Top 35 French Names For Boys And Girls

French names can be inspired by famous personalities in history and the arts like Marie Curie or Claude Monet or a patron saint such as St. Denis (patron saint of Paris). Or it can be from films and television, such as Brigitte Bardot, or something in vogue, like Pascale.

French baby names are among the most popular worldwide. After all, who wouldn’t want to give their child a name from the land of baguettes and Louis Vuitton? Whether you have French ancestry or enjoy all things, French, your bundle of joy will never go wrong with such a name.

There are many lovely French names to pick from. In France, however, the government has the last say on what suitable name to give a kid to safeguard the youngster from being labeled “offensive.” The following is a comprehensive list of some lovely French names.

Beautiful French Names For Boys And Girls

Cultures around the world have distinct naming styles. In a country like France, first names reflect their language and culture. If you’re considering a French name for your baby, learning how to pronounce it is also important. As you know, French words are tongue-twisters, and names are no exception. This article will not just appease your curiosity about French names but also give their proper pronunciations.

Let’s dive right in.

French Names For Girls

French Names For Girls

A list of names that are commonly used in the French-speaking world as given names for girls. These names often have a rich history and cultural significance, and may have different meanings and associations depending on their origins and usage.

Some French names for girls have become popular internationally and are now used across different cultures and languages, while others remain primarily associated with French-speaking countries and communities. Choosing a French name for a girl may be a way to celebrate French culture or ancestry, or simply to find a unique and meaningful name with a French flair.

  • AIMEE (Ay-mee)

“Aimee” can be a suitable name for someone greatly adored and cherished.

Aimee means “beloved,” and the verb “aimer” means “to love.” Many variations exist today, making it popular as a name.


Agathe means “kind” and is of Greek origin. It’s a very popular name in France derived from the Greek word “agathos.” It’s widely used because of its positive connotation of warmth, kindness, and generosity.

  • ANAIS (ah-nah-EES)

Anais is derived from Anahita, a Persian goddess of fertility and healing, and symbolizes “grace.” Many moms and dads-to-be bless their little ones with this name, hoping they will grow beautiful and graceful.

  • CELESTE (say-LEST)

Celeste means “heavenly,” derived from the Latin word “caelestis.” Kids might associate the word with Queen Celeste of Babar’s elephant kingdom. It’s a beautiful name to give your little one since this could mean her beauty is boundless and “celestial.”

  • CHLOE (klo-AY)

Chloe means “blooming,” derived from the Greek word “Khloe.” In Ancient Greece, Khloe was the nickname of Demeter, the goddess of fertility and harvest.

The name Chloe became popular in the Western world in the 18th century, especially in England and France. It has since spread to other parts of the world and remains a popular choice for newborn babies up to this day.


In ancient Greece, Delphine was used as a name for the priestesses of the Oracle at Delphi. It signifies “something blessed” and is named after a saint of Greek origin and came from the word “delphus,” which means “womb.”

It’s believed to have been connected to the goddess Gaia, considered the mother of all life. The name became popular in France after Madame de Stael wrote her epistolary Delphine.

  • ELISE (ay-LEEZ)

Elise means “devoted to God,” It first came around in the Middle Ages and was originally a shorter version of the French name Elizabeth.

This name is believed to exude the qualities of faithfulness, loyalty, and devotion. It became a widely used name since the 19th century, specifically in most French-speaking countries. It remains a popular choice for baby girls.

  • ESTEE (ez-TAY)

Estee is a uniquely beautiful name choice often associated with grace and beauty. Estee is of French origin that means “Star.” It’s the short form of the name Estelle or Esther.

It can be a great choice if you want your kid to grow up to be an achiever.


The meaning of this name is “free man,” and has French roots. Having this name is considered a patriotic gesture, especially during a war. It evokes a deep feeling of freedom and equality which are important in French culture and history.

  • MARGAUX (mahr-GO)

Margaux became extremely popular after the famous writer Ernest Hemingway named his daughter Margaux. After falling in love with the beautiful French city on his first visit, Hemingway named his daughter Margaux. It means “pearl” and is of French origin, a variant of Margot.

