Postpartum Depression: Do You Have These Warning Signs?

Postpartum Depression: Do You Have These Warning Signs

Postpartum depression is a term to describe a type of depression experienced by mothers who recently gave birth. It is caused by the hormonal changes, adjustment of routine, and fatigue that follows after having a new baby. It affects 1 out of 8 women during the first few months after giving birth. It is very common, but not very well discussed. It is important to know if you or someone you know is experiencing it to provide support and in some cases, medication is required.

postpartum depression

Here are some of the symptoms to check if you or someone you know is going through it:

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Break the Silence: Fight Depression

fighting depression

Depression could somehow feel like an imposter crawling under your skin, violating you from the inside. They won’t let up, they won’t back down no matter how hard you try to kick them out.

They mimic your every move and even have your voice down – but remember, THAT IS NOT YOU. You don’t know that person. That person is invading your space, riddling your thoughts with self-doubt and filling your head with bone-chilling negativity.

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Being a new mom brings a lot of new challenges. Often, these changes can be overwhelming. Some moms have the support of their partner, family, and friends. Some single moms find themselves fulfilling the role of two-parent figures. Who better to relate to these new changes than a mom as well, right? Seeking support from fellow moms is much more convenient at this age of technology, the Internet, and social media.

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