Songs That Mean More to Me Since I Became a Mom

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I Turn To You by Christina Aguilera

This song really shows how moms provide all-out support and unconditional love to their children. No matter how old kids get, they will always turn to mommies in times of hardships and doubt. Moms provide more than love and support. They are also sources of comfort. Even in movies, characters are shown going back to their hometowns to visit moms when they are unsure about making decisions in adulthood. Christina’s song really describes how moms are so important in our lives.

These songs probably didn’t mean that much before, but now that you’re a mom, you can relate so much to what these songs are celebrating: MOTHERHOOD. No matter how old we or our kids get, mommy still knows best! Mothers are the best!


How ’bout you? What songs have brought you meaning since becoming a mom? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. So true, the lyrics of the songs sometimes help us to convey our feelings and sometimes depict our life and situations. A nice line up of songs you mentioned


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