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Catriona Gray is Queen! Here are 7 Reasons Why She Definitely Is Miss Universe

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Catriona Gray is Queen!

It can’t be denied how much the Filipinos are strongly supporting their bet for the Miss Universe 2018 title, Catriona Gray. The most awaited coronation is happening in just a few hours. The beauty queen’s chances of snatching the crown were made even stronger when her “Lava walk” during the preliminary rounds took the internet abuzz and the world (I mean, the Universe, rather) CRAZY!

Catriona Gray is Queen

Here are 7 reasons why majority of us agree in chorus that Catriona Gray is definitely a QUEEN!

1. She won two of the most prestigious beauty pageant titles in her country, the Philippines.

She was hailed Miss World – Philippines in 2016 and Binibining Pilipinas in 2018 which advanced her to the most prestigious Miss Universe 2018 pageant.

2. She is a Goddess Songstress

You may not believe it but this gorgeous lady actually has it all — like literally yes, including a voice that can hit even the famous Adele songs! Still doubtful about her singing prowess? Well, here’s a legit video of her singing Adele’s Set Fire to the Rain.

3. She is a sought-after commercial, print-ad and runway model

You can find her starring in these TV advertisements of famous brands.

… and killing the runway, of course!

4. She has a deep love for her culture and gives so much effort to promoting her beloved country, the Philippines.

5. She engages herself to different outreach activities, stages benefit concerts and auctions some of her original artwork to raise funds for her chosen charities.

6. She is the Queen of the now famous and viral “Lava Walk”

She is the only beauty queen (so far) who has perfected that Miss Universe slo-mo twirl and catwalk that makes you hit the replay button multiple times. Mind you, I haven’t even gotten over it yet! *RIP replay button 😀

Now here’s a HUGE BONUS!

7. Catriona Gray is Queen because…

She has an extremely H-O-T and super supportive hunk boyfriend! A moment of silence please for the Queen’s vavavoom King, Clint Bondad, who flew with his family all the way to Thailand to support his one and only precious Queen! *Awwww now that’s too sweet 🙂

Clint Bondad Catriona Gray Clint Bondad Catriona Gray

All the best, Queen Catriona! May the Universe shine upon you tonight!


And she really did WIN! Our pageant forecast was SPOT ON! Congratulations, Catriona Gray and to the Philippines most of all!

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  1. Yes, she is indeed a queen. 😊 Too bad that I wasn‘t able to watch it live, but able to watch it on Youtube 😅 forcing my boyfriend to watch it too although it‘s not his thing 🙄 that‘s what he said, but he watched it too anyway 😅


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