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35 Nature Baby Names For Boys And Girls

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Over time, baby naming has gotten more diverse. Sometimes parents who love the great outdoors are inspired to give nature baby names to their newly-borns. It has also happened because of the surge of environmental awareness among people. The best ones have beautiful meaning and quality. They are quite special without sounding eccentric.

Baby names inspired by nature can be a fascinating option for your little bundle of joy. They are derived from the elements and all other aspects, such as the sky, earth, water, flowers, animals, or the sea. Some names are copied from names of precious stones and plants, and if you love the outdoors, you can’t go wrong with any of these names mentioned in this article.

If you love our planet Earth and would like to paint it with beautiful hues by giving your child nature baby names, then you will certainly adore the ones listed below. From flowers to oceans to Forrest and the heavens, here are names that symbolize the wonderful untamed, and free spirit in you and your sweet mini.

About Nature Baby Names

About Nature Baby Names

So many things have been said about honoring your country’s heritage and the memory of departed loved ones by giving their names to your offspring. But the peace we feel when we’re one with nature also deserves a tribute. Providing nature baby names to our little ones makes sense when you want your kid to understand the importance of nature and its impact on our life from the day they’re born.

Feel the swaying of leaves on trees, stop and smell the flowers, hear the chirping of the birds, and let that natural flow through you with the following baby names listed below:

Explore These Nature Baby Names For Boys

Explore These Nature Baby Names For Boys

Nature baby names for boys come in dozens, and each one is just as handsome as the other. Whether it is the name of a tree to show your fondness for the summer season or something that reflects the calming flow of water, get ready to run with the wind and explore the following environmentally-friendly names for boys:

  • Acer

This name is of Latin origin and refers to the oak tree. In its shortened form of Ace, this baby boy’s name means “the best.” It will inspire your little hero to strive for the highest goal in his life. It will remind him that he is destined for greatness.

  • Alder

It is the name of a tree and English and German origin. In German, this is a variation of Alter which means “older.” In English, it refers to the alder tree. The alder tree belongs to the birch family, which is hard and strong. Therefore, this name signifies being strong. It will remind the boy that he will be a delight and as sturdy as the alder tree.

  • Ashton

Ashton is also the name of some towns in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It is a variation of the name Ashley. It means “place of ash trees,” and it is of English origin. Ash trees are unique because their roots help stabilize river banks and provide resting sites for birds so that such traits will be manifested in your baby boy.

  • Berkley

This name means “where birches grow,” and the origin is Scotland. Birch trees make beautiful sights that symbolize growth and stability in Celtic mythology. It is one of the first trees to grow its leaves in spring. This name is perfect then for your little kid. It will evoke feelings of wisdom and strength of willpower in him.

  • Cheney

Cheney refers to the oak tree, which is of French origin and means “oak hearted.” It’s a name that symbolizes strength, like the oak tree. Boys with this name are seen as stimulating and charismatic. They are somebody who can influence and inspire other people.

  • Danner

Danner is of German origin, meaning “someone who dwells near the fig tree.” Both unusual and handsome, this is also a variation of the name Daniel from Hebrew origin, meaning “God is my judge.” What is special about fig trees is their tiny flowers produce crunchy seeds. So, a boy with this name will grow up to become kind-hearted and compassionate to others.

  • Elan

This unique name means “tree” in Hebrew origin, and the Native American name means “friendly.” This name signifies a freedom-loving and free-spirited person. His heart desires to care for and help those he loves β€” just a perfect name for your baby boy.

  • Forrest

It means “someone who dwells in the woods” and is of English origin. Forests are producers of life-giving oxygen to the world. So the name Forrest signifies man’s love for the natural world, and this is a beautiful legacy to your little munchkin.

  • Hideki

This name is of Japanese origin, meaning “bright tree.” This name signifies an outstanding and wise person. A famous namesake is Hideki Ueno, a Japanese footballer, and Hideki Yamazaki, a Japanese kickboxer. Having Hideki as a name will inspire your baby boy to become superior in his chosen field or activity, just like his namesake.

  • Naim

Naim means “happy” and “river of alder trees” and is of Arabic origin. Naim also means “to be contented,” which is a perfect choice for your son in our fast-paced world. Other variations of this name include Nayeem or Naeem.

