Postpartum Depression: Do You Have These Warning Signs?

Postpartum depression is a term to describe a type of depression experienced by mothers who recently gave birth. It is caused by the hormonal changes, adjustment of routine, and fatigue that follows after having a new baby. It affects 1 out of 8 women during the first few months after giving birth. It is very common, but not very well discussed. It is important to know if you or someone you know is experiencing it to provide support and in some cases, medication is required.

postpartum depression

Here are some of the symptoms to check if you or someone you know is going through it:

1. “Feeling sad or hopeless all the time”

You seem to be crying a lot even when there is really no reason to cry. You have a heavy feeling in your chest that you can’t seem to shake off.

Postpartum Depression

20 thoughts on “Postpartum Depression: Do You Have These Warning Signs?”

  1. Hopefully the people who need this list of warning signs find it in time. PPD and PPA can really wear a person down, so thanks for bring focus to the topic.

  2. as someone who battled depression and anxiety I was so scared of getting PPD. This article is a great insight into identifying being sad vs. PPD.

  3. This is an important issue that needs to be brought to light more! It is sad that postpartum depression is ignored in the US.

  4. Most new mothers don’t even realize when they have post partum depression. A friend of mine went through some tough times until her doctor Started treatment on her. Great information, thanks for sharing ❤

  5. Having articles like these are always helpful because some people don’t even realize they have it unless they recognize the symptoms.

  6. Postpartum depression is real and is serious. It should not be taken lightly. We need to give new moms a whole lot of support. Although, I am not a mom yet but my friends who are now mothers have once experienced a lot of changes after giving birth so it’s best to offer them whatever it is we can offer.


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