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30 Fun Baby Shower Reveal Ideas

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From the moment you find out that you’re expecting, moms and dads are off on a beautiful journey like no other, full of milestones and memorable moments. One of the biggest is when you get to the part where you finally find out if the precious bun in your oven is a boy or a girl. The excitement and magic of that moment is something you both will never forget. 

And at the right time, you’ll both want to share your joy with your loved ones!

Which leads us to The Big Reveal. A baby shower reveals it is the moment where your nearest and dearest, and share with them your excellent news. It’s a special time — and it’s one of the most fun moments of your pregnancy too! You can have tons of fun planning out the perfect way to make your reveal to family and friends. 

These baby showers reveal ideas that will help you plan out how to make your big announcement best. From classics to fun activities to the very unique, our baby shower reveal ideas will let you find the perfect way to share your joy with those close to your heart. 

Let these creative, memorable ideas lead you to the gender reveal that’s tailor-made for your happy little family to be. 

1. Gender Reveal Cake

Gender Reveal Cake

It’s a party, and what’s a party essential? Cake! So why not take this party must-have and take it to the next level? The only thing better for a baby shower reveals that a cake is a gender reveal cake. A cake with a cute design, like an animal or toys or even a classic “boy or girl” theme, would be a great centerpiece at your gathering — and then on the inside, the cake can be colored pink or blue. Having cake together at a party is a beautiful way to celebrate. And even more wonderful is once that cake is sliced, then the gender is revealed, too!

2. Gender Reveal Cake Pops

If a gender reveal cake isn’t your thing and a little too traditional for you, then maybe you can go the other route and have trendy cake pops! It’s a more modern way of, well, “having cake and eating it too” at a gathering, and no slices and plates needed.

Just have cute gender reveal cake pops with adorable designs like a rattle or a balloon, and then inside, the cake will be pink or blue. The bonus part is that with unlike with a cake that will be sliced, with cake pops, you can all bite into these treats together – and the gender will be revealed to everyone at the same time. 

3. Gender Reveal Cookies

Gender Reveal Cookies

Still, on the topic of treats (because food plays a vital role in any party!), you can also serve gender reveal cookies to your guests. The outside could look like a standard chocolate chip cookie or oatmeal cookie or whatever cookie of your choice — but once they bite into the inside, the cookie will have a gooey center that’s colored pink or blue!

4. Gender Reveal Macarons

Loving the cookie idea but leaning towards a unique take? Gender reveal macarons may be what you’re looking for! These classy, chic treats are a dream to look at – all white and delicate and inviting. And once broken upon or bitten into, they’ll reveal a filling inside that’s pink or blue. 

5. Fortune Cookies Baby Shower Seveal Ideas

Fortune Cookies Baby Shower Seveal Ideas

One more for the “treats” column, but this one with a twist! These fortune cookies will have the pink and blue design on the outside, not the inside — just decorative frosting to fit the baby shower reveal the theme. However, on the inside, the cookies will have a slip of paper with the words “It’s a girl!” or “It’s a boy!” printed on them. Set a time to serve and have the guests all crack open their “fortunes” together!

6. Gender Reveal Riddle

They are leaning towards a reveal that has more of a build-up? The gender reveals riddle is a great choice! Expectant moms and dads can put their heads together and think up a cute riddle. You can then write down the riddle on several pages. At the party, your guests can read through the riddle together while you flip through it. Once they get to the last page, they’ll find an envelope with a simple question mark on the outside — on the inside will be a sweet note with the baby’s gender. 

 7. Scavenger Hunt

Another way to create build up in a fun way is to have your guests go on a scavenger hunt leading them towards the gender of your bun in the oven! Speaking of bun in the oven, that’s one cute way to end the hunt — design it so that the last clue gets them to your oven, and when they open it, the gender will be revealed.

8. Bubble Gum Reveal

Bubble Gum Reveal

This can be a little tricky, but it’s super-duper cute! Look for a pack of good pink or blue gum that will be able to make great bubbles. The parents-to-be can blow the biggest bubbles you can together, uniquely announcing the gender at the party. If you already have kids, then they can join in on the fun as well!

9. Bulls-Eye Balloon

This is something you can either do as a couple of genders reveal to guests or a fun gender reveal game. Set up a black balloon on a board, filled with something pink or blue (paint, confetti, etc.). Mom and dad can try to hit the balloon with darts, and once it’s been hit, it will pop open to reveal the gender! To turn it into a game, you can have select guests take turns trying to pop the balloon – you can even have more than one balloon set up on the board, with the others as decoys that won’t reveal the gender when popped. 

