If you love your child, you should STOP saying these words

love your child - mindful parenting

There are many ways to love your child and discipline them the right way. In disciplining your child, you may sometimes resort to spanking them, but nothing is more painful than to hear bad words from us, parents. In the midst of frustration and anger, we say things unintentionally to our kids. Instead of provoking sweet laughter from children, we tend to evoke through dropping cruel words. Some words lower their confidence, make them cry or worse, instantly destroy the relationship we’ve been building for quite some time.

While it may take some time and effort, you must stop saying these following words to your little ones:

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6 Places You Should Remember to Keep Clean for Your Baby’s Health

6 Places You Should Remember to Keep Clean for Your Baby's Health

Being sick or caring for your sick baby is not fun at all. The worst part is trying to do both simultaneously. You can easily set off illnesses and prevent accidents from taking place by knowing the important places you should always keep clean to ensure the health and safety of your baby.

Getting the germs off areas in your home is a crucial step to prevent illnesses from attacking your innocent kid. One of the best options is through household cleaning as it gets rid of germs from every surface and sweeps them away. So, where to start doing the cleaning?

Here are the 6 most common places:

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15 Great Ways To Get Your Child Used To Being a Big Brother or Sister

Great Ways To Get Your Child Used To Being A Big Brother Or Sister

It’s not easy for your first-born child to welcome a new family member. When siblings grow up, they may boldly show their envy through name-calling, arguing, pushing, teasing, or worse, fighting. Don’t let this happen.

Although this is just normal, you can still prevent it from taking these steps in helping your child get used to being a big brother or sister:

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