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Mommyhood Rules: 5 Things Never to Say to Another Mom

Mommyhood Rules

When you’re a new mom and you decided you are finally ready to socialize with your new “club” (of fellow moms), you gear up with baby essentials, wear your comfy shoes, and head out the door into the new world. A sense of excitement fills our beings as we prepare ourselves to share our new experiences with fellow moms. Let’s face it. Who else knows what we are going through?

But make sure you are prepared for the questions cascading your way! There are some questions which make other moms squirm in their seats, because their eyes to twitch and purse their lips. Be careful not to say these 5 things to other moms.


“When are you planning to have another baby?”

Although children bring such a sense of joy, mothers feel awkward being put into the spot when it comes to even hinting to another one. New moms are more vulnerable with the question as they are still adjusting to their new roles, schedules, and routines. Skip the nosy routine and just tell her that her child looks adorable.


“Aren’t you breastfeeding your baby?”

There is a lot of pressure for moms to breastfeed their babies. Although WHO declared that newborn babies should be breastfed for the first 6 months of their lives, not all women are able to do so. A lot of women are simply unable to produce enough for their babies’ needs so they turn to formula feeding to happily satisfy their babies. A better alternative is to praise the other mom’s child for looking so healthy, and make her feel like she is doing the right thing.


“Are you going to vaccinate your children?”

Vaccination sparks a huge debate all over the world. In the old days, hundreds of children die from measles, chickenpox, polio, and other diseases. Over the years, scientists have developed vaccines to combat these diseases and save millions of lives every year. In the US, polio was eradicated in 1979. Despite the success rates, not all parents vaccinate their children. Some parents are picky when it comes to which vaccine is given to their child, and furiously pursue the perfect pediatrician who would understand their reasons. Avoid discussing this if you still want to be in the next birthday party.


“You should sleep when the baby sleeps.”

In the ideal world, it is best to rest as soon as your baby decides to snooze. In the real and crazy world, other chores get done as soon as the baby sleeps. Household chores can only be accomplished during those blissful moments when you can put the baby down. Skip this advice!


“You shouldn’t let your kids watch too much TV or use gadgets.”

Scientists warn that kids below 3 should not be given any gadgets or TV time. Most parents use gadgets or TV to temporarily distract kids some quiet time. Again, this is a sensitive topic to discuss with other moms, but you can rephrase it by making it seem like you are asking advice rather than pointing out that they are doing something wrong. You can politely ask what games or apps they let their kids use, and how long are they allowed screen time. Surely these moms will be more than willing to let you know how much their kids get, and you can then decide how much to give your own.

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