  • MAUVE (Ma-av)

It means β€˜intoxicating beauty and is of French origin that pertains to the pale purple color of the mallow flower. It’s a gentle and subtle color of purple, with a soft touch of gray or pink. It symbolizes femininity, elegance, and sophistication. The word “mauve” also clearly pertains to something that’s intoxicatingly stunning.

  • MIREILLE (mee-RAY)

Mireille originated from the Provencal Occitan name Mireio which means “miracle.” It means “to look” from the Occitan verb “mitar.” In one of the poems, Mireio is described as a young, beautiful lady in the Provencal region. Today, Mireille is also known to be a famous French-speaking country in the Provence region.

  • NOELLE (no-el)

Noelle means “Christmas” and is of French origin. It’s derived from the Latin word “natalis dies Domini,” or the Lord’s birthday. Although “Noel” is often used to mean Christmas in French, it also refers to the Christmas season or Christmas songs and carols. This name is perfect for a baby born in December.

  • NICOLE (ni-KOL)

Nicole is of Greek origin, a feminine form of the masculine name Nicolas. It is composed of two words: “nike,” which means “victory,” and “laos,” which means “people.” This beautiful meaning word makes parents swoon over this name, especially in France.

  • PATRICE (pa-tri-ke)

It signifies “born into nobility” and is of French origin. It’s a variant of the Latin names Patrick and Patricia.”Patrice” is a French name that derives from the Latin word “Patricius,” meaning “nobleman” or “belonging to the patrician classes’. It’s an option for parents who want to give their children an aristocratic name.

  • RENEE (Ruh-NAY)

Renee means “reborn” or “born again” and is derived from the Latin name Renatus. It is often associated with the Christian tradition of baptism, which represents a person’s spiritual rebirth. This name is well-loved because it exudes positive qualities like resilience, strength, and adaptability. It reflects the idea of a fresh start or new beginnings.


It means “queen” from the Latin word Regina of the same meaning. Since the Middle Ages, the name “Reine” was used in France and was very popular with royalty and aristocrats. It is a highly desirable name that can signify a leader, royalty, or heiress.


“Sabine,” Latin for “Sabinus,” is derived from the ancient Italian tribe, The Sabines. Sabine women were an important part of Roman mythology. They were believed to be strong, resilient, brave, and capable of taking on any challenge.

  • SIIMONE (Sea-mown)

Siimone is a variant of the Hebrew name Simone, derived directly from the Hebrew name Shimon. “Shimon,” a Hebrew title that means “he hears” or the listener, is derived from “shama,” a Hebrew word meaning “to hear.” Parents prefer this name for its evocative qualities of intelligence and intuition.

  • STEPHANIE (STEF-uh-nee)

“Stephanie” is the feminine form of “Stephen” and has been used to symbolize achievement, success, and victory. It means “crown of glory,” from the Greek name Stephanos. More and more moms have started choosing this name for their children.

  • ZOE (ZOH-EE)

The name “Zoe” is of Greek origin and means “life” or “alive” and has been well-loved by French parents who are Greek mythology lovers. In Greek mythology, Zoe was the goddess of life and fertility, symbolizing nature’s growth and renewal.

Delightful French Names For Boys

Delightful French Names For Boys

Below are some French names for boys that have stood the test of time and remains popular today.

You may choose a French name to honor your family’s heritage or celebrate your love of French culture. There is a French name for everyone, from classics like Pierre or Louis to more unique names like Etienne. These names have a charming, sophisticated vibe about them.

  • ALAIN (ah-lahn)

Alain is a French masculine name that means “little rock.” It is derived from the Celtic name “Allen,” which signifies “rock” or  “harmony.” Names like “Alain” have been in demand since the Middle Ages, and they’ve been carried by many famous people throughout history.

  • ANDRE (AAN-drai)

Andre, a French-Portuguese name, is derived from the Greek Andreas name, which means “manly” (or “warrior“) in Greek. You can spell the name in many ways, including Andres, Andreas, or Andrei. In addition to being a traditional given name, Andre has been used in many cultures as a surname.

