)

Weight limit for kids: The Britax Frontier is suited for kids from 25 pounds to 120 pounds

What We Liked
  • It has a nine-point harness that you can use for your little ones
  • The cover of the car seat can be removed with ease for cleaning
  • The Frontier is also equipped with the ClickTight Installation System, which makes safe and proper installation a breeze in any vehicle
  • It’s quite slim and not very bulky (particularly compared to the Pinnacle)
What We Didn't Like
  • Its armrests may not be padded enough for ultimate comfort
  • The Frontier’s actual seat also may not be as cushioned as can be for comfortable seating for your little one during car rides

Britax Pinnacle vs Frontier

britax pinnacle vs frontier

Let’s take a look at how these two top options are similar and what sets them apart from each other!

How the Pinnacle and Frontier are similar…

  • The Pinnacle and Frontier are both highly rated when it comes to safety, making them both great choices for a car seat that delivers to the maximum.
  • They both have headrests that are crafted for ultimate comfort AND to keep debris from harming your little one.
  • They both have side impact protection that can absorb impact in times of accidents and help to keep your little one safe
  • They are both made from SafeCell. SafeCell is a frame that utilizes plastic and steel so that the seat stays very stable. It’s also very efficient in absorbing impact and preventing your child from getting hurt.
  • Both the Pinnacle and Frontier have the Clicktight Installation System (the Frontier Clicktight Harness 2-Booster and the Pinnacle Clicktight Harness Booster), which makes safely and adequately installing them in any vehicle easy peasy.
  • They both have a good weight capacity range (25 pounds to 120 pounds), so your child can use these car seats for a very long time.
  • Both the Pinnacle and Frontier have a nine-year expiration limit, which gives them good longevity as well.

What sets the Pinnacle and Frontier apart from each other…

  • The Pinnacle has a protective layer in its headrest, which provides more protection on impact
  • The Pinnacle has three extra layers of cushion on the sides for added side impact protection, while the Frontier has two layers of side protection
  • The Frontier is less bulky while the Pinnacle is wider and bulkier

Remember, when it comes to choosing a car seat for your child, it’s very important to make sure that you pick the one that you know will be able to best protect them from accidents and impacts, and that you can properly and safely install in your vehicle.

When it comes to the Britax Pinnacle vs Frontier, both are well-equipped to give your little one the utmost protection AND allow for you to install them properly with no difficulty.

The installation is very crucial because studies have shown that up to 75% of car seats in America have been installed incorrectly.

With the Britax Pinnacle and Frontier’s ClickTight Installation System, you will easily be able to learn and perform proper installation at all times.

And the two-car seats both come with incredible, well-designed safety features! 

Choose the right car seat for your child, and have peace of mind while driving with your little one in tow, every time!

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