5 Tips to Get Your Kids to Love Doing Their Homework

kids love doing homework

Sending your kids to school entails a lot of responsibilities with it. Apart from preparing their breakfast and a healthy snack, making sure they have complete school supplies or providing safe transportation to school, you also need to be able to guide and assist them in doing their homework.  Making kids love doing homework may be easy for some parents but not for many.

Here are some tips that may help you get your kids to look forward to doing every homework:

Create a nice study space

Doing homework on the kitchen counter, living room or dining table may not be that beneficial for your child. Having distractions around them like television, food, people and certain home decors may take away their attention from doing and finishing their homework.  Get them a nice study table where they can put their school stuff on and have enough table space for their books and other materials they need when doing their homework.  Make sure that it also has a comfortable chair to go with it.  Having his/her own study space will not only motivate him to attack that homework but also keep him/her away from the distractions in other areas of the house.

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6 Insane Things That Really Annoy Us Mothers (Oh well!)

annoyed mothers

A lot of things change when a woman becomes a mother.  Even if mothers are considered modern day superheroes, there are still things and situations in life that get us annoyed.  It is not always the same for every mom. Some may just be very petty situations but it may blow one’s head off while others may be a huge deal but can easily be solved.  

6 Insane Things That Really Annoy Us Mothers

Which of these insane things can you pretty much relate to?

Songs That Mean More to Me Since I Became a Mom

Songs That Mean More to Me Since I Became a Mom

It’s true what they say that when you become a mom, you become more emotional. Maybe it’s the hormones, but a lot of it may be contributed to the completely new life that being a mom brings. For one, you see moms in a different light that you are one, too. You learn to appreciate all the hard work, sacrifices, and triumphs that make up motherhood and parenting. For me, some songs began to have meaning in my life since becoming a mom.

Mothers have always been appreciated in many ways over from the beginning of time. Music is another aspect of art that does not hold back in showing mothers how much they are loved and appreciated.

You can definitely relate more to these songs now that you are a mom too. Don’t worry, we won’t judge if you shed a tear or two (or more sob!).  Click NEXT for those songs!

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Who is Liz Uy’s Baby Daddy?

Liz Uy and son

March 16, 2018 — The Philippine’s showbiz industry was taken abuzz by famous celebrity stylist Liz Uy’s surprise post on her Instagram account. The photo was her happily holding a baby boy in her arms. The caption says, “Xavi💙” (later confirmed to be the baby’s name).

Now there is finally crystal waters amid all the rumors that surfaced since late last year.

Liz Uy, who is popular for styling highly acclaimed celebrities and elites, finally admitted she’s now a mother and the photo that she has just recently released on IG was indeed her baby boy! Wow, Congratulations!

A lot of people especially the fans expressed happy vibes for this matter. But for one moment, everybody was wondering:

Who is the father of the baby? Who is Liz Uy’s baby daddy?”

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Kylie Jenner GIVES BIRTH to a Healthy Baby Girl – FULL FOOTAGE IN PHOTOS

Kylie Jenner Gives Birth


Being in the limelight can be everybody’s dream, but for Kylie Jenner, who has just revealed one of the biggest and brightest moments of her life just yet, just proved to all of us that “privacy” is everything after all.

On February 4, 2018, Kylie Jenner surprised us with her HUGE REVEAL  (amidst all the speculations) through her Instagram and Facebook post:

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8 Great Books For Parents to Be

pregnant woman reading books

Whether you are still planning or already expecting, it is always best to have references. It is advised that you read to succeed. Educating yourself is the best way to be prepared. For mothers, for fathers, and from pregnancy to childbirth, here are 8 books that you may want to get a hold of and nourish from.

Before Your Pregnancy: A 90-Day Guide for Couples on How to Prepare for a Healthy Conception by Amy Ogle, Lisa Mazzullo and Mary D’Alton


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Tech Tips To Help Keep Your Kids Safe Online

keep your kids safe online

These days, we can no longer prevent our kids from being online.  We let our little ones watch their favorite cartoons online. We let our kids do their research work online. We also let them connect with their friends online. The internet is a network of networks where anything and everything may be seen. The first thing as parents that we should be concerned about is how to keep our kids safe online.

Here are some tips:

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Teach Your Kids Smart Money Habits: Start Them Young!

teach your kids smart money habits

Kids know that their parents are the ones responsible for buying them the stuff they need.  They do not know the value of money but if you start teaching them smart money habits while they are young, aside from learning early, they will also have a great value for money as they grow up.  

Let me give you some smart money habits that you can pick from and apply to your kids:

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6 Tips on How To Stay Organized For Moms

mother and child

Nowadays, moms are juggling more obligations, activities, family matters, and work commitment. However, we still feel that there is just not enough time to do everything. There isn’t enough space to fill new items. Our minds (and home environment) are filled with a mess.

Learn how you can stay organized, simplify household chores, and pave the way to a clutter-free home for first-time parents with these tips:

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Is Organic Food the Best for Your Baby?

Is Organic Food the Best for Your Baby?

Congratulations! Your baby is ready to try solid foods for the first time. Whether you decide on making homemade baby food or buy ready-to-eat baby food at the store, you only want what is best for your baby. Scientists agree that what you feed the baby in the first 3 years of his life determines his eating preference and habits for the next 10 years. Therefore, it is important to give your baby healthy and nutritious food. Another question that surfaces is whether or not to buy organic food. Is it really the best choice for your baby’s first solid food?

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