 10. Name Game Baby Shower Reveal Ideas

Another fun game you can consider for your reveal shower is a name suggestions game. Set up pink and blue pieces of paper on a table next to a bowl. Your guests can come up and write name suggestions on the paper. Afterward, you can pick some out of the bowl and read through the suggestions — after reading through a few and getting to the one you like or have fun with that’s in line with your baby’s gender; you can make your reveal!

11. Old Wives Tales

This one can also go two ways. The first one is for you to print out a poster filled with old wives’ tales – you know the ones, those that they say “predict” a baby’s gender! As your guests look at the poster, you can start outlining your “symptoms,”… and they can guess based on the poster! Another way to do it would be to set up a board and have guests write down old wives’ tales they know. Then encircle the ones that apply to you, and gender will also be revealed!

12. Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

Simple and cute – and great for photo ops! Rent out a cotton candy machine that will only make pink or blue cotton candy. Get your guests to each have one created based on their prediction. Take a cute group photo, and then reveal which guests are right by having one made for you, too (and then take another cute picture!).

13. Volcanic Reveal

Science makes everything cool. And this baby shower reveal ideas is one incredibly exciting way to make your reveal. Before your party, create a volcano model from clay, plaster, or paper mache. A glass container should be put into the center of the volcano. Fill the box with a tablespoon of dish soap, two tablespoons of baking soda, and five drops of food coloring that’s either pink or blue. During the party, everyone can watch as you add an ounce of vinegar to the whole concoction. The volcano will erupt with bubbles of “lava” that are pink or blue!

14. Gender Reveal Piñata

Gender Reveal Piñata

A piñata always makes a party more fun. So incorporating a piñata into your gender reveal will undoubtedly make it much more festive. A piñata that’s designed with a baby gender shower theme (like a stork!) can be filled with either pink or blue confetti or pink or blue treats. You can either use it as a game that guests can participate in or use it yourself – take a swing and make your reveal!

15. Stashes Or Lashes

Okay, another fun guessing game! Set up a board with stashes written on one side and lashes written on the other side. Have each guest write their name in pink or blue ink under stashes if they guess boy or lashes if they guess girl. Then reveal the gender and see who’s on the winning side — or even have a turn at writing at the very end, and that can be your reveal too.

16. Flame On Baby Shower Reveal Ideas

Flame On Baby Shower Reveal Ideas

Here’s one more science, unique way to make your reveal! This one will make for a fiery surprise indeed. With a science kit, you can make a flame in the color of your choosing! Another variation is to work the flame reveal into a bonfire. Your guests can gather around the bonfire with you, and then you can toss in a flame color-changing chemical so the bonfire’s flame can reveal the sex of your little one. 

17. Scratch Off Card

Ah, scratch cards. We all have a little fun with them — the anticipation and the actual scratching off is something we all love. So take that excitement of scratch-off cards to your gender reveal! Give each guest a scratch-off card. Have space in the card for them to write their guess first. After writing, everyone can scratch their cards off at the same time for the grand reveal — and they’ll have a souvenir of their right (or wrong!) guess too. 

18. Balloons In A Box

Balloons In A Box

This one is a beloved classic – and for a good reason. It’s simple, visually pleasing, fun for everyone, and makes for a significant announcement (and photo op). Just have a large box filled with helium balloons in pink or blue. Remember to have the balloons anchored to the bottom of the box by something heavy to fly away accidentally. Have everyone count down from 10, and then the parents will open the box together and release the balloons, revealing the gender!

19. Confetti Balloon

If you want to focus on just one balloon instead of a bunch of them, this is a great option. Get one huge balloon-like a big black balloon with “boy or girl?” printed on it – and fill it up with confetti in either a pink or blue color. Gather everyone together, and the parents to be can pop the balloon to your heart’s content. Color confetti bursts out, gender is revealed!

20. Confetti Popper

Confetti Popper

Speaking of confetti, here’s another fun confetti baby shower reveal ideas. After all, confetti always makes things more festive and fun. Confetti poppers are a super affordable gender reveal that makes for great photos and a lovely atmosphere. Give your guests a popper tube that’s secretly filled with pink or blue confetti, and then at the same time, pop them together for a burst of confetti to announce the gender of your baby.

