Mothers are Queens: Moms, this is all about you. Thank you!

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She knows everything that comes about the country.

Oh yeah, she’s always known what you were up to even though she doesn’t receive a daily red box full of documents like H.M The Queen. You may not like to share with her but she knows. She knows what are the reasons behind those tantrums, those “not hungry mom” shouts, those sleepless nights, those bubbly giggles and dances around the house. She’s known it all, always.

 She’s the face of the country, she represents the country in times of celebration and sorrow.

Your mother has always been that face. You are known in the family by the name of your mother mostly. Everyone in your family knows that behind those good manners and chivalry is your mother. It’s her that has taught you how to be brave in times of difficulty and always hold your chin up. She’s the one who’s taught you how to celebrate, how to be genuinely happy and live in the world without being bothered by anything while being sensitive as well.

Mothers are queens.


20 thoughts on “Mothers are Queens: Moms, this is all about you. Thank you!”

  1. This is so precious and encouraging to me as a Mom of three who is always taking the backseat to the family. Thank you so much!

  2. I can’t even explain how much I love this post! I have no idea where I would be without my mom and she’s brought me through so many tough situations 🙂 sharing your post for sure.


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