Postpartum Depression: Do You Have These Warning Signs?

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4. “You have thoughts of harming yourself or the baby”

A lot of “what ifs” go through your mind. What if I leave the baby here? What if I just end this? It may sound extreme, but not uncommon. In some Asian countries, new moms are not left alone at all to avoid any accidents. There have been news of mothers killing their babies without them realizing it. Don’t be that mother. Seek help. Tell loved ones. Consult your doctor.

5. “You can’t concentrate or focus”

Your mind is always racing. You can’t sit still. It is nearly impossible to concentrate on a task. Making decisions is a nightmare and you don’t know what to do anymore.

Postpartum Depression

20 thoughts on “Postpartum Depression: Do You Have These Warning Signs?”

  1. Hopefully the people who need this list of warning signs find it in time. PPD and PPA can really wear a person down, so thanks for bring focus to the topic.

  2. Most new mothers don’t even realize when they have post partum depression. A friend of mine went through some tough times until her doctor Started treatment on her. Great information, thanks for sharing ❤

  3. Having articles like these are always helpful because some people don’t even realize they have it unless they recognize the symptoms.

  4. Postpartum depression is real and is serious. It should not be taken lightly. We need to give new moms a whole lot of support. Although, I am not a mom yet but my friends who are now mothers have once experienced a lot of changes after giving birth so it’s best to offer them whatever it is we can offer.


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