21. Smoke Signal

Time for a little Smokey fun. Smoke signals are a time-tested way to send out a message to the world — and what better message to send than the reveal of your baby’s gender? Use simple powder cannons to send up a smoke signal in either pink or blue, and your guests will receive the message with the happy news!

22. Tired Out

Here’s another way to “smoke it out” — and it’s a lot more unique than a smoke signal. It will take a little more maneuvering too, but your announcement is worth it. You can buy a burnout pack that will create smoke that’s pink or blue. Put the burnout pack right between your tires. Get everyone out into the driveway to gather around your vehicle. With one squeal, you’ll be able to let everyone know if your little one is a boy or a girl! Talk about making a statement. 

23. Paint It All On

Paint It All On

Paint is one way to make a statement too. It’s visual, it’s striking, and gets the message out. This idea is for moms and dads to be who are willing to embrace a little mess and have a ton of playful fun. Fill solid-colored water guns with either pink and blue paint (that they can’t see when they’re holding their water guns), and, while you wear white clothes, have your guests aim and shoot the water guns at you — the gender is revealed, color stands out against your clothes, and it will all look fantastic. 

24. Hair Dye Baby Shower Reveal Ideas

This is one of the most unique baby shower reveal ideas we’ve seen — but it will create an impact! It’s similar to the hidden rainbow trend. The innermost layers of a person’s hair have dyed the colors of the rainbow. But here, the mom to be can put some washable dye at the lower part of her inner layers, or even just a hidden strip of your hair. When the time is right, turn around, lift your hair or tie it up, and reveal the pink or blue color underneath! You can even turn this into a fun game wherein you do it in the middle, with no announcements, and the first to notice it wins!

25. Sip It Up

Color-changing straws are a simple yet super cool way to make the reveal. Get these color-changing straws for your party – choose the ones that will change to pink or blue, whichever applies. At a certain point, like a toast, give the straws out and have everyone place them in their drinks simultaneously. Take a sip together, and voila!

26. rink It Down

Another drink-related reveal for the books. Give each guest a mystery pack of juice powder in pink or blue. Label the powder package, something like “Baby Dust.” Have them all get a clear bottle of water each, and then at the same time, open up the pack and pour in the powder. Shake, watch the color change, and your baby’s gender is revealed. 

27. Egg Roulette Baby Shower Reveal Ideas

Have an egg-citing time with the egg roulette reveal. Before the party:

  1. Buy a dozen eggs.
  2. Hard boil eleven of them, and leave one as is.
  3. Paint six of the eggs pink and the other six-blue (mark the one that’s not hardboiled beforehand so you know to paint it with the right color). Your guests can watch at the party while mom and dad take turns and crack eggs on each other’s foreheads.

When the egg that’s not hardboiled cracks open and drips into a pink or blue goo, everyone will know your baby’s gender. 

28. It’s Game Time

When it comes to being unique, this one is right up there — and it’s fun. If you or dad is a baseball fan, get a custom made a ball that will burst into smoke and confetti once hit. Make sure the smoke and confetti are pink or blue, depending on your baby’s gender. Now, have everyone go outside and swing! Once the ball is hit, Poof! There the gender reveal is! You can do something similar with different sports too – basketball, tennis, etc. Go out there and have a blast!

29. Say It With Silly String

Silly string is the epitome of fun fun fun. It’ll make for a significant gender reveal moment and tons of super adorable photos too. Get cans of silly string and cover them up with baby reveal designs that are neutral. The inside of the cans should have a silly string that is pink or blue for your reveal. At the perfect moment during your party, get everyone to raise their cans and spray away! You can have them spray around or at you two. Either way, it’s going to be a silly, special time. 

30. Baby, You’re A Firework

A gender reveal is a milestone — it’s a moment to remember. It’s big news — so why not go big, too? Fireworks reveal it is way out there or up there, into the sky. But it will make a mark. Color the skies with your precious bundle of joy’s gender for a gender reveal shower evening, you all won’t forget. If fireworks aren’t feasible, you can also choose to use sparklers in pink or blue. Hand them over to guests, and light them up at the same time. Beautiful!


These best baby showers reveal ideas are great ways to help you make the big reveal to your family and friends and make it a moment to remember. Don’t forget the essential ingredient: Have a lot of fun! More than all the grand gestures, a baby shower reveal is the time for you to share your excitement and joy in a gathering that’s full of love. 

Have a great time! Congratulations, mom, and dad to be!

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