Am I Pregnant? 6 Obvious Early Signs of Pregnancy

early signs of pregnancy

That could be more than just a missed period!

Let’s face it, a missed period is the most apparent sign of pregnancy. For those who have a regular menstrual cycle, this may be a lot helpful but how about those with irregular periods?  A woman’s body goes through tons of hormonal changes during pregnancy and these also result in physical changes in one’s body.

If you know your body well, you may immediately notice these early signs of pregnancy which may indicate that a baby growing inside you. Remember these may be beneficial as they may be noticed even before one misses her period.

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8 Great Books For Parents to Be

pregnant woman reading books

Whether you are still planning or already expecting, it is always best to have references. It is advised that you read to succeed. Educating yourself is the best way to be prepared. For mothers, for fathers, and from pregnancy to childbirth, here are 8 books that you may want to get a hold of and nourish from.

Before Your Pregnancy: A 90-Day Guide for Couples on How to Prepare for a Healthy Conception by Amy Ogle, Lisa Mazzullo and Mary D’Alton


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4 Things to Consider Before Pregnancy

Things to Consider Before Pregnancy

It is very important to consider maternal and paternal health before pregnancy. Optimizing your health is important before conception in order to reduce the risk of health complications for both the mother and the child.

Right now, we are sharing with you some guidelines that you have to take in mind in order to maximize both you and your partner’s ability to conceive as well as recognize any potential risks before becoming pregnant.

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