6 Insane Things That Really Annoy Us Mothers (Oh well!)

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1. Old clothes no longer fit

We may not have gained a lot of weight after giving birth but our body shape has changed. Even when we are still in that same size of clothes, our favorite jeans may no longer fit our hips or butts. Dresses may still fit but may no longer look good on us. Favorite underwear no longer feels comfortable and may create unwanted bulges.

20 thoughts on “6 Insane Things That Really Annoy Us Mothers (Oh well!)”

  1. I love this post!! I can relate to every single one of these!! Not having enough time to get yourself ready is definitely #1. Next is finishing leftovers… I just want to go on strike from cooking. They don’t eat it and I end up eating ALL of it!! Not fair!!

  2. I can relate to number 3 even without being a mother. The neighbors’ kid is crying all the time. And, even worse than the kid’s crying, is the mother being scary loud trying to act cute to make him stop. If I were the kid I’d keep crying too after listening to the crazy sounds she makes :))

  3. I am not a mom yet and I think I never will be but I have taken great care of my nieces and nephew since day 1. All their parents are quite busy and I am the cool Aunt that comes around and goes around but when I am around I am the amazing Auntie Nanny! LOL.

  4. Great to read your post. My only child(son, Brandon) is now 18yrs. old.
    Truly blessed that I was chosen as his Mother! I can absolutely relate to
    each of your examples. Thinking back to the 1st time I left my infant son with his Dad;
    just to go to the grocery store…was only in the store a few minutes and heard
    a baby crying on the next aisle. Broke out sweating/hair stood up on the back
    of my neck and heart rate increased. I was having an anxiety attack, and it
    wasnโ€™t even my Brandon. Even though this happened 18years ago, still remember it like it was yesterday. Moms (that means: expecting Moms too)
    hold on to them while they will let you! Although Brandon tells me everyday
    that he loves me. I miss how he would snuggle with me on the couch in his
    footy pajamas watching movies. Best and most Anxiety filled Job, being a
    S. Peace, N.C.


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