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Adorable Disney CARS Birthday Party

Does your child love Disney’s Cars?

Well, my son happen to love dear Lightning McQueen (and everything Cars) so much!

So The Queen Momma got tons of fun Cars party ideas to share with you today.

NOTE: This is for clever mommies who wants to keep it simple and easy-peasy as much as possible. I’ve got it handy. *winks

We dreamed this Cars theme up knowing our son who’s turning two years old then loves it so very much!

What I did was I collaborated with different suppliers who sell character goodies on a budget rate. And mind you, I began purchasing these supplies (including my son’s racing costume) way ahead of time. As a mom of three, I’m fond of randomly shopping for my kids whether it be online or from a physical store. I think, most of us mommies are!

I took the products and incorporated them into the full-fledged Cars theme you see here! Some items were artistically reinvented, and yes you can see a DIY-ed car photo booth too!

Take a closer look at these Cars-themed party highlights:

The artsy centerpiece by: Partycles Alert

This carnival cupcake nook is one of my fave details! Not to mention the beautiful sight behind it. We chose a function hall that’s overlooking the seaside so the location is perfect!

Look at these cute cupcakes, I personally picked the design and added my son’s printed photo on it to personalize.


Now here comes the crucial part: The birthday cake! What I did was I searched through Pinterest to find the cake most suited for the theme, then voila! I found it. Glad the baker made it oh so perfectly! This cake is flavored Chocolate and Chocolate Chips. A premium cake it is costing at P3,900. Super delicious, worth the $$! Also, I got a discount for less P200 making it only P3,700.

(Please see credits below for the list of suppliers)

This time for the giveaways/party souvenirs, here it is. Again, this is my idea and so happy I found a supplier who makes this on a short notice! This one is a glass frame with our celebrant’s photo with the party details on it, and it has a rubberized Lightning McQueen character glued on the side! We loved it!

This other souvenir item is a refrigerator magnet because who doesn’t love ref magnets, right? 🙂

And for this, oh well, spot what’s different? This out of the theme Spongebob bouncer is a well-loved contrast! Yes, we requested for it because this is definitely an  A+ for the kids! It’s where they keep bouncin’ while enjoying the games and while their hands-on mommies are busy chitchattin’. Hehehe Loveyou, girls!

The Spongebob bouncer is courtesy of our event stylist Partycles Alert  spearheaded by a dear cousin. (Connections are a major plus though. *big smile) Shoutout to Ms. Gay Yap: Thank you so much, te!

Next is the party favors… Well, we personally prepared these and this time I chose a cars-themed drawstring bag over the usual loot bags. Here it is. What’s inside? Expectedly everything cars! Cars stationery set, coloring book, wallets, stickers and some foodie goodies.

By the way, before I forget, let’s go back to the back drop. Layout of the tarpaulin was personally designed by a friend with me of course handing the details (bec super hands on hahaha). Balloons and decor were taken care of the amazing Partycles Alert.

And lastly, who wouldn’t love this DIY-ed car photo booth? Isn’t it so creative? I had my sister’s boyfriend did it. Hahaha Thank you, God for artistic boyfriends! 😀

A look of our jovial guests…

I guess that’s all for now. More photos to upload in my personal Facebook account. Also, please don’t forget to like The Queen Momma on Facebook. 🙂

Thank you so much from our little car junkie baby boy!




Balloons, Decor and Host: Partycles Alert

Cars-themed Cake: Too Nice to Slice Cake Gallery

Cute Cars Cupcakes: Cake Avenue

Venue: Villa Alzhun Tourist Inn and Restaurant

Special thanks to: Rheo Monton of Rheo Monton Photography for all the vibrant looking photos!



4 thoughts on “Adorable Disney CARS Birthday Party

  1. Wow! Such a cute party. Never thought to put magnets in a party bag – great idea!

    1. Thanks, Mal! The ref magnets were actually very cute and artsy! You better try it too 🙂

  2. My son also loves cars, your party looked amazing. When given the option my son wanted a star wars part, the merchandised stuff can be so expensive

    1. Thank you, Nicki! Yeah, it was really great. It feels so good to take part on our kids’ milestones and special moments. Yasss, a star wars party would be awesome too! Maybe you can try to DIY 😉

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