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The Boy After My Own Heart

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I always make it a point to write a love letter to each of my children every time they celebrate their birthdays. This way, I will be able to record what each year has done on them growing up and how emotions were at this present moment. I’m writing this to this one ridiculously adorable ball of sunshine, guaranteed to put a smile on my face no matter what time he decides to rise and shine — the boy after my own heart.

Three years ago, I underestimated myself. That huge “can I really do this?” deluge of self-doubt as I gently stroked my round belly that carried you in it. But as soon as I got a glimpse of your sun shining face and infectious smile, the dust has settled and we’ve gotten into the rhythm of this new wonderful life. And definitely, the best thing to come out of my 2015.

The Boy AFter My Own Heart

The brand of love and happiness you brought me and our family, we absorb every single day. And for sure, all of our moments while you’re growing up are remembered no matter not photographed.

Now, as you oh-so-swiftly turn three, I ponder on that thought and can’t help being nostalgic. I can’t believe we have actually pulled it off, having a third child, rearing you and your sisters to be the best individuals that you’ll be… just how profound it feels.

Thank you for being such an immense source of joy for the family and the most perfect son I have ever laid my eyes on. Thank you for being a great keeper of my heart all these times. I cannot thank God enough for choosing me to be your momma and allowing me to witness all the magic inside you firsthand. The three years went by so fast that I’m not sure I have noticed it pass. Getting to know you more each day, watching you grow and experience your milestones are already big achievements for a mother like me who only wants nothing but the BEST for her children. I never knew I could love any person or anything as much as I love you and your “ate’s”. I am still delighted by the fact that I actually made you, birthed you, brought you into this beautiful world! Indeed, you and your sisters filled up my heart since the day God presented you to me. And that is why my heart is full.

To the boy after my own heart, my baby boy, my son, my everyday ray of sunshine, or whatever nickname I could call you every cuddle time — HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY, sweetheart! Know that I love you with all of my life. Things will never be perfect, neither will I be… But I will forever give you a love so pure and perfect — all that because I am your mom.

Happiest Birthday, little David! Thank you for completing all the modules I needed to learn about Motherhood. I know there will still be more books that we have to leaf and new chapters to unfold, just trust me being your Mom that every year added will bring us together to a whole new level of love, adventures, wisdom and inseparable bond.

Having a son as cheerful, charming and intelligent as you is my dream come true. To the boy after my own heart, I love you!

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12 thoughts on “The Boy After My Own Heart”

  1. Oh, my goodness. tears. I love that you write to your boys. This was beautiful. I think I need to do something like this. I never thought about it, but love this idea so much.

  2. I saw this idea recently, and think it’s a fantastic idea. Unfortunately, my kids are 9 & 8 ( there’s nothing unfortunate about that really) but my weird brain wouldn’t like the fact I didn’t start at their baby moments. Such a cute post though!

  3. What a gorgeous letter to your son on his 3rd birthday. I am sure one day when he is grown he will look back on this and be so in awe of his mother.


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