This Cool Writing Tool Helps Kids How to Hold a Pencil Correctly

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Cool writing tool for kids. Writing can be very challenging for little kids, especially for toddlers. It gets even more difficult when learning to draw loops and curves. As a parent, we want to start teaching our young kids how to write the earlier the better. Especially if the kid’s got a long name (about two to four words), we want to start them younger so, later on, they won’t have difficulty catching up.

kid writing using cool writing tool

If your son or daughter is struggling to write or draw with a pencil, this cool writing tool for kids is the answer! We even bought this 4-piece pack in colors blue, pink, orange and green to try out!

And it works wonders!

this cool writing tool helps little kids how to write properly with the use of a pencil

What makes this writing tool cool, you ask? It’s cool because it’s light and easy to use by both lefties and righties! These training pencil holders have two holes that can join the thumb and index finger, allowing kids to hold their pencil the right way. Since it’s a high-quality silicone pencil grip, it also prevents skin irritation and blisters.


This pencil grip can also be used by adults or the old people suffering from arthritis and hands tremor. It prevents the middle finger from cocooning and keeps you in good writing habit for a long time.

This pencil grip is made from high-quality silicone so it’s absolutely safe and environmentally friendly. It comes with vibrant colors to amplify the kid’s interest in writing.

Additionally, this soft pencil grip helps relieve pressure and encourages proper writing.


This writing trainer can also be used for giveaways during children’s parties. It will also be a brilliant idea to offer this item in preschool or early grade school classes for the benefit of toddlers and little kids who struggle to write properly.

For an affordable price and fast delivery, you can get yours here:

Comes in 4 pieces and a variety of colors!

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