  • Sage

Sage is derived from the herb sage and is of Latin origin. It’s often regarded as the herb of health and wisdom. Sage also symbolizes someone who is “wise and full of knowledge.” There were 7 Sages of Greece who were philosophers in ancient times that promoted inspiring principles such as “know thyself.” If you wish your little one to be as wise and healthy as the philosophers, the name Sage is perfect.

Explore These Nature Baby Names For Girls

Explore These Nature Baby Names For Girls

Like the old saying: “you need to care about our world before you can save it,” naming your baby girl in honor of Mother Earth is an excellent way to show that you care. And since our planet is precious to us, natural world-themed names for your darling little princess make sense.

In the true sense of getting more attached to our world, below is a list of nature baby names for girls inspired by the flowers, the bees, the rippling brooks, and the ocean wind:

  • Aspen

Giving this pretty name to your daughter is an admiration of the great outdoors in so many ways. It refers to the Aspen tree and is of English origin. The aspen tree has delicate heart-shaped leaves, so this name means “shaking tree.” It is also the name of a ski resort town in Colorado, U.S.A.

  • Autumn

Autumn is the season of harvest and is of English origin, which also comes from the Latin word “autumnus,” meaning “fall.” A perfect name for a baby girl born either in September, October, or November, but if you love the beauty of autumn, then this is the right name for your little pumpkin.

  • Brooke

This name means “small stream” and is of English and German origins. It is derived from the Old English word “Broc,” meaning “stream.” This name signifies an aura of smooth sophistication. Hollywood actress Brooke Shields popularized this name.

  • Cinnamon

It’s a sweet and rare spice used by many cultures in the world for flavoring and medicinal purposes. It means “nice,” and refers to the cinnamon tree originating in Greece. So then the name Cinnamon comes to mind many thoughts of sweetness, spice, and all things nice, just like your baby daughter bringing a symbol of love and spirituality.

  • Daffodil

Daffodil is derived from the flowering plant and is of French origin. This name is very appropriate for a little girl born in springtime. The daffodil is their national flower in Wales, symboling unrequited love and respect. It signifies an expressive girl, someone who fascinates others with her creativity.

  • Fleur

Fleur is a very delightful name that signifies strength and resilience. It means “flower” and is of French origin. A flower grows into a beautiful thing that evokes happiness, and so does your little Barbie. She will blossom into a beautiful person despite the challenges that will come her way.

  • Iolanthe

Of Greek origin and a variation of Yolanda, Iolanthe means “violet flower.” This name suggests a happy spirit, cheerful, and great sense of humor.

 In Greek mythology, Iolanthe is the daughter of Eurytus, King of Oechalia.

  • Myrtle

Derived from the word Myrtus, this is an evergreen shrub with medicinal properties. It is an allusion to the Myrtle plant and is of Latin origin. It was first used as a name in the 1850s. Giving your baby girl this name as a moniker will encourage her to follow a healing path or prosper consistently like the evergreen.

  • Oceana

This name means “the ocean” and is of Greek origin and derived from Oceanus, the God who ruled over the rivers and mountains in Greek mythology. If you want to inspire your daughter with a love of the beach and the sea, this sweet name is ideal for your baby, flowing and feminine.

  • Paloma

It means “dove” and is of Mexican origin, derived from the Latin word palumbus, meaning “dove.” If you are a Greek mythology fanatic, the dove is associated with the goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of love. To the ancient Greeks, the dove symbolizes grace and serenity; in the Christian faith, it is associated with the Holy Spirit. No matter what comes from your little daughter’s beliefs, the name Paloma symbolizes peace and love.

  • Solstice

Solstice is of Latin origin, meaning “where the sun stands still.” A person named Solstice is charming, cheerful, optimistic, and inspiring. Her heart’s desire is peace and harmony more than anything else. Baby Solstice will become a real charmer.