  • BASTIEN (bas-tje)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had a one-act comic opera title, Bastien and Bastienne. He wrote it when he was just 12 years old. It signifies something “revered” and of Spanish, French, and Latin origins that pertains to a person from the ancient city of Sebastia.

  • BELLAMY (Bella-mi)

Bellamy derives its name from the Latin “bellum,” meaning “war.” It was first used as a surname by knights who served in wars during the Middle Ages. As the name developed, its meaning changed to “good friend” in both Norman and French cultures. It’s also derived from the Irish surname O’Beal(l).amhain. It means “descendant(l.amh),” a personal title that signifies “one who spoke a fine language.”

  • CHRISTOPHE (kris-tof)

Christophe means “bearer of Christ,” and is of French origin with Greek roots and serves as an adorable variant of Christopher. The name has been used in many languages and cultures and remains a popular choice for parents. Saint Christopher, an evangelist Christian who carried Jesus in disguise across a river, was the one to popularize this name.


The name Chase means “to hunt” and is of French origin. It was once used as a surname, and during the Middle Ages, it was used as a nickname for huntsmen. Chase is a name that has appeared in popular literature, pop culture, and many businesses and organizations, including JPMorgan Chase, one of the most important banking institutions worldwide.

  • CABOT (KA-bot)

Cabot is a unique baby boy name preferred by parents who love cruising or sailing. The name is synonymous with the Italian-born British explorer John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto), who sailed to North America in the late 15th century. Cabot signifies “to sail” and is of French origin.

  • EDOARD (EH-doo-ahrd)

This name in French means “a wealthy guardian” from the Old English word “ead,” which translates to “wealthy guard.” This baby name dates back to medieval kings, saints, and brave warriors. This name is linked with great strength, intelligence, and leadership values.

  • ETIENNE (ay-tee-en)

The name Etienne is used frequently in France, Canada, and Switzerland. It means “crown” and is a French variation of Stephen. It’s a name that hints at a generous person, turning the world into a better world. This name has positive associations such as intelligence, creativity, and love of the arts. Numerous notable individuals, including Etienne Nicolas Mehul, the French composer, bore the name.


Fleming means “man from Flanders,” derived from the French word “le Fleming,” suggesting that the family had ancestors from Flanders, which was once a strong Medieval principality divided between Belgium, France, and the Netherlands.

Many notable people had this famous name, like Alexander Fleming, the Scottish biologist who discovered penicillin, and Ian Fleming, the famed British author who was the genius behind the creation of “James Bond”.


Gervais means “skilled” and is of German origin. This name was derived from a certain St. Gervacius where a cult was organized after discovering his remains in Milan in 386. A.D.

This name is also used in popular literature and cultures, like Gervaise Mcquart’s character in Emile Zola’s “L’Assommoir.” The name may also be spelled as “Jervis” or “Gervase.”


Devereaux means “bank of the river” and is of French origin. This unique name has a heroic vibe to it. It has a sense of elegance and sophistication. It is a perfect choice among parents looking for a unique yet rare name for their child.


Lebron means ‘brown-haired one’ and is of French origin. It’s derived from the Spanish word “libre,” meaning β€œhare.”

Even though the name was originally French, people from different cultures have adopted it. The name has great potential to make an impact and stand out.

The NBA star Lebron James made this name popular worldwide.


Parents looking for an easy name to remember and pronounce will love Sacha. Sacha means ‘defender’ and is of French and Slavic origin. It can be a gender-neutral name and shortened version of Alexander. Additionally, this name sounds modern and fresh, conveying strength and protection.


Whether you are a Francophile or not, the option for beautiful French names for boys and girls is extensive. The bottom line is that you can call your infant just about anything as long as that name will not cause controversy or something hard to write.

When choosing a name, you must consider the origin and meaning of your child’s name. French names have a rich history and cultural significance that makes them popular among parents across the globe.

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