Break the Silence: Fight Depression

fighting depression

Depression could somehow feel like an imposter crawling under your skin, violating you from the inside. They won’t let up, they won’t back down no matter how hard you try to kick them out.

They mimic your every move and even have your voice down – but remember, THAT IS NOT YOU. You don’t know that person. That person is invading your space, riddling your thoughts with self-doubt and filling your head with bone-chilling negativity.

You wouldn’t want to listen, and yet you cling to the voices – hanging on to their every word, drawn to it like a magnet attracted to metal, a moth drawn to a flame, or sailors enchanted by the sirens.

Depression feels like a ton of bricks are stacked on the chest and no matter how hard you try to unstack them, more keep piling on and on and on and on… and suddenly, you just can’t get up.

You can’t get up.

You can’t breathe.

And then you ask yourself,

“What the fuck is wrong with me?”

“Why can’t I get up?”



30 thoughts on “Break the Silence: Fight Depression

  1. I feel like I really neede to hear this st this very moment,over the weekend I had such terrible thoughts about myself. I was so depressed to the point I needed to reach out to a friend because my thoughts were not good. I needed these reminders! Thank you!

  2. This is 100% accurate, having suffered from my own spots of depression I know it is horrible to deal with and a lot of people don’t understand it.

  3. I’ve struggled with depression for years and I really appreciate your honesty on the topic. Your support is unconditional in this post. You are absolutely right – breaking the silence is important to getting help!

  4. I never thought it to be that worst. Thanks for enlightening us..and sharing to us… that we could understand more and be educated on this matter…..In lieu of Mental Health Awareness Week..this is a valuable information…….

  5. Unfortunately for most people, depression is masked by smiles and ‘normalcy’ that nobody has no way of knowing what’s really going on. It’s sad and I hope that there’ll be more support system for everyone going through like this.

  6. You describe it so well. I guess depression can be really abstract to thosr who haven’t experienced it. Thanks for making it understandable.

  7. What a great topic. Mental health is very important to fight depression you need to be strong and Fighter as well. My advocacy in life is to Mental health care awareness witch means we need to take care our mental health and help others who suffering mental illness. 🙂

  8. I can relate to having these feelings, especially when experiencing postpartum depression. Depression is this invisible monster that invades our minds and we have to find a way to survive. Sending good thoughts your way.❤

  9. Depression is such a difficult subject to tackle, one can never tell that someone is on the verge of losing oneself. The best thing to do I guess is that be with the person that you think is in a difficult situation.

  10. Depression sucks. I’ve been through and came out winning. The only way to beat it is to spite it. Live and tell it “screw you” I am better than this. I loved your post. Thanks for sharing this.

  11. It’s so good that you are talking about it. So many people go through depression without understanding what is happening to them.

  12. I have depression and anxiety. Its feels like drowning and gasping for air. The people around me sometimes feel im only being dramatic, but they do not know the struggle of getting up in the bed, and fighting for the will to live.

  13. Yes! You need to talk about your depression and share your feelings. It is not easy to open up, it is not easy to speak our heart out but if you do that definitely helps.

  14. It was really nice to read this post. I focus on depression on my FB page. I suffer from depression and I can agree that it is definitely affected by what you choose to think about. However, it can consist of more for some. It is a battle that we must take on one day and one step at a time. But it’s time to kick depression in the a$$ and say good riddens. Thanks for the post.

    1. Definitely. No matter how successful one is, no one is really sheltered from depression. It can happen to anyone, it happens without us seeing the signs. It’s like a thief. Everyone must be aware and shouldn’t take it for granted.

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