Spot The Gender-Neutral Nature Baby Names

Spot The Gender-Neutral Nature Baby Names

Gender-neutral nature baby names are derived from the earth, animal-inspired names, the water, sea, or celestial objects. Most nature-inspired unisex names have neutral spellings and meanings, which is fair play for everyone. Connect your baby with Mother Earth with any of these gender-neutral baby names:

  • Alani

Alani means “precious” and or “orange tree.” It is of Hawaiian origin. It also comes from the variation of Alana, a baby girl’s name, and the baby boy’s name, Alan. In the Irish language, Alani means “dear child,” expressing leadership and a tendency to be organizedβ€”a sweet choice for your baby that will remind the infant of their preciousness.

  • Everest

Everest is the world’s tallest mountain. The word has an English origin and means “dweller in the Eure River.” Mount Everest was named after the Welsh geographer Sir George Everest. This mountain receives a special place in the hearts of everyone who wishes to climb it. Thus, with a name as powerful as that, Baby Everest can find inspiration to overcome any “mountain” as they traverse life’s adventures.

  • Roan

Roan means “little redhead” and is a name used to describe the hairs of horses with a red-tone-like chestnut color. A Scottish origin, this fantastic name is given to infants whose ancestors are redheads. But it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a Gaelic lineage because Roan is just a perfect name for your little one.

  • Kelby

Kelby is of Irish origin, which means “a place by the flowing water.”Giving this name to your little one draws inspiration from water, one of the greatest sources of life on earth. The Celtic name also has strong Viking roots, which take inspiration from the ancient settlement of Selby by the River Onach.

  • Lake

Lake is a gender-neutral name that means “calm” and is of English origin. This name goes back to the Anglo-Saxon times and is derived from the Old English word “lacu.” Since the lake is a water-related name, it therefore, brings peacefulness. Thus this beautiful name will inspire your baby to be calm and serene despite life’s challenges.

  • Kestrel

It’s another term for an American falcon and is of English origin, which means “a small, colorful bird.” A baby name Kestrel is destined to become great. Apart from that, this is also one unique and rare way of naming a baby.

  • Rhode

A baby with the name Rhode signifies an adventurous and spiritual person. Inspired by the metal rhodium and of Greek origin, this name is also derived from the goddess Rhodus, the daughter of Poseidon. Therefore, the meaning of this name is “daughter of Poseidon.”

  • Sterling

Another metal-inspired name from sterling is a variant of the Old English name Stirling which means “little star” and is of British origin. It doesn’t matter whether your baby shines through the day or becomes a celebrity in the future because little Sterling will always be your only star.

  • Kaj

The name “Kaj” suggests someone responsible and reliable. Kaj is of Danish origin, meaning “earth,” but sometimes it also means “keeper of the earth.” Kaj is also a variation of Kaia, the Scandinavian version of the Greek Katherine.

  • Lebone

Lebone refers to “light” and is of Lesothonian origin. The name “Lebone” means one who will be capable and clever with a gracious and reserved nature. Given these attributes, this name makes a perfect and unique way to name a newborn.

  • Skye

Skye is of Scottish origin, meaning “sky” or “island of clouds” that releases light and breezy nature. A baby named Skye will enjoy creative comforts and may have an artistic inclination. A famous namesake is American singer, actress, and model Skye Ferreira.

  • Brooklyn

Brooklyn has German and Dutch origins, meaning “water” or “small stream.” Brooklyn is usually associated with creative diversity. A baby named Brooklyn will inspire them to become excellent organizers or managers of any business in the future.

  • Zephyr

Zephyr is a powerful-sounding name of Greek origin and means “west wind.” It is rooted in mythology and refers to the seasonal breeze controlled by the ancient God Zephyrus. It’s a wind God revered by the Greeks, promising the return of spring and its fantastic abundance. Thus, the Zephyr name is a beautiful reminder that someday your baby will bring warmth and good luck wherever they go.


Giving a nature baby name to your little pumpkin makes sense when you think of the peace and serenity you wish for them as they start the journey called life. It can be as calm and positive as Mother Earth, representing different emotions.

Names inspired by the natural world remind your child to be strong and engrossed in an activity without falling under pressure.

If you want your little bundle of joy to stand out from the rest and be a real individual someday, you can refer to the list mentioned in this article. Or, if you want to seek motivation for an earthy baby name, look at the world around you for inspiration.

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