Postpartum Depression: Do You Have These Warning Signs?

Postpartum Depression: Do You Have These Warning Signs

Postpartum depression is a term to describe a type of depression experienced by mothers who recently gave birth. It is caused by the hormonal changes, adjustment of routine, and fatigue that follows after having a new baby. It affects 1 out of 8 women during the first few months after giving birth. It is very common, but not very well discussed. It is important to know if you or someone you know is experiencing it to provide support and in some cases, medication is required.

postpartum depression

Here are some of the symptoms to check if you or someone you know is going through it:

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4 Ways to Develop Your Child’s Talents

Ways to develop your child’s talents

There are so many ways to develop your child’s talents. As you know, every child is different. Some children show interests in specific fields at a young age. Some take a strong interest in music and playing musical instruments. There are kids who love painting and drawing. There are others who love watching their parents cook in the kitchen. And there are also some kids who are amazed by construction objects. 

As parents, we can spot where their interests are heading to. Some children show natural talent very early, and it is important to nurture these talents. What can we do to encourage them?

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Breastfeeding Basics: Know Your Milk!

Breastfeeding Basics

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Breastfeeding has always been tagged as being the “BEST” for babies. Breastmilk is specially designed for your baby. The bond that you formed from pregnancy to birth continues on to breastfeeding. Your milk is the most complete and nutritious food for your newborn. Although breastfeeding comes so naturally to moms, not everyone is as lucky. The best weapon is information. Educate yourself on the many aspects of breastfeeding.

Let us first tackle what happens right after you give birth. Do you have milk right away? Can you use your breast pump immediately? Why doesn’t any milk come out?

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Songs That Mean More to Me Since I Became a Mom

Songs That Mean More to Me Since I Became a Mom

It’s true what they say that when you become a mom, you become more emotional. Maybe it’s the hormones, but a lot of it may be contributed to the completely new life that being a mom brings. For one, you see moms in a different light that you are one, too. You learn to appreciate all the hard work, sacrifices, and triumphs that make up motherhood and parenting. For me, some songs began to have meaning in my life since becoming a mom.

Mothers have always been appreciated in many ways over from the beginning of time. Music is another aspect of art that does not hold back in showing mothers how much they are loved and appreciated.

You can definitely relate more to these songs now that you are a mom too. Don’t worry, we won’t judge if you shed a tear or two (or more sob!).  Click NEXT for those songs!

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What Moms Need to Pack for a Beach Trip with Kids

beach trip with kids

After much debate and soul-searching, you decided to leave your house and bring the entire gang (gasp!) of kids to the beach. You figure the change of scenery will give you a much needed fresh take on life. As a mom, the priority when it comes to packing is always the kids. If only there was a way to shrink your house into purse-size so that you have access to all of your stuff! Alas, we need to make do with the traditional way of selecting what needs to be packed and what can be left behind.

Don’t panic! Yes, there are some things you CAN leave behind. So before you start pulling your hair out, here is a list of the essentials to bring when going on a beach trip:

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Tech Tips To Help Keep Your Kids Safe Online

keep your kids safe online

These days, we can no longer prevent our kids from being online.  We let our little ones watch their favorite cartoons online. We let our kids do their research work online. We also let them connect with their friends online. The internet is a network of networks where anything and everything may be seen. The first thing as parents that we should be concerned about is how to keep our kids safe online.

Here are some tips:

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