How to Get Your Children to Care About Others Who Have Less

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β€œModel proper behavior in everyday life”

It all starts at home. Practice what you preach. Lead by example. At home, make sure that respect is shown to every member of the family. Everyone should practice good manners. Use kind words like please and thank you, and patiently wait for their turn. It is easier said than done, most parents will say. Yes, it is indeed challenging. But if we do not teach our children first, who will?

5 thoughts on “How to Get Your Children to Care About Others Who Have Less”

  1. I love the sentiments of this post! It’s so important for all of us to appreciate what we have, and understand that not everyone is as lucky. It definitely should start when we’re young. A lovely read. Thanks for sharing, x

  2. Teaching kids to be caring at a young age is very important. I thank my child when she behaves well. πŸ˜ƒ Thank you for sharing. These ideas are helpful. I’ll tell my little one more stories about empathy,helping others and